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Geology Rocks!

Instructor: Mrs. Crawford

Class Description:

Embrace your transformation from student to geologist, as we explore the earth and its many different rock formations. Students ready for hands on experiments, stylish goggles, and cool tools MUST enroll!

Special Notes:

  • · Class will include occasional homework

  • · Class will include some parental involvement


Week 1 – Rocks + Minerals = Earth

Week 2 – Igneous Rocks

Week 3 – Sedimentary Rocks

Week 4 – Metamorphic Rocks

Week 5 – Let’s Git Diggin’ !

Week 6 – Fossil Making Part I

Week 7 – Fossil Making Part II

Week 8 –  Rock Show and Tell




Young Peace Makers

Instructor: Mrs. McGraw

Class Description:

Children will learn how to be peacemakers among their friends, families and authorities. Each week we will discuss a specific problem (that kids are likely to face in their own lives) and present biblical principles. Lessons will conclude with "what would you do"; activities and application questions.



Week 1: Understanding Conflict

Week 2: Responding to Conflict

Week 3: Preventing Conflict

Week 4: Character Development

Week 5: Confession

Week 6: Forgiveness

Week 7: Communication

Week 8: Choosing Peace




Awesome Anatomy

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt

Class Description:

Would you like to learn more about how your body works? Marvel at God’s intricate and creative design as we learn about our bodies: what is inside of them and how they work!


Week 1 – Cells/DNA/Overview of Systems

Week 2 – Skeletal System

Week 3 – Nervous System

Week 4 – Muscular System

Week 5 – Cardiovascular System

Week 6 –Respiratory System

Week 7 –Digestive and Renal Systems

Week 8 –Integumentary (skin) and Immune Systems



Cheerful Confections

Instructor: Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Collins

Class Description

Students will create edible art while exploring their confection potential with different types of icing! Prepare to be amazed with what you can do with some sugar and your own two hands!

Special Notes:

· Class will include brainstorming homework. Volunteers will be sought to bake cupcakes at home in preparation for the week 8 end-of-semester program!

· Additional cost for class is $8/student. Please PayPal Rebekah Cox by 1/13 so materials may be purchased. Her PayPal account is

Please email Laurel Collins at if your child has food-related allergies or restrictions.


Week 1 – Royal icing shapes

Week 2 – Royal icing decorated cookies

Week 3 – Buttercream frosting play

Week 4 – Practice frosting cupcakes

Week 5 – Design and decorate individual large cakes

Week 6 – Make fondant

Week 7 – Shape fondant

Week 8 – Decorate cupcakes for end-of-semester program!




Global Art

Instructor: Mrs.  Smith

Class Description:

Take a journey around the globe through art!  Each week we will learn about and test out different art traditions from countries on each continent. 

Special Notes:

·         Students may need to complete projects from class at home if they would like to include them in the art show.


Week 1 – Art in North America

Week 2 – Art in South America

Week 3 – Art in Africa

Week 4 – Art in Australia

Week 5 – Art in Europe

Week 6 – Art in Asia

Week 7 – Art in Asia (part 2)

Week 8 – Wrap-up week





Bap Boom Bada-bada, Bap Boom Crash!

Instructor: Mrs. Weber


Class Description: 

Do you love music? Come explore, express and enjoy the rhythm side of music. In each class we will have group chat, musical games, listen to great stuff and start to play some really fun rhythms.

Special Notes:

·         Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – Rhythm introduction

Week 2 – Beat vs. Rhythm (Music Notation)

Week 3 – Notation: The Next Level

Week 4 – Tempo vs. Meter (Time Signature)

Week 5 – Dynamics with Rhythm

Week 6 – Playing with Others

Week 7 – Putting It All Together

Week 8 – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect (Most of the Time!)

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