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Sign Language Course
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Presidents of the USA

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello

Class Description:

Students will learn about the history of the presidential office, learn about past presidents, and imagine what they would do if they held the highest office in the land. We will have one class with food (sugar cookies and popcorn) PLEASE let me know of any food allergies and I will be glad to accommodate them.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – What is a president and how did the United States get one?
Week 2 – Highlights reel: Who were the presidents and what do we most remember about them?

Week 3  **food allergies?** President’s Day party! Celebrate with red, white and blue themed snacks and learn about how this day became a national holiday.
Week 4  Famous Faces - who are the presidents on Mount Rushmore and why did they get picked to be on this monument?

Week 5 – Wrap up the highlights reel and learn about the role of the First Lady
Week 6 – Where are they now? Find out how many former presidents are still alive and what they’re up to these days.

Week 7 – Class Presentations: If I were President of the USA…
Week 8 – Let’s recap: What did you learn? Which president(s) do you want to learn more about? Did you find a historical hero?




Basic Sign Language

Instructor: Mrs. Dumas

Class Description:

In a world that is changing so much it is important to be able to communicate with others. This class will introduce basic sign language to our children so that they can communicate with the hearing impaired. They will learn basic words and

Special Notes:

Class will include no homework, but we encourage the students to practice at home.



Week 1 – A brief introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and beginning learning the alphabet
Week 2 – Basics of ASL and learn how to spell students’ names.
Week 3 – Continue letters and introduce pronouns (I, we, you, he, she, etc) and begin family relations (sister, mother, brother, father)
Week 4 – Review what we have learned
Week 5 – Colors
Week 6 – Short phrases (how are you today? My name is? How is the weather?)
Week 7 – Short phrases and animals
Week 8 – Review

It will depend on how fast the students gain the basics. If they learn quickly and feel confident
we will try and learn a song but that will be up to the kids.



Dinosaurs of Eden

Instructor: Mrs. Collins

Class Description:

Together let’s “dig in” to the world of dinosaurs! Did you know dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden?! On the Ark with Noah?! Using fun books and videos we will uncover many mysteries about these dino-riffic creatures! Classes will include hands-on activities!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework.

  • All text read in class will be from a young earth perspective. Creationism will be spoken as fact, using Christian curriculums and the Bible as reference. Evolution will only been mentioned as a theory and in context to the opposite of what we believe. 


Week 1 – Creation and the Fall!

Week 2 – The Great Flood! 

Week 3 – Life after the Flood!

Week 4 –Fossils!

Week 5 – Hip bones, what’s my name? 

Week 6 – Sauropods 

Week 7 – Theropods 

Week 8 – Ornithischians 



Water, Water Everywhere!

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description

Water is an amazing and important molecule to study and in this class, students will explore and learn more about its unique properties. We will be conducting different experiments each week to observe these properties. Our last two classes will bring in the big picture as we discuss (briefly) why water plays an important role in our bodies and for our planet.

Special Notes:

  • Students will be provided a lab notebook to record their experiments in

  • Class might include occasional homework


Week 1 – States of Water (solid, liquid, gas)
Week 2 – Melting Point of water
Week 3 – Polar bonds vs. Nonpolar bonds
Week 4 – Density of water; Buoyancy
Week 5 – Surface tension
Week 6 – Capillary action
Week 7 – Why our bodies need water
Week 8 – Water Cycle


Art, Books & Illustrators

Instructor: Mrs. Smith


Class Description:

Coming Soon!





Emergency, Emergency - What shall I do?!

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland


Class Description: 

In this class, students will focus on what to do in the event of an emergency. While many of these topics can be heavy to consider, we will learn about them in a fun and relaxing way. The last 10-15 minutes of each class will end with an interactive game or experiment to reinforce the concepts we are learning about.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include some parental involvement - as we put together family emergency plans

  • Other – Special guests are attempting to be set-up - including a police officer and a visit from the local fire emergency response team

  • Resources will be sourced from the: American Red Cross, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Playful Preparedness book


Week 1 – Overview of emergencies - what qualifies as one - basics to do in the event of one
Week 2 – Family emergency planning
Week 3 – Winter weather
Week 4 – In the event of a fire! *special guest
Week 5 – Survival Basics - building a fire / making clean water
Week 6 – They are hurt! – first aid basics
Week 7 – What if I’m lost?
Week 8 – Stranger danger! *special guest

Art Class