Note: Mature 5th graders may take these classes.  They will still be taught at a middle school level.  Please talk with the teacher before signing up to make sure the class is appropriate for your 5th grader.


Three Horses
Fruits and Vegetables

Who am I?! Genetics 101

 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

We will explore the basics of microbiology and genetics in a hands-on class with projects and experiments. We'll learn about cell structure, the basics of DNA, dominant and recessive genes, solve crime mysteries, and design a genetics-monster…all while understanding how God knit each one of us into unique individuals.

Special Notes:

  •  Class will include no homework

  •  Additional cost for class is $5 to cover material fees for several projects.



Week 1 – Characteristics of living things. Domains of life/cell-classes. Learning cell organelles.

Week 2 – Complete a 3-D model of an animal cell with clay.

Week 3 – Understand what and where DNA is found while creating a model with pipe-cleaners and beads. Each student will then extract their own DNA from cheek cells. 

Week 4 - Solve a class crime scene puzzle with forensic DNA analysis. Discuss inherent vs acquired traits.

Week 5 – Introduce Gregor Mendel and his studies on pea plants and heredity relating to: dominant and recessive genes, alleles, genotypes and phenotypes, and punnett squares. 

Week 6 – Complete a 'genetic monsters' project, touching on probability as a mathematical concept of genetics.

Week 7 – Understand DNA replication and the differences between mitosis vs meiosis with jelly beans.

Week 8 – Design your own unique hybrid-animal. Finish the class with an “Escape room” -style review.




Horse Book & Movie Club

 Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class Description:

Calling all horse enthusiasts! Are you interested in reading novels about horses and watching the movie adaptation? If so, this class is for you! 

We will decide on the final reading & movie list as a class (3-4 books/movies). Options include but are not limited to Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, Secretariat, and Snowman, The True Story of a Champion. Each week we will share our favorite passages from the reading and explore the different aspects of character development, plot, and the actual historical basis for the book. We will also examine how the book was developed into a movie and discuss the horse(s) featured in the film. Saddle up and get ready for our horse book and movie club adventures!



Play with your Food!

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin

Class Description:

Do you like to eat? I sure do! Come and learn how to present snacks, desserts, and even veggies for your friends and family in a fun way. We will learn knife tips and tricks for cutting everything from vegetable flowers to big watermelon baskets.

No need to bring a snack to this class. We’ll eat every week!


Special Notes:

  • Additional cost for class is $15. This will cover the cost of the food and a special paring knife for each child. Safety gloves may be purchased on your own if you are concerned about your child cutting him/herself. Ask Mrs. Huguenin for more details if interested.


Week 1 – Food safety and creative lunches

Week 2 – Knife tips and tricks

Week 3 – Snacks!

Week 4 – Fun fruits

Week 5 – Amazing veggies

Week 6 – Delicious desserts

Week 7 – Autumn food

Week 8 – Food art for a crowd





Beyond the Literal

Instructor: Ms. Chen-Main

Class Description:

Writers often use words to mean something beyond their normal everyday meaning. In this class, we will look at examples of the creative ways writers, poets, speakers, songwriters, and even Bible passages use figurative language to get a message or point across.

After we learn to spot figurative language, we’ll practice using different types in our own writing.

Come become a stronger reader and writer!

Special Notes:

  • Grades: 6-8 , mature 5th graders welcome

  • Class will include no homework. However, the in-class writing exercises can be used as a springboard for extended writing assignments at home. (P.S. Did you notice how a writer doesn’t literally jump off a piece of writing?)



Week 1 – Recognize and create similes, metaphors, and personification

Week 2 – Recognize and create hyperbole, imagery, and puns

Week 3 – Recognize and learn idioms from around the world

Week 4 – Identify figurative language in prose, practice using figurative language

Week 5 – Identify figurative language in in poetry, practice using figurative language in poetry

Week 6 – Identify and discuss figurative language in the Bible, begin creating a poster for final

class display

Week 7 – Identify and discuss figurative language in song lyrics (both old and new songs),

continue work on final class display

Week 8 – Identify and discuss figurative language in pop culture (brand slogans and famous

quotes), finish final class display



Stories on Stage

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description

Stories, expression and confidence are all beautiful gifts given to us by God. In this introduction to drama class we will explore the basic elements of drama as a means to build confidence and joy in expression.  We will learn important literary and dramatic devices as we laugh and play together using stories, movie clips, and games that will inspire confidence and expression in storytelling.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework, but students may be asked to bring a prop to class occasionally.



Week 1 – Elements of drama

Week 2 – Elements of script, story arc

Week 3 – Direct characterization

Week 4 – Indirect characterization

Week 5 – Setting

Week 6 – Monologue

Week 7 – Improvisation

Week 8 – Improvisation



Loops and Looms!

Instructor: Mrs. Majka

Class Description

Want to learn the basics of crochet and loom knitting? Join this class to discover the essentials! After taking this class, you’ll have a solid foundation that will set you up for future creative projects. Use these skills to begin a new hobby, make gifts, or start your own business!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework, but practice is encouraged!



Week 1 – Crochet Basics: Tools, types of yarn, slip knot

Week 2 – Crochet: Chain and single crochet stitches

Week 3 – Crochet: Double crochet

Week 4 – Loom Basics: Tools, types of yarn, making hats

Week 5 – Review: During this class, students will select a project to work on for the remainder

of the course; scrunchies, baby blankets, ear warmers, potholders, etc. We’ll review relevant

stitches and skills needed for their projects.

Week 6 – Changing colors

Week 7 – Work on projects, and explore accessories (dependent on which projects are

selected; flowers, buttons/yarn sewing, blanket borders, etc.)

Week 8 – Finish projects and (potentially) show our new skills to a guest speaker!

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