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Observing Flowers

Nature Study: Ornithology

Instructor: Mrs. Yeh

Class Description:

This class will introduce the students to the joy of studying God’s creation by sharpening their skills of observation and recording those observations. Nature study is the practical study of the plants, animals, and natural phenomena going on all around us.


We will spend the first 3 weeks learning and practicing the basics of nature study and observational drawing. In the second half of the class, we will focus specifically on birds and how to use nature study as a tool to grow in knowledge, appreciation, and love of these fascinating flyers.


Special Notes:

  • Class will include some homework

  • A $5 fee for a nature study notebook for each student.



Week 1 – Intro to Nature Study
Week 2 – The Nature Study Notebook/Sketchbook, Observational Drawing
Week 3 – More Observational Drawing Techniques, Birdseed Ornaments
Week 4 – Intro to Birds
Week 5 – Backyard Birds
Week 6 – Raptors
Week 7 – Bird calls
Week 8 – Birdwatching Outside




Adventure Down Under (Australia)

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description:

Students will learn about the geography, wildlife, art, music, people and culture of Australia. 

Special Notes:

  • There may be some assigned homework for this class.

  • Class will include some writing, coloring, and painting.

  • Each student will need to bring TWO empty paper towel rolls by Week 5.  These will be used to make their own didgeridoos in class for Week 6. 

  • The last week of class will involve tasting certain Australian foods.  Please communicate if your child has any allergies.


Week 1 – Geography, Australian Flag, learn Australian slang

Week 2 – Wildlife 

Week 3 – “Children Like Me” in Australia

Week 4 –  Aboriginal Australians

Week 5 – Aboriginal art

Week 6 – The Didgeridoo 

Week 7 – Boomerangs 

Week 8 –  What do Australians like to eat?



Math Art

Instructor: Mrs. Shu

Class Description:

Math is not all about numbers and concepts. Artists use math in their masterpieces, and architects use it in their designs. This class teaches how art incorporates various aspects of math, using art projects to demonstrate this.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of art supplies.


Week 1 – Victor Vasarely – Op Art
Week 2 – Celebrating Lunar New Year with Math
Week 3 – Heart Tessellations
Week 4 – Golden Spiral
Week 5 – Kirigami Paper Cutting
Week 6 – Landscapes with Pi
Week 7 - Parabolic Curves
Week 8 – Mobius strip


Missionaries Around the World, Then and Now 

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin




Class Description:

The goal of this class is to study the lives of those whom God called to fulfill the Great Commission, including YOU! We will start off learning about the process of Bible translation and the people groups who do not currently have access to God’s Word. Then we will study missionaries and the cultures they served. We will also look deeper into the character traits that best defined each one and what we can learn from that. For week 8, we will develop an outreach plan that each child can implement within his/her own neighborhood!


Come and be encouraged by heroes of the faith who have gone before you and then be challenged to follow in their footsteps!


Week 1 – Bible translation and unreached people groups (with a remote guest speaker from Faith Comes by Hearing)
Week 2 – Hudson Taylor in China (character trait: endurance)
Week 3 – Corrie ten Boom in the Netherlands (character trait: forgiveness)
Week 4 – David Livingstone in Zimbabwe (character trait: perseverance)
Week 5 – Amy Carmichael in India (character trait: compassion)
Week 6 – Adoniram Judson in Myanmar (character trait: contentment)
Week 7 – Jeb Wishart in Pennsylvania (character trait: faithfulness)
Week 8 – You in Maryland! (character trait: obedience)

Animal Rescue

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description

Have you ever wondered how you can help animals who have been neglected, hurt or abandoned?  Have you wanted to learn more about how to help keep animals safe?  In this class we will discuss the unique needs of animals as their caretakers and how organizations are helping save the lives of animals every day.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement.  Parents should be aware that basic discussion of spaying and neutering will come up occasionally in class.

  • Additional cost for class is $TBD 



Week 1 – What is animal rescue?  Define purpose, objectives, and concerns involving animal health and rescue.

Week 2 – Canine health and safety

Week 3 – Canine rescue 

Week 4 – Feline health and safety

Week 5 – Feline rescue 

Week 6 – Equine health and safety

Week 7 – Equine rescue 

Week 8- Other types of animal sanctuaries and human health connections



Instructor: Mrs. Rucker


Class Description: 

Enjoy working with tools and wood, or just want to learn? Then this is the class for you. We will be drilling, hammering, etc to create fun projects. 

Special Notes:

  • There will be a $15 fee for this class for supplies. 


Week 1 –  Intro to tools and how to use them

Week 2 – Make balsa wood airplanes

Week 3 – Drilling and using nuts and bolts

Week 4 – Make Wooden Porcupines

Week 5 – Make String Art frames

Week 6 – Make catapults

Week 7 – Start working on bird houses

Week 8 –  Finish building bird houses

Horse in Stable
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