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1A 6th-8th

Note: Mature 5th graders may take these classes.  They will still be taught at a middle school level.  Please talk with the teacher before signing up to make sure the class is appropriate for your 5th grader.


Fishing Boat

Let's Build a Boat

 Instructor: Dr. Strickland


Class Description:

This class will build an understanding of the mechanics and physics behind floating objects and introduce students to the world of watercraft design.  There will be a hands-on construction project where students will build their own boat to be tested with the class. 

Special Notes:


  • Class will include some out of class work specifically for the boat construction.

  • Students will also be invited to a field trip to the US Navy ship testing and research center - NSWC Carderock, David Taylor Model Basin in Bethesda, MD.



Week 1 – Physics of Floating Objects: Understand density,  displacement, and centers of gravity.

Week 2 – Types of boats, craft, and ships

Week 3 – Parts of a Ship (talk like a Pirate Day). Students will diagram to understand the basic parts of a vessel.

Week 4 – What makes a boat go? Discuss the various mechanisms for vessel propulsion.

Week 5 – What is a shipyard? Where and How are Ships Built

Week 6 – Let’s Build a Boat

Week 7 – Construction Day

Week 8 – Boat Testing. Students will participate and assess the performance of their vessel.





Instructor: Mrs. Davis

Class Description:

In this class, students will be introduced to logical fallacies, research methods, and public speaking skills. We will have multiple opportunities to develop our skills and will prepare and participate in two full-length debates.


Week 1: Debate Basics

Week 2: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Week 3: Research Skills 

Week 4: Public Speaking, Logical Fallacies, and Practice Debates

Week 5: Class Debate Preparation

Week 6: Class Debate

Week 7: Class Debate Preparation

Week 8: Class Debate


Poetry Tea Time 

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy


Class Description:

This class will be a time to enjoy poetry, art, and snacks. Each week we will read aloud a poem from a new author. Then we will discuss what images the poetry brings to our imaginations, and how best to create an illustration to go with that poem. Art materials will include illustration mediums such as watercolor, pens, and pencils. Students will create a small notebook of poems and watercolor illustrations side by side to keep. 

Special Notes:

  • Optional: A sign-up genius link shared for students to bring a snack to share with the poetry class, something to enjoy while we listen and create.


Week 1 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Week 2 – Robert Frost

Week 3 – Emily Dickinson

Week 4 – Shel Silverstein

Week 5 – A.A. Milne

Week 6 – Jack Prelutsky

Week 7 – James Russell Lowell

Week 8 – Ralph Waldo Emerson


No Bones About it - Skeletons are Cool

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop

Class Description:

Can you imagine life without a skeleton? Have you ever met a jellyfish? Yikes! We will learn the intricacies of the
human skeleton- the structure that God created to allow us to stand, move, and grow. By developing a lap book, we will learn about bone functions, names, diseases, and more.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework


Week 1 – Skeletal System Basics
Week 2 – Axial Skeleton - The skull
Week 3 – Axial Skeleton - The spine
Week 4 – Appendicular Skeleton - Arms
Week 5 – Appendicular Skeleton - Legs

Week 6 – Joints
Week 7 – Fractures/Repair
Week 8 – Skeletal Diseases



Conversational ASL

Instructor: Mrs. Waldron

Class Description

Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, except hear. - I King Jordan


Have you ever been fascinated with people signing to each other at a restaurant? Have you wished you knew some of this quiet language that looks so beautiful?  Learn some basic conversational ASL so that you can feel confident to say hi to that Deaf person and even maybe get to know them a bit. Learn Dos and Don'ts when interacting with people who are Deaf.

Special Notes:

  • ​This class will require watching short videos in ASL during the week. Students will be learning signs from the videos that they watch during the week then conversing in ASL with their peers during class. Each week we will build more vocabulary as they ask each other questions. 


Week 1 – Introductions - Hello, My name is, nice to meet you

Week 2 – Introductory Questions

Week 3 – Deaf people/culture Do's and Don'ts

Week 4 – Question words/birthdate

Week 5 – ASL Chants (Feelings, Seasons, Colors)

Week 6 – ASL Chants (Nature, Senses)

Week 7 – Family members

Week 8 –  Review and game

Fiber Arts

Instructor: Mrs. Miller

Class Description

Learn the basics of needle felting in both 2D (think painting with wool), and 3D (animals, small objects). We will also cover a selection of wet felting techniques, finger knitting, and how to use a Lucet fork (knitting fork) for making braided cord/rope.


We will be using wool and other fibers on these fun handicraft projects. Students will also learn about the process of creating the raw materials (wool roving, yarn, etc) and what these materials can be used to create.


Each student will have their own felting pad to use during the course and take home on the last day to use for more projects. There will be lots of opportunities to be creative in this class! Students are welcome to take home projects to work between classes.

Special Notes:

  • ​There will be an additional $5 material fee for each student


Week 1 – Intro to wool fibers (processing and production), intro to materials/projects we will complete in the class. Begin practicing basics of needle felting.
Week 2 – Intro to needle felting in 2d-painting with felt
Week 3 – C
ontinue 2D needle felting projects
Week 4 – Intro to needle felting 3D techniques, begin 3D project
Week 5
- Continue 3D project
Week 6 – Wet felting
Week 7 – Intro to types of yarn and finger knitting
Week 8 – Lucet cord braiding

Chest Cavity
Communicating with Sign Languages
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