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1A 6th-8th

Note: Mature 5th graders may take these classes.  They will still be taught at a middle school level.  Please talk with the teacher before signing up to make sure the class is appropriate for your 5th grader.


Second Period
Pottery Class
Planet and Moon
Amusement Park

Stellar Universe

 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

This class will use a NASA-released middle school curriculum to introduce students to the study of our universe in a way that also incorporates an introduction to chemistry (atoms and the periodic table) and physics (the study of light waves). We will explore the stars beyond our solar system with exciting hands-on projects and activities that will surely ignite student interest well beyond this class! 

There will be a virtual field trip (just for our class), hosted by a guide from NASA Goddard. Please plan for your student to participate via Zoom- Tuesday, March 19 at 1pm.

Special Notes:


  • This class will cover middle school science topics. 5th graders are welcome to join, but should be ready for a serious science class.

  • Additional cost for class is $5 to cover material fees for several projects.

  • See note in description on Virtual Field trip (3/19, 1pm) and save the date.

  • There will be one class (week 7) with homework


Week 1 – Build your own working spectroscope, and complete a science lab to see the “fingerprints” of visible and invisible light sources.

Week 2 – Complete a universe-in-a-bottle sand art project, after learning about the universe's elements in the periodic table.

Week 3 – Start a diorama on the life-cycle of stars. Learn about main sequence stars and nuclear fusion.

Week 4 – Finish the life-cycle of stars project. Learn about star giants and do a hands-on experiment about how black holes are formed.

Week 5 – Everything there is to know (and lots we don’t know!) about black holes.

Week 6 – Astronomy from a Christian perspective. We will be assuming the young-earth model in this class. 

Week 7 – Modeling galaxies. Constellations. Perspective of space. (homework this week)

Week 8 – Discuss our virtual field trip at NASA. Modeling our 3-D constellations for display.




Imagineering In a Box

Instructor: Mrs. Neely

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered how theme parks come to life? Disney Imagineers from hundreds of career disciplines around the world share how they use a wide range of skills – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – that all come together to create immersive experiences. Imagineering in a Box will allow you to explore different aspects of theme park design and create a theme park world in your own Blue Sky notebook!  During our Week 6 class we will have an aspiring Imagineer lead our class.  Mrs. Neely's son, Luke Neely, will bring his experiences studying architecture and working in the themed entertainment industry right to us at LEAP! 

Special Notes:

  • The class will require some homework (all of it will be fun) as you bring in brainstorming items from home.  All assignments, projects, notes etc will be kept in our Blue Sky notebooks. 


Week 1 – Welcome to Imagineering In a Box/Intro to creating worlds

Week 2 – The theme of your land

Week 3 – Layout and building design

Week 4 – Landscape and plant Life/Materials

Week 5 – Graphics and color

Week 6 – Visit from a future Imagineer, Luke Neely (Junior year Architecture student at CUA and currently working in the  themed entertainment industry with American Scenic Design)

Week 7 – Sound design/Design a menu

Week 8 – Mood Board presentations


3-D Art

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin


Class Description:

We will explore 3-D art mediums that require patience and attention to detail. Come and learn how to make a balsa wood relief of your pet or favorite animal. Then explore with us how to use wire and wood to support a clay giraffe. Last, collaborate with the class and decide on our last project. Will we cut our own glass and make a fish mosaic or create our
own stamps for block printing? Be prepared to get your hands dirty and have fun!

Special Notes:

  • There will be a small class fee (under $8) for consumable materials.


Week 1 – Balsa wood relief
Week 2 – Balsa wood relief
Week 3 – Balsa wood relief
Week 4 – Clay giraffe
Week 5 – Clay giraffe
Week 6 – Clay giraffe
Weeks 7 & 8 – Glass mosaic or Original stamp



Curtain Callers Drama Improv

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description:

Calling all thespians! In this introduction to drama class we will learn and practice the basics of improvisation in drama. We will play lots of games and be sure to laugh a lot. 

Special Notes:

  • Class participants may need to bring in props from home some weeks or practice a skill at home.


Week 1 – Say “Yes”

Week 2 – Say “Yes, and”

Week 3 – Make statements

Week 4 – Keep the ball in the air

Week 5 – Pay attention

Week 6 – There are no mistakes

Week 7 – Make your partner look good

Week 8 – Take care of each other


Great Speeches in American History

Instructor: Mrs. Davis

Class Description

Part history and part public speaking! Join us as we learn about pivotal moments in American history and the memorable
speeches associated with them.

Special Notes:

  • This class is best for mature students who have a basic understanding of difficult topics or events in American history (e.g., slavery, war, racism, suffrage, civil rights, the Great Depression, and terrorism.) For weeks 2-7, students will need to read and/or watch assigned speeches at home. Basic research skills will be helpful as each student will have the opportunity to develop and present their own research project.


Week 1 – Approach to analyzing speeches (historical context, motivation, pathos/logos/ ethos)
Week 2 – The Revolution (Patrick Henry)
Week 3 – Slavery & The Civil War (Frederick Douglass & Abraham Lincoln)
Week 4 – Women’s Suffrage (Susan B. Anthony)
Week 5 – The Great Communicator (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
Week 6 – Civil Rights (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Week 7 – Modern Presidential Speeches (John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush)
Week 8 – Student Projects


Let’s Drum to the Beat - Cardio Drumming

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland

Class Description

Cardio drumming is a fast paced, fun, and energetic fitness opportunity. While this will work our cardiovascular system, it is also a full body conditioning program – meaning we will be building muscle and increasing our stamina too.  If you are not familiar with cardio drumming take a look at this YouTube to get the idea: 


We will drum to only worship tunes with high beats per minute. In other words, we will work up a sweat and we pound our drums in praise.


No prior fitness or drumming experience is required.

Special Notes:

  • There is $8 or less class fee.

  • Students/families will also need to acquire a 55cm exercise ball to participate. Like this one:


  • I do have an extra and I am confident several other LEAP families likely have an exercise ball you could borrow for this class.  Additionally, many places have these on sale this time of year - please shop around. These balls can be used for some many fantastic full body exercises and even as an office chair!  I would be happy to show any adult or student how else they could use the ball to benefit their strength and flexibility. 

  • Students must come with a water bottle, dressed in clothes that flex, and wearing sneakers to be safest. 

  • Lastly, families are responsible for bringing these supplies back and forth to class since I do not have this space in my car. Therefore, students are responsible for bringing these three items each week.


Cardio drumming routines are repetitive on purpose…the more we drum in sync the louder our praises will be and it will take a few classes to learn the routines.  


However, I am expecting that we will drum to at least ten different songs throughout our semester, with an average of five per class leaving time to warm-up, cool down, and stretch. 

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