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Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Farms and Farm Equipment

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

Our preschoolers will have a fun learning about farms, tractors and other machinery used to produce the food we eat. They will learn about farm animals and their babies, crops, planting, harvest and the seasons of the year on the farm. We will learn through good stories and books, with songs/action songs, activities and games.


Week 1 – What is a farm?
Week 2 – What do farms grow?
Week 3 – Farm animals
Week 4 – Big farm machines
Week 5 – The seasons on a farm
Week 6 – The seasons on a farm- Fall
Week 7 – Pumpkins and more fall!
Week 8 – Where do cranberries come from?

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Get Your Hands Ready for School

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt


Class Description:

Getting little hands and fingers ready for school is so important for academic success! That preparation should not just involve paper and pencil, but should include lots of different materials and be lots of fun. We will have an exciting semester of playing and creating to get little hands ready for school success!


Special Notes:
Class may include an extra supply fee of $5 or $10.


Week 1 – Get your Hands ready with Gross Motor Play
Week 2 – Get your Hands ready with Play Doh/Clay
Week 3 – Get your Hands ready with Water
Week 4 – Get your Hands ready with Paint
Week 5 – Get your Hands ready with Pasta
Week 6 – Get your Hands ready with Legos
Week 7 – Get your Hands ready with Scissors
Week 8 – Get your Hands ready with Puzzles


1A PreK
2A PreK
3A PreK
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