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Exploring Texture through God's Creation

Instructor: Mrs. Buitrago

Class Description:

In this class we will be making arts and crafts inspired by the story of God's creation as told in Genesis. Each week we will go through one day of God's creation, learning a unique texture by building a craft on paper plates that they will take home. Your little ones will learn the names and examples of various textures, while also reminding them of God’s goodness and faithfulness in his creation.


Special Notes:

  • Bring an extra shirt as backup



Week 1 – Day 1: Night & Day: Ripped up paper & tissue paper
Week 2 – Day 2: Atmosphere/Sky :Fuzzy sticks, glue & cotton balls/paint
Week 3 – Day 3: Land,Plants & Trees: markers,wood glue,cereal,outdoor sticks
Week 4 – Day 4: Sun,Moon & Stars: pom poms
Week 5 – Day 5: Birds & Fish: fethers,eyes,shells
Week 6 – Day 6: People: yarn,eyes,markers,buttons
Week 7 – Day 7: Rest: trace out the word “rest” with texture
Week 8 – Day 8: All in one: Fit as many creation on plate

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Hop and Bop!

Instructor: Mrs. Weber


Class Description:

Each week we will try many ways of moving in small and big ways while singing, playing and listening to fun and beautiful music. We will intertwine this with preschool concepts so we’ll be using many of our senses!


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