5th – 8th grade

  • 1A– Better Cooking through Chemistry (Westcott)

  • 1B - Memory Makers (Rangel)

  • 2A – The Artists’ Workshop (Duffy)

  • 2B – The Leadership Challenge (Majka)

  • 3A - World War II (Booth)

  • 3B - Apologetics 101 (Huguenin)


  • 1A Dr. Suess Says... (Wikner)

  • 2A Snack and Play Time

  • 3A Play doh fun with (Crawford)

3rd/4th grade

  • 1A Geology Rocks!(Crawford)

  • 1B Peace Out! Young Peacemakers (McGraw)

  • 2A )

  • 2B Cheerful Confections (Cox & Collins)

  • 3A Global Art (Smith)

  • 3B Bap Boom Bada-bada, Bap Boom Crash! (Weber)



  • 1A All About Sheep (Carr)

  • 2A Kid’s Dance Party! (Vernier)

  • 3A Snack and Play Time)


The classes are labeled according to which class period they are offered.

1A & 1B are the two class choices for first period.

2A & 2B are the two class choices for second period.

3A & 3B are the two class choices for third period.

You will be asked to select ONE class choice for each period.



  • 1A Awesome Anatomy (Wright)

  • 1B Fun with Fitness (Estrada)

  • 2A Oh, the Wonders of Ethiopia! (Cupidon)

  • 2B Discovering Great Artists (Wilson)

  • 3A Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! (Bishop)

  • 3B Move Your Feet to the Beat! (Strickland)