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  • 1A– Stellar Universe (Leahy) 

  • 1B - Creative Faith Journaling Class (Bishop)

  • 2A – My Maryland: History, Geography, and Ecology (Duffy)

  • 2B – Making Bank – Intro to Personal Finance (Majka)

  • 3A - Refugees: God’s Heart for the Foreigner (Huguenin)

  • 3B - Intro to Songwriting (Weber)


  • 1A- Space Explorers! (Robinson)

  • 1B- Fun with Lego (Carr)

  • 2A- Marine Biology (Green)

  • 2B- Holidays and Celebrations Around the World (Salebe)

  • 3A- Books + Beautiful Creations (Esbrandt)

  • 3B- Crafts from the Past (Wright)


  • 1A- Presidents of the USA (Rastello)

  • 1B- Basic Sign Language (Dumas)

  • 2A- Dinosaurs of Eden (Collins)

  • 2B- Water, Water Everywhere! (Davidson)

  • 3A- Illustrator Art (Smith)

  • 3B- Emergency, Emergency - What shall I do?! (Strickland)



  • 1- Bugs Buzzing in Spring! (Peterson)

  • 2- Snack and Play Time

  • 3- Little Builders (Cho)


  • 1- Winter Crafts (Thomas)

  • 2- Snack and Play Time

  • 3- Preschool Letters, Songs and Stories (Estenos)

Stellar Universe

 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

This class will use a NASA-released middle school curriculum to introduce students to the study of our universe in a way that also incorporates an introduction to chemistry (atoms and the periodic table) and physics (the study of light waves). We will explore the stars beyond our solar system with exciting hands-on projects and activities that will surely ignite student interest well beyond this class! 

There will be a virtual field trip (just for our class), hosted by a guide from NASA Goddard. Please plan for your student to participate via Zoom- Tuesday, March 22 at 10am. 

Special Notes:​

  •  Additional cost for class is $5 to cover material fees for several projects.

  •  See note in description on Virtual Field trip (3/22, 10am)



Week 1 – Build your own working spectroscope, and complete a science lab to see the “fingerprints” of visible and invisible light sources.

Week 2 – Complete a universe-in-a-bottle sandart project, after learning about the universe's elements in the periodic table.

Week 3 – Start a diorama on the life-cycle of stars. Learn about main sequence stars and nuclear fusion.

Week 4 – Finish the life-cycle of stars project. Learn about star giants and do a hands-on experiment about how black holes are formed.

Week 5 – Everything there is to know (and lots we don’t know!) about black holes.

Week 6 – Constellations, perspective of space, and a project on modeling galaxies. 

Week 7 – Astronomy from a Christian perspective. We will be assuming the young-earth model in this class.

Week 8 – Wrapping up. Discuss our virtual field trip at NASA.




Creative Faith Journaling Class

 Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class Description:

In this class we’ll learn the basics of Bible/Faith Journaling. During our time together, we’ll choose a verse or passage from scripture and reflect on the scripture as a group. Then we’ll walk through the simple steps to create a personal, meaningful journaling page using various art supplies. Projects will be completed in our journals; we’ll record favorite scriptures, prayers, hymns/songs. Students can express themselves as simply or creatively as they like in their personal journals. The overall goal of our class is to engage with God’s Word, grow in our relationship with Jesus, and encourage one another in a creative setting. 

Special Notes:

  • A $5 class fee will be collected for materials. 

  • The schedule may be adjusted depending on class needs and preferences. 


Week 1- Intro to Bible Journaling

Week 2- Special Project 

Week 3- Lettering, Doodling, & Templates

Week 4- Special Project 

Week 5- Scripture, Prayer, Gratitude Pages

Week 6- Using Watercolors

Week 7- Special Project 

Week 8- Faith Journaling Finale + Party


My Maryland: History, Geography, and Ecology

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy

Class Description:

Learn all about this amazing state! Maryland has been called "America in Miniature" because so much is packed into its 10,460 square miles of land and water. We will build a timeline of important events and historical figures that impacted our state and nation. Then we will explore Maryland's geography, topography, natural wonders and waterways. Finally we will learn about Maryland’s diverse ecological habitats including mountains, forests, grasslands, caves, coastal bogs, marshes, Chesapeake Bay tidal zones and barrier islands. Each student will create a binder all about their home state.


Special Notes:

  • There will be optional short reading assignments and videos shared occasionally for homework. This is optional, but will add to the students' enjoyment of the class.

  • We will conclude the semester with a possible field trip in May, depending on availability.


