1st and 2nd GRADE CLASSES

First Period
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Awesome Anatomy

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description: 

Would you like to learn more about how your body works? Marvel at God’s intricate and creative design as we learn about our bodies: what’s inside them and how they work!


Week 1 – Skeletal System

Week 2 – Muscular System

Week 3 – Digestive and Renal Systems

Week 4 – Health and Nutrition

Week 5 – Respiratory System

Week 6 –Cardiovascular System

Week 7 –Nervous System

Week 8 –Integumentary(skin) and Immune Systems




Fun with Fitness

Instructor: Mrs. Estrada

Class Description:

Fun with Fitness involves lots of movement. We will explore the fun of fitness in every capacity. Each week children will receive a challenge: exercising daily, making healthy food choices, and increasing the amount of water they can drink each day.



Week 1 – Broad overview of the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle choices 

Week 2 – God's animal exercises 

Week 3 – Team Sports 

Week 4 – Partner Activities 

Week 5 – Strength vs. Cardio exercises 

Week 6 – Scavenger Hunt with clues related to fitness 

Week 7 – Bootcamp style fitness 

Week 8 – Grand Finale - Friendly Competition with Prizes for Strength, Stamina, Speed 




Oh the Wonders of Ethiopia!

 Instructor: Mrs. Cupidon


Class description:

Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world and has a fascinating culture! This class will have three objectives.  One, we will learn some basic facts (geographical, cultural and social) which are really interesting! Second, we will learn fantastic legends and how Ethiopia history is intimately connected to the bible and even Jamaica. Thirdly, All these objectives will be woven through experiencing Ethiopian culture through art, music and food(some might be gluten free some might not).

Special notes:

  • As I mentioned before, this class might have some food involved. I do know of one that is not, and unfortunately cannot be gluten free. It’s fried dough. Everything else will be gluten free, but I will let you know as the time comes up!



Week 1 – Introduction: From ancient to present Ethiopia: Geography, language, economy, religion.

Week 2 – Ethiopia and manners: what is polite and impolite in Ethiopian culture? You’d be surprised!

Week 3 – Learning about Ethiopia in the Bible stories and legends as well as how Ethiopia is connected to Jamaica’s Rastafarians!

Week 4 – Exploring Ethiopian art and doing our own.

Week 5 – Learning about Ethiopian customs surrounding food.

Week 6 – Learning about Ethiopian musical instruments and dance.

Week 7 – Important Ethiopian figures in the world!

Week 8 – Fun Review with food and music.


Discovering Great Artists

Instructor: Mrs. Wilson


Class Description:

Learn from the most famous artists in history!  We will learn about the artists’ lives and art techniques and then get to make our own art!


  • Week 1 – DaVinci – Draw Things Apart & Design Your Own Invention

  • Week 2 – Michelangelo – Fresco Painting & Paint Upside-Down

  • Week 3 – Monet – Impressionist Landscape

  • Week 4 – Degas – Art in Motion

  • Week 5 – Van Gogh – Starry Night

  • Week 6 – Matisse – Cut-Out Art

  • Week 7 – Picasso – Fractured Pictures

  • Week 8 – Frida Kahlo – Self-Portrait


Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh My!

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class Description:

We will be learning about the animals God created on the sixth day of creation! We will be using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day for our study of land animals. Students will be engaged in various hands-on activities.


Week 1: Creature Features of Wolves, Coyotes, & Foxes

Week 2: Bears, Giant Pandas, Otters, & Raccoons

Week 3: Lions, Tigers & North American Wildcats

Week 4: Marsupials

Week 5: Primates

Week 6: Horses, Donkeys, Zebras, Elephants & Rhinos

Week 7: Cattle, Camels, Giraffes, and Hippos

Week 8: Land Animals of the Sixth Day Review/Games






Move your feet to the beat! - A Music Fitness Class

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland

Class Description:

This fitness class will provide a broad overview of the evolution of music over history, starting with Prehistoric and ending with Electronic Music.  Each class with start in the classroom. with description and observation time.  However, every class will end with fitness, at least 30 minutes of movement.  Christian music will be intertwined with the music genres, as much as possible, so the children can hear and feel God’s influence through the musicians over time too. 

Special Notes:

  • This class came to me through a dream, the framework will follow the board book, “We Are Music”, by Brandon Stosuy.

  • Class will include no homework

  • Some classes will include rigorous and challenging movements (under direction with proper form)This is not intended to be a free form movement, although we will have a few times for that.

  • Proper attire to be able to exercise is needed.Sneakers are required.

  • Weather permitting, some fitness time may be outside. Regardless, heartrates will be elevated and sweat will likely happen. Consider moisture wicking clothing or a change in shirt, if you are concerned.



Week 1 –Introduction to music and how it evolved over time.  Introduction to proper form for movement. Prehistoric music will be introduced.

Week 2 –Classical music and artists will be introduced. 

Week 3 –Blues music and artists will be introduced.

Week 4 –Country music and artists will be introduced. 

Week 5 –Jazz music and artists will be introduced. 

Week 6 –Rock N Roll and Punk Rock music and artists will be introduced. 

Week 7 –Rap/Hip-Hop music and artists will be introduced.

Week 8 –Electronic music and artists will be introduced. 

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