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Children Singing in a Choir

Singin' Squad

Instructor: Mrs. Weber

Class Description:

Singing is such a special gift from God! We can all do it together, it is beautiful, and it's just so fun! We will mostly be singing all kinds of music, but also we shall learn other aspects to singing as well as we can.


Each week we will loop the following activities:


- Talk about what Scripture says about music

- Warm up fun!

-  Singing games

-  Listen to singing

-  Sing simple songs

-  Learn some not-so-simple songs

-  Vocal training/technique information/singing harmony/reading music 

-  Sing your favorites, hymns, worship songs, folk/classical songs, popular movie songs, and more!




Bacteria and Viruses and Fungi, Oh My!

Instructor: Mrs. Robinson

Class Description:

This class is all about the smallest critters on Earth that live in our microscopic world - GERMS! Students will learn about Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold, Protozoa, and Algae. We will learn how God designed our immune system to help
protect us from harmful germs, as well as a brief history of medicine and the discoveries that have been made along the way. We will even grow bacteria and mold!



Week 1 – What are germs? How do germs spread?
Week 2 – Our Immune System and Learning about cells and our microscopic world.
Week 3 – All About Bacteria
Week 4 – Finish Bacteria and All About Viruses
Week 5 – Finish Viruses and Understanding the differences between bacteria and viruses.
Week 6 – History of Medicine
Week 7 – Fungi, Mold, Protozoa, Algae
Week 8 – Wrap Up



Don't be shocked! Introduction to Electricity

Instructor: Mrs. Leahy

Class Description:

This course will use the TOPS curriculum of teaching electricity through hands-on experiments, in a safe way! We'll be learning- what is electricity and how it's made. We'll make simple and then more complex circuits using standard household items (batteries, mini lightbulbs, aluminum foil), and we'll make some fun projects, too. The class will teach series vs. parallel, insulators, switches, and resistance as it relates to conducting electricity.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $8 charge for the class, as each child will need their own kit (which I'll be supplying) to include copper wire, batteries, light bulbs, steel wool, etc. They will take home their kits and projects at the end of the semester.


Week 1 – Overview of atoms. Create our first simple circuit.

Week 2 - Parallel vs series vs opposition series circuits. 

Week 3 - Insulators and conductors.

Week 4 - Create your own circuit board game.

Week 5 - Electrical resistance and a 'flashy' experiment.

Week 6 - Switches.

Week 7 - Learn a new language - electrical drawings.

Week 8 - Final project - Electrical maze.


Discovering Great Artists 

Instructor: Mrs. Mahr




Class Description:

Each class will focus on an exploration of a famous artist. We will read a brief history or story
about the artist, look at some of their masterpieces and then create a project that matches their
unique style.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of art supplies.


Week 1 – Michelangelo
Week 2 – Vincent Van Goh
Week 3 – Mary Cassatt
Week 4 – Claude Monet
Week 5 – John James Audubon
Week 6 – Wassily Kandinsky
Week 7 – Paul Klee
Week 8 – Winslow Homer

Desserts Around the World

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson




Class Description:

What better way of exploring other people’s culture than through food!  In this class we will be making different kinds of desserts that you would traditionally find in the countries we will focus on.  Student’s will also familiarize themselves with common kitchen tools and techniques.  Not all desserts we make will be to everyone’s liking, and that’s okay! I only ask that your child be open to trying new things. Some of the classes will involve some cooking/baking, and other classes will just be for assembling desserts.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of food

  • Please provide your child with an apron for this class. 

  • All desserts are allergy-friendly – dairy-free, gluten-free, no peanuts or tree nuts


Week 1 – Kitchen Safety & Chocolate Haupia Pie (Hawaii)

Week 2 – Pavlova (Australia)

Week 3 – Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand)

Week 4 – Puff Puff (Nigeria)

Week 5 – Alfajores (Argentina)

Week 6 – Brigadeiros (Brazil)

Week 7 – Turon (Philippines)

Week 8 – Orange Cookies (Turkey)


All the World's a Stage

Instructor: Emily Davis, Christy Davis


Class Description: 

In All the World’s a Stage, we will explore aspects of acting and drama, including characterization, accents, improvisation, and miming. We will also briefly cover basics of tech, production, and auditioning. The class will culminate with a short presentation of a skit or scenes by the students. Much of the learning will be accomplished through acting


Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement



Week 1 – Introduction – Theater basics, vocabulary, warm-ups, and games.

Week 2 – Characterization and accents

Week 3 – Improv

Week 4 – Miming and physical acting

Week 5 – How auditions work

Week 6 – Skit practice

Week 7 – Skit practice

Week 8 – Skit presentation