Week 1 – Maryland History Timeline: St. Mary’s City, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, etc.
Week 2 – Maryland History Timeline continued: Historical Figures: Francis Scott Key, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Babe Ruth and more.
Week 3 – Maryland Geography, county-by-county commerce and agriculture.
Week 4 – Maryland Geography, Topography and Waterways
Week 5 – The Chesapeake Bay: A National Treasure
Week 6 – Ecology: mountains, forests, caves
Week 7 – Ecology: marshes, tidal zones, and barrier Islands
Week 8 – Wrapping it up with unique Maryland facts : Chincoteague ponies, horseshoe crabs, Fort McHenry and more.



Making Bank – Intro to Personal Finance

Instructor: Mr. Majka

Class Description:

Everybody likes making bank, but many do not have the basic fundamental knowledge of how to manage money. This class will provide the basic overview of some of life’s important money topics through the lens of saving, giving and

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement



Week 1 – Saving and Budgeting
Week 2 – Interest
Week 3 – Debt
Week 4 – Investments
Week 5 – Income and Benefits
Week 6 – Taxes
Week 7 – Paying for College
Week 8 – Cumulative Review



Refugees: God’s Heart for the Foreigner

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin

Class Description

More than 25 million people are refugees today. They have fled their homes, risking their lives on dangerous journeys. What made them flee? Where can they go? How can welcoming countries support them? We will answer these questions after exploring how God cared for refugees throughout history. Students will work together weeks 7 and 8 to answer the big question, “How can I help?”

Special Notes:

  • There is an optional book study for this class with 8 response activities. This is a great opportunity to tie in language arts. Simply let Mrs. Huguenin know if you would like the book list and activities to complete outside of class.



Week 1 – What if? 

Week 2 – Aliens in the Bible, part 1

Week 3 – Aliens in the Bible, part 2

Week 4 – Modern Refugees

Week 5 – Child Refugees then and now

Week 6 – Guest speaker

Week 7 – How Can I Help? project

Week 8 – How Can I Help? project



Intro to Songwriting

Instructor: Mrs. Weber

Class Description

Why do we like certain songs more than others? Do you have a song wanting to come out of you? We will work together to answer these questions and have much fun doing it!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – Know your Tunes, know your Terms, know your Team.
Week 2 – Let’s dissect some ditties! (focus on analyzing lyrics)
Week 3 – What is it about that song?! (focus on melody)
Week 4 – Let’s add richness and depth. (focus on chords and harmony)
Week 5 – Workshop 1: Let’s write one altogether!
Week 6 – Workshop 2: Start one together, finish on a team.
Week 7 – Workshop 3: How can I help you with your original song?
Week 8 – Workshop 4: How can I help you with your original song

Presidents of the USA

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello

Class Description:

Students will learn about the history of the presidential office, learn about past presidents, and imagine what they would do if they held the highest office in the land. We will have one class with food (sugar cookies and popcorn) PLEASE let me know of any food allergies and I will be glad to accommodate them.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – What is a president and how did the United States get one?
Week 2 – Highlights reel: Who were the presidents and what do we most remember about them?

Week 3 – **food allergies?** President’s Day party! Celebrate with red, white and blue themed snacks and learn about how this day became a national holiday.
Week 4 – Famous Faces - who are the presidents on Mount Rushmore and why did they get picked to be on this monument?

Week 5 – Wrap up the highlights reel and learn about the role of the First Lady
Week 6 – Where are they now? Find out how many former presidents are still alive and what they’re up to these days.

Week 7 – Class Presentations: If I were President of the USA…
Week 8 – Let’s recap: What did you learn? Which president(s) do you want to learn more about? Did you find a historical hero?




Basic Sign Language

Instructor: Mrs. Dumas​

Class Description:

In a world that is changing so much it is important to be able to communicate with others. This class will introduce basic sign language to our children so that they can communicate with the hearing impaired. They will learn basic words and

Special Notes:

Class will include no homework, but we encourage the students to practice at home.



Week 1 – A brief introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and beginning learning the alphabet
Week 2 – Basics of ASL and learn how to spell students’ names.
Week 3 – Continue letters and introduce pronouns (I, we, you, he, she, etc) and begin family relations (sister, mother, brother, father)
Week 4 – Review what we have learned
Week 5 – Colors
Week 6 – Short phrases (how are you today? My name is? How is the weather?)
Week 7 – Short phrases and animals
Week 8 – Review

It will depend on how fast the students gain the basics. If they learn quickly and feel confident
we will try and learn a song but that will be up to the kids.



