Kids in Preschool

Fantastic Fall!

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

In “Fantastic Fall” we will learn all about this wonderful Autumn season using books, hands-on activities, art projects, and science experiments.  We will explore the themes of harvest, colorful leaves, and animals in the fall. Each class will begin with a fall oriented story time followed by hands-on activities and we will venture outside (weather permitting) to study and observe the changes happening all around us.  



Week 1 – Intro to the Fall Season (storytime and coloring) 

Week 2 –Fall Harvest-Apples! (storytime and apple craft) 

Week 3 –Fall Harvest-Apples! (storytime and apple recipe/experiment) 

Week 4 –Leaves and Trees (storytime and observations)

Week 5 – Leaves and Trees (storytime and Art project) 

Week 6 – Fall Harvest- Pumpkins! (storytime and pumpkin craft) 

Week 7 – Fall Harvest- Pumpkins! (storytime and pumpkin playdoh time) 

Week 8 – Animals preparing for winter- (storytime and animal habitat building)


Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Practical Life Play

Instructor: Mrs. Djekinnou


Class Description:

Practical life play is all about independence, freedom (within limits) and fun! We will have a

short circle time followed by practical life activities such as pouring, scooping, zipping, etc. We

will also have show and tells to share our most treasured items from home!


Special Notes:

Materials needed: washcloth, sweatshirt with zipper




Week 1 – Circle time & folding

Week 2 –Show and tell (favorite stuffed animal) & folding/scooping

Week 3 –Circle time & scooping/zipping

Week 4 –Show and tell (favorite color) & zipping/pouring

Week 5 – Circle time & pouring/containers

Week 6 – Show and tell (letter of name) & containers/sponge transfer

Week 7 – Circle time & sponge transfer/ arranging

Week 8 – Show and tell (favorite thing to do) & arranging