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1A 6th-8th

Note: Mature 5th graders may take these classes.  They will still be taught at a middle school level.  Please talk with the teacher before signing up to make sure the class is appropriate for your 5th grader.


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 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

This class will be offered for both the fall and spring semesters. It will be a student led project, culminating in the final product of the 2023-2024 year book. We will learn about simple photography techniques, good design elements, art, writing, and project design. Students will work in small groups using Canva to design the final product.

Special Notes:


  • If your student has access to a phone and/or laptop each week, that would be helpful! 




Watercolor + Markers = Favorite Words + Nature

Instructor: Mrs. Hawes

Class Description:

We will be using watercolor, paintbrushes, and special tipped markers to create artwork made up of elements of nature and our favorite words or quotes. Each class the students will get to learn and practice their typography skills. The students will get to choose what words/sayings they want to write, and then add drawings or images to their words. For instance, writing “be still and know that He is God” in calligraphy style, then adding waves to create artwork. I will bring examples, and we will watch instructional videos.

Special Notes:

  • An extra supply fee may be requested if class size gets large


Week 1 – Writing your name

Week 2 – Summer inspired word and figures

Week 3 – Favorite word and favorite color

Week 4 – Favorite food

Week 5 – Fall inspired word and figures

Week 6 – Favorite verse + leaves

Week 7 – Favorite quote + favorite element of nature

Week 8 –  “Thanksgiving” inspired art


Hunger in America 

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin


Class Description:

We are aware of hunger in third world countries, but what about right here
in America? About 50 million people in America do not have enough food. Join us as we study
the problem and then try to figure out what we can do about it, all from a Biblical perspective.

Special Notes:

  • There will be homework for week 1 only, that may require parental assistance.


Week 1 – Getting a taste of hunger

Week 2 – Faces of hunger

Week 3 – Hidden hunger

Week 4 – More than enough

Week 5 – Solutions are in sight

Week 6 – Guest speaker

Week 7 – Project

Week 8 – Project


Science Fair

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description:

Each student will have the opportunity to create and conduct their own science fair project. Each week in class we will learn how to complete each element the scientific method to complete an excellent project.   

Special Notes:

Class will include a fair amount of homework and some parental involvement. Each week, we will learn in class how to complete the next step of the project, but for the most part, students will need to work on their actual project at home.


Costs to complete the project are also covered at home. Please come to the first class with a list of three potential ideas for your project!   

It would be very helpful if students could bring a digital device to class each week (laptop, iPad, Chromebook, etc.) but it is not required. A lined notebook is required.


Week 1 –  The scientific method and testable questions

Week 2 – Researching background information

Week 3 – Generating hypotheses and identifying variables

Week 4 – Writing procedures and materials lists

Week 5 – Creating data tables and recording observations

Week 6 – Analyzing data through graphs or charts to determine results

Week 7 – Writing conclusions and discussing abstracts 

Week 8 – Assembling a tri-fold board (students will need to bring all materials to assemble to class) 


Barista Business

Instructor: Mrs. Yeh

Class Description

In this class the students will learn the basics of starting a business. They will then apply those
basics to preparing a business plan specifically tailored to a coffee shop. Along with learning
the business side of a coffee shop they will also learn the Italian art of espresso, ie. being a
barista, as well as coffee and tea basics.

Special Notes:

This class will require a fee of $5 for materials payable by cash or Venmo:, last 4 of phone #: 2575


Week 1 – Business Terms / Espresso Basics
Week 2 – Business Plan Basics / Espresso Cont’d
Week 3 – Begin Business Plan / Latte Basics
Week 4 – Business Plan, Cont’d / Brewed Coffee
Week 5 – Intro to Marketing / Tea
Week 6 – The Pitch
Week 7 – The Pitch, Cont’d
Week 8 – Present Pitch/serve coffee samples

Discovering the Decades

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy

Class Description

Each week we will discover a new decade in American history. We will learn about the key points in history, presidents, historical figures, inventions, music, food, and fashion of the times. We will pull it all together in a big 20th century timeline for each student to take home. Each week we will enjoy a new recipe or snack from the decade we are covering. 

Special Notes:

  • Students will be encouraged to dress-up with an outfit or accessory inspired by their favorite decade for the week 8 closing program.


Week 1 – 1910’s - WW1, Titanic, Ford cars, sherbet. 

Week 2 – 1920’s - The roaring 20s, Women’s suffrage, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mouse, and Jell-O. 

Week 3 – 1930’s - The Great Depression, Amelia Earhart, Lay’s chips. 

Week 4 – 1940’s - WW2, frisbee, M&M’s. 

Week 5 – 1950’s - The Golden Age, the Korean War, hula hoops,marshmallow Peeps. 

Week 6 – 1960’s - The Vietnam War, the space race, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Pop-Tarts. 

Week 7 – 1970’s - Star Wars, Carter, Nixon, snack cakes, 

Week 8 – 1980’s  - Reagan, Rubik’s cube,  Pac-man, Pop Rocks.

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