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Third Period
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Simple Machines

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description:

Simple Machines are used every single day of our lives whether we realize it or not. In this class, students will learn and identify different types of simple machines, understand basic concepts of physics, and will apply what they learn to demonstrate how each simple machine works.


Special Notes:

  • Class may include some homework. During Weeks 7 and 8, students will work with a partner to
    create their own combination of simple machines, which they will present in class to
    demonstrate a simple task.



Week 1 – Incline Plane
Week 2 – Wedges & Screws
Week 3 – Levers
Week 4 – Pulley
Week 5 – Wheel & Axel
Week 6 – Gears
Week 7 – Rube Goldberg Chain Reactions & Simple Machine Project
Week 8 –  Finalize & present Simple Machine Project




FIT & FUN Exercise Class

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland

Class Description:

In this outdoor P.E. class, students will learn the basic types of exercise and improve on skills they already have. Each week a new fitness focus will be offered so we can have fun and get fit together. Student’s speed, strength, and endurance will be tested in the beginning of the class and students will be recognized for their improvements at the end.

Special Notes:

  • Students need athletic shoes (sneakers) and a water bottle for this class. Proper attire is also recommended. Any music used during class will be God honoring.


Week 1 – Fitness Assessments
Week 2 – Twists & Turns (Fitness Assessment make-ups, if needed)
Week 3 – Basketball Skills (no prior skills required, all skill levels welcome)
Week 4 – Wacky Obstacle Course
Week 5 – Speed Week to include relay races
Week 6 – Game Day (such as kick ball)
Week 7 – Yoga - building strength together
Week 8 – Final Assessments & Fitness Awards



US Geography

Instructor: Mrs. Davis

Class Description:

We will explore the geography, landmarks, and monuments of the United States.  There will be a little bit of history and map work.  This class will include mapping, crafts, songs, and regional food.


Special Notes:

  • Class will optional project work at home.




Week 1 – The Mid-Atlantic Region and Washington DC

Week 2 – New England Region

Week 3 – Southeast Region

Week 4 – Midwest Region

Week 5 – Southwest Region

Week 6 – Rocky Mountain Region

Week 7 – Pacific Region, Alaska, and Hawaii

Week 8 – Project Presentations 

Nature Art 

Instructor: Mrs. Rucker




Class Description:

In this class we will have fun making art from nature. We’ll go outside, some classes, to collect our supplies. We may even create outside if it’s a gorgeous day. Look forward to seeing all the fun creations the kids come up with!

Special Notes:

There might be some homework that would mainly consist of collecting nature things they would like to use in class, or bringing tools to work with, i.e. a hammer. Always welcome to bring anything you want from home to put in your art or to share, i.e. flowers, pinecones, acorns, etc. There might be a small fee for the class.


Week 1: Hammered Nature Art – Will need mallet or hammer. We’ll go outside to look for flowers and leaves. You may also bring some from home if you would like.
Week 2: Nature bugs – Make creative bugs out of what we find outdoors.
Week 3: 3D Nature Project – Go outside and get materials to make 3D nature art. Can be animals, bugs, etc. Make whatever creative thing you think of out of what you collect.
Week 4: Build Boats – Go outside and collect sticks to lash together to make boats.
Week 5: Pressed Flower Lanterns – Make paper mâché lanterns out of pressed flowers and
leaves. Will collect flowers and leaves probably in week 1. Feel free to bring any from home.
Week 6: Make Garland – Go outside and collect leaves to paint and make garland with.
Week 7: Paint Pumpkins – May also include gourds or other festive nature items.
Week 8: Make Ornaments – Go outside (weather permitting) and collect twigs and such to make

Make a Joyful Noise: Worship, Journals, Music & Movement

Instructor: Mrs. Neely

Class Description

We will creatively worship God through devotional times together using the books,Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, How Great is Our God and The One Year Devos For Animal Lovers: Cool Things Animals Show Us About our Creator. We will keep worship journals (Doodle Devotions For Kids) and engage in LOTS of singing and dancing to songs that praise
His Name!

Special Notes:

  • There will be an $8 material fee for the Doodle Devotions For Kids per student.



Week 1 – "Creation: A Joyful Noise", introduce journals and song 1
Week 2 – "A Fiery Ordeal", journal 2, song 1
Week 3 – "Jesus Teaches Us To Pray", journal 3, song 2
Week 4 – "The Good Shepherd", journal 4, song 2
Week 5 – "The Moment That Changed Everthing", journal 5, song 3
Week 6 – "Singing in Prison", journal 6, song 3
Week 7 – "God's Armor", journal 7, song 3
Week 8 – "The Promise Fulfilled", journal 8, Worship Dance Party!


Introduction to ASL

Instructor: Mrs. Waldron


Class Description: 

We will be learning some ASL through ASL videos and Storytelling as done by Deaf people themselves. So this will be a video heavy course where students will be watching the signs used in context. They will need to review some videos at home each day to reinforce the signs. During class we will review the signs that are learned through games and
silent interactions with each other.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include weekly videos to watch at home before coming to class. The
    idea is that the students will learn the signs before coming to class. During class, we will
    practice using the signs in sentences. Please have the students sign with the videos so that
    they will become comfortable with the signs.


Week 1 – Days of the week/time signs/numbers
Week 2 – Days of the week/time signs/numbers
Week 3 – Same/Different; Colors
Week 4 – Emotions
Week 5 – Emotions
Week 6 –  Family members
Week 7 –  Family members
Week 8 – Review and practice performance

Children Singing in a Choir
Friends at Cafe
1A 3rd-5th
1B 3rd-5th
2A 3rd-5th
2B 3rd-5th
3A 3rd-5th
3B 3rd-5th
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