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Bees at Work
Anatomical Model
Pile of Coins

Crazy about Cats!

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description: 

We will explore the wonderful world of wild cats: tigers, lions, cheetahs and more! This class will include science, art, history, and geography. Each week, we will discuss a different cat each week.

Special notes:

  • Week 8 - We will do a little show and tell with the class. Students are allowed to bring in their favorite stuffed animal cat, or a picture of their own family cat, or a picture of a cat that they may have seen at the zoo, to share with the rest of the class. If they’d like to dress in any cat prints, that would be so fun too!


Week 1 – Introduction - What are cats?
Week 2 – Tiger
Week 3 – Lion
Week 4 – Cheetah & Puma
Week 5 – Lynx
Week 6 – Leopard
Week 7 – Ocelot
Week 8 – Show and Tell




Spectacular States and Colossal Capitals

Instructor: Mrs. Waldron

Class Description:

In this class students will learn all of their states and capitals… and be able to locate them on a map. Over 8 weeks of mapping our country, we will use puzzles, songs, books, rebuses, partner quizzing, stories, food and games in order to remember our United States of America! Class is for both readers and non-readers alike.

Special notes:

  • Class will include no homework, however, I will send home emails each week of what we did so that you can reinforce at home, if you so choose. On week 7, students will be invited to bring food from their favorite state.



Week 1 – Overview - all states and capitals 

Week 2 – Western States - WA, OR, CA, NV,  ID, UT, AZ, MO, WY, CO, NM

Week 3 – Middle America -  ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, MN, IA, MO, AK, LA

Week 4 –  Great Lakes -  WI, IL, MI, ID, KY, OH, PA, NJ. DE MD, WV, VA

Week 5 –  Upper East - ME, VT, NH, NY, MA, CT,  RI

Week 6 – Lower East  - TN, NC, MS, AL, GA, SC, FL, HI AL

Week 7 – Review -all states and capitals

Week 8 – Review -all states and capitals

Bee Buddies: A Buzzworthy Adventure in Beekeeping

Instructor: Mrs. Little


Class description:

Welcome to the sweetest classroom on the block – Bee Buddies! In this immersive and engaging 8-lesson course designed for our curious and nature-loving first -third graders, we embark on a journey into the vibrant world of beekeeping. From the basics of bee anatomy to the intricate dance within the hive, Bee Buddies is a delightful exploration that combines hands-on activities, exciting discussions, and even