Love the World
Image by Chris Lawton

Fine Motor Fall

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

In this class we will be exploring the fall season with fun fine motor activities together.  Each class will revolve around a theme and include a fall storytime and fine motor focused activity.  We will be putting those little fingers to work with various types of crafts, art projects, and building activities all centered around the beautiful season of autumn.  



Week 1 – Intro to Fall themed: Pom Pom sorting activity

Week 2 -  Apple Themed: Q tip painting apple trees/Bobbing for apples with tongs

Week 3 – Apple/Pumpkin Themed: Apple tree coloring/ Pumpkin Seed “Build your name” 

Week 4  – Pumpkin Themed: Pumpkin Playdough mats

Week 5 – Changing Leaves Themed: Fall Button trees 

Week 6 – Changing Leaves Themed: Leaf cutting and class mosaic

Week 7 – Thanksgiving themed: Beaded corn craft

Week 8 – Thanksgiving themed: “Build a turkey” day. 

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Around the World With Picture Books

Instructor: Mrs. Carr


Class Description:

Join us as we discover what maps mean and journey through some of the countries in our big world through picture books. We will read stories, do activities, crafts, rhymes, games and songs. We will learn some interesting things about animals and plants in these countries and how some of the children live there. The following is a very tentative outline of the course and will be adjusted as needed for length of activities and attention spans.


We may be doing some sensory or hands on activities related to countries - For example, I might have dried pasta, wheat berries or cinnamon sticks in class. Please contact me if this is an issue or your child has specific needs related to this. Any possible food tasting TBD based on planning and the allergy list, and I will check with you ahead of time.



Week 1 – Me on the Map- an introduction to maps and where we live.

Week 2 – China and Taiwan (to fall soon after the Mid-Autumn Festival)

Week 3 – Kenya

Week 4 – Italy and France

Week 5 – Sri Lanka and India

Week 6 – Sri Lanka and India/England

Week 7 – Jamaica

Week 8 – Back to the US: Where have we travelled this semester? What have we learned?