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Learning to Read

God Made Me and Loves Me!

Instructor: Mrs. Cho

Class Description:

Children will learn about our 5 senses, basic human anatomy, community helpers in the hospital setting, germs and overall health through books, songs, crafts, and activities!

Special Notes:

  • No homework but will memorize Psalm 139:14a by the end of the semester.


Week 1 – From Head to Toe - What can your amazing body do?

Week 2 – 5 Senses: Sight - What part of your body helps you see?

Week 3 – 5 Senses: Hearing - What part of your body helps you hear? 

Week 4 – 5 Senses: Smell - What part of your body helps you smell? 

Week 5 – 5 Senses: Touch - What part of your body helps you feel?

Week 6 – 5 Senses: Taste - What part of your body helps you taste food?

Week 7 – Germs/hospitals: What happens when we get sick? 

Week 8 – Healthy Eating and Hygiene


Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a gluten free snack provided by LEAP.

Let’s Learn the Alphabet

Instructor: Mrs. Wright


Class Description:

Join us as we learn a letter, read a book, and do a craft each week!


Week 1 –Letter A
Week 2 –Letter B
Week 3 –Letter C
Week 4 –Letter D
Week 5 –Letter E
Week 6 –Letter F
Week 7 –Letter G
Week 8 –Letter H


1A PreK
2A PreK
3A PreK
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