Dinosaurs of Eden

Instructor: Mrs. Collins

Class Description:

Together let’s “dig in” to the world of dinosaurs! Did you know dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden?! On the Ark with Noah?! Using fun books and videos we will uncover many mysteries about these dino-riffic creatures! Classes will include hands-on activities!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework.

  • All text read in class will be from a young earth perspective. Creationism will be spoken as fact, using Christian curriculums and the Bible as reference. Evolution will only been mentioned as a theory and in context to the opposite of what we believe. 


Week 1 – Creation and the Fall!

Week 2 – The Great Flood! 

Week 3 – Life after the Flood!

Week 4 –Fossils!

Week 5 – Hip bones, what’s my name? 

Week 6 – Sauropods 

Week 7 – Theropods 

Week 8 – Ornithischians 



Water, Water Everywhere!

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description

Water is an amazing and important molecule to study and in this class, students will explore and learn more about its unique properties. We will be conducting different experiments each week to observe these properties. Our last two classes will bring in the big picture as we discuss (briefly) why water plays an important role in our bodies and for our planet.

Special Notes:

  • Students will be provided a lab notebook to record their experiments in

  • Class might include occasional homework


Week 1 – States of Water (solid, liquid, gas)
Week 2 – Melting Point of water
Week 3 – Polar bonds vs. Nonpolar bonds
Week 4 – Density of water; Buoyancy
Week 5 – Surface tension
Week 6 – Capillary action
Week 7 – Why our bodies need water
Week 8 – Water Cycle


Illustrator Art

Instructor: Mrs. Smith


Class Description:

Illustrators take the words of authors and bring stories to life!  In our class we will read a new short story each week and observe the work of the illustrator.  After studying the illustrator’s techniques we will try our own hand at using their methods to create our own inspired masterpieces.

Special Notes:

Class will include no homework, but students may want to finish projects at home. 


Week 1 – Mo Willems

Week 2 – Ezra Jack Keats

Week 3 – Michaela Goade

Week 4 – Shel Silverstein

Week 5 – Margaret Wise Brown

Week 6 – Keturah A. Bobo

Week 7 – Eric Carle

Week 8 – Crockett Johnson

**Please note that the schedule and/or illustrator focus may change as needed



Emergency, Emergency - What shall I do?!

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland


Class Description: 

In this class, students will focus on what to do in the event of an emergency. While many of these topics can be heavy to consider, we will learn about them in a fun and relaxing way. The last 10-15 minutes of each class will end with an interactive game or experiment to reinforce the concepts we are learning about.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include some parental involvement - as we put together family emergency plans

  • Other – Special guests are attempting to be set-up - including a police officer and a visit from the local fire emergency response team

  • Resources will be sourced from the: American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Playful Preparedness book


Week 1 – Overview of emergencies - what qualifies as one - basics to do in the event of one
Week 2 – Family emergency planning
Week 3 – Winter weather
Week 4 – In the event of a fire! *special guest
Week 5 – Survival Basics - building a fire / making clean water
Week 6 – They are hurt! – first aid basics
Week 7 – What if I’m lost?
Week 8 – Stranger danger! *special guest

Space Explorers

Instructor: Mrs. Robinson

Class Description: 

The goal of this class is to familiarize students with our solar system. We will learn about the sun, the planets, the Earth’s moon and phases, and the stars. We will also learn a chant to memorize the 8 planets and create a string model of the planets in order from the sun.


Week 1 – Introduction to the Solar System. Begin study and activities for the sun.
Week 2 – Finish up sun activities. Begin study and activities of Mercury and Venus.
Week 3 – Begin study of Earth and complete activities. Begin to study the moon.
Week 4 – Complete moon study. Study Mars and complete activities.
Week 5 – Study and complete activities for Jupiter and Saturn.
Week 6 – Study and complete activities for Uranus and Neptune.
Week 7 – Learn about the Asteroid Belt, Ceres, Pluto, Comets, Stars/Constellations
Week 8 – Culminating activity, put together solar system on a string, wrap up loose ends




Fun with LEGO

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

LEGO is an abbreviated form of the Danish words for “play well” and there are so many ways we can play well with them. We're going to use our creativity and have fun as we work independently and together, present to classmates, and learn how to structure a story. We’ll also do some hands-on LEGO reinforcement of math concepts and learn about LEGO history and art, with fun challenges along the way. Let’s get ready to learn through building!

Special notes:

Other – some LEGO bricks will be provided for use in class activities. Students should bring a zip bag of their own LEGOs (including vehicle and other special parts, if desired) and keep it in their backpacks until instructed.



Week 1 – LEGO class introduction, history and geography
Week 2 – LEGO math
Week 3 – LEGO art and artists
Week 4 – Building bridges
Week 5 – Bridges continued and working cooperatively
Week 6 – Building stories
Week 7 – Introduction to class presentations
Week 8 – Final building challenge



Marine Biology

Instructor: Mrs. Green


Class description:

Students will learn about the ocean and creatures in it. They will learn to identify oceanic zones, and gain awareness of the creatures that inhabit each zone. Students will learn about and recognize the differences among marine mammals,
invertebrates, and fish.

Special notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework (mainly encouraging parents/children to read some books or watch educational videos about marine biology)

  • Class will include some parental involvement.



Week 1 – ocean zones
Week 2 – marine life
Week 3 – coral reefs
Week 4 – marine invertebrates
Week 5 – fish/sharks
Week 6 – marine mammals
Week 7 – coral reef project
Week 8 – coral reef project


Holidays and Celebrations Around the World

Instructor: Mrs. Salebe


Class Description:

All Around the world, people celebrate holidays. Each holiday has a special meaning and special ways to celebrate. In this class we will explore together as we go around the world, how the different cultures experience their especial holidays through videos, crafts, recipes, music, learning geography, vocabulary and literature. Every week we will learn about the diversity of cultures and beliefs and we will use this opportunity to use the Bible and remember our identity in Jesus Christ.


  • Week 1 – Birthdays around the World: Everyone has a birthday, but not all birthdays are celebrate it the same way.

  • Week 2 – Chinese New Year: For the Lunar New Year traditions we will learn how the exchanging of red envelopes containing money, setting off fireworks, playing games, eating traditional dishes, cleaning the house, and holding parades with colorful costumes is part of the celebrations.

  • Week 3 – Basanth: We will explore how in Pakistan, boys celebrate the first day of spring in the Muslim calendar with exciting kite-fighting contests and whoever keeps his kite the longest wins.

  • Week 4 –Holi: For this Hindu spring festival, we will study how people dress in green. Children then squirt each other with water pistols. They also blow colored powder on each other through bamboo pipes. Everyone gets soaked and colorful to celebrate spring.

  • Week 5 –Easter: On Easter, will be a great opportunity for us to share how Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we will see what other cultures do to celebrate this important holiday.

  • Week 6 — Diwali: Is one of Indias biggest festival. It is a festival of lights and Hindus celebrate it with joy. We will learn how people prepare for this festival by lighting up their houses and shops with small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay.

  • Week 7 – O-Bon: Japanese people keep the memory of their ancestors alive with a festival held during the summer called O-Bon. People put lit candles in lanterns and float them on rivers and seas. They also visit and clean the graves of those who have died.  people light giant bonfires. For this holiday we will discuss verse John 3:16.

  • Week 8 –Christmas: People celebrate this Christian holiday by going to church, giving gifts, and sharing the day with their families. But many other countries have different way of celebrating, we will explore their traditions and discuss the real meaning of Christmas.

Books + Beautiful Creations

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt

Class Description:

Students will listen to a classic book and then complete a craft related to the book while discussing the important aspects of the story. Using a variety of art supplies (play doh, paint, glue, glitter, sponges, popsicle sticks, paper bags etc.) kids will make a “beautiful creation” to help them remember the story and to add to their collections of created things.


Week 1 – “Snowmen at Night” by Caralyn Buehner

Week 2 – “A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon” by Audrey Penn

Week 3 – “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems

Week 4 – “Llama Llama Red Pajama” by Anna Dewdney

Week 5 – “Horton Hears a Who” by Dr. Seuss 

Week 6 – “Pete the Cat” by Eric Litwin

Week 7 – “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” by Laura Numeroff

Week 8 – “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister



Crafts from the Past

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

Learn about American history through fun, hands-on crafts! We will mostly have pioneer-themed crafts, with some colonial and Native American crafts.


Week 1 –Native American craft

Week 2 –Colonial craft

Week 3 –Pioneer craft- hornbook and butter

Week 4 –Pioneer craft- pioneer toys

Week 5 –Pioneers

Week 6 –Pioneers- edible covered wagon craft

Week 7 –Orville and Wilbur Wright craft

Week 8 –Pioneers- ice cream

Bugs Buzzing in Spring

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

Since Spring is buzzing with life, in this class we will be learning about some of the season’s most interesting bugs/insects together.  Each class will have a combination of a themed storytime, learning about life cycles and fun bug facts; bug arts/crafts and sensory activities inside and outside (weather permitting).  Some bugs we will be learning about are caterpillars/butterflies, lady bugs, ants, and bees.  Students will have a chance to learn new and exciting things about the bugs buzzing around them this Spring and have fun creating crafts together as a class.

Special Notes:

Class will include some parental involvement - Mainly in the form of suggestions through email of things you can do at home to reinforce learning. 


Week 1 – Intro to “buzzing bugs” - Students will be introduced to the class structure and the bugs they will be meeting this semester.  We will discuss where the bugs have been this winter, have a storytime, and “build a bug” using different shapes. 

Week 2 – “Crawling Caterpillars” - Students will learn about caterpillars through storytime, observation, and crafts. 

Week 3 – “Beautiful Butterflies” - Students will learn all about the butterfly life cycle through storytime, observation, and crafts.  

Week 4 – “Lovely Ladybugs” - Students will be able to identify ladybug body parts, habitats and life cycle.  We will have storytime and crafts. 

Week 5 – “Amazing Ants” - Students will look for Ants outside and discuss their observations in class.  We will have storytime and a follow up art project.  

Week 6 – “Buzzing Bees” - Students will have storytime, learn about the importance of bees for our food supply and their lifecycle; 

Week 7 – “Creeping Creations” - Students will use a variety of sensory items to build their own favorite bugs!

Week 8 – In our last class we will spend some time reviewing all that we’ve learned about bugs, discuss similarities between insects we studied, have a bug scavenger hunt outside (weather permitting), and a bug celebration together in class.


Little Builders

Instructor: Mrs. Cho

Class Description:

Every week, we will explore different aspects of construction through reading books, group discussion, singing songs, playing games, making crafts, using tools, and building various structures. Students will be able to work on building their sensory, fine motor, gross motor, visual motor and perceptual, social, literary, math and critical thinking skills through
interactive and hands-on crafts and projects. Activities will be open-ended and student-led to encourage each child’s imagination and creativity. We will have so much fun learning and playing together!


Week 1 Theme: Construction; Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton
Week 2 Theme – Tools; The Toolbox by Anne & Harlow Rockwell
Week 3 Theme– ABC; Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming
Week 4 Theme– Houses; Building a House by Byron Barton and/or The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale
Week 5 Theme– Tunnels; Dig a Tunnel by Ryan Ann Hunter
Week 6 Theme – Bridges; Cross a Bridge by Ryan Ann Hunter

Week 7 Theme– Roads; Roadwork by Sally Burton
Week 8 Theme – Construction Party with Hard Hats 

Winter Crafts

Instructor: Mrs. Thomas

Class Description:

Winter is in full swing! Now is the perfect time to have some fun and create winter crafts! The purpose of this class is to encourage students to express their creativity and artistic ability through fun crafts. Each class will begin class with a short
story that pertains to the craft they are creating that day.

Special Notes:

With parental consent - we would like to take a photo of each student so that we may use it for the craft on week 8.



Week 1 Snowmen - Students will create snowmen out of paper plates and other items.
Week 2 Snow Globes - no glass involved! Students will create snow globes that are made out of
clear plastic cups and other items.
Week 3 Snowflakes - Students will be able to design and create snowflakes with popsicle sticks.
Week 4 Mitten Art - individualized mittens! Students will get to customize & decorate their very
own mittens that can be worn once they have dried.
Week 5 Penguins - Students will create acute penguin hand puppets that are made from felt.
Week 6 Snow Cardinals - Using hand paint and a little imagination, students will create snow
Week 7 Melted Snowmen- The weather is starting to warm up and that means…melted
Week 8 Winter Photo Frame - Students will have the chance to decorate winter themed photo



Preschool Letters, Songs and Stories

Instructor: Mrs. Estenos


Class Description:

In this class, we will have stories and songs that focus on winter and seasonal themes beginning with typical winter themed stories and transitioning to spring themes as we near the spring. During each lesson, students will practice a specific letter and play games to support letter identification.




Week 1 –S is for Snow, The Itsy Bitsy Snowman
Week 2 –H is for Heart; The Day it Rained Hearts
Week 3 –J is for Jacket, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
Week 4 –P is for Penguins; If You Were a Penguin
Week 5 – M is for Mitten; The Mitten
Week 6 –C is for Clover; There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

Week 7 –F is for Flower; Planting a Rainbow
Week 8 – E is for Easter; Happy Easter Mouse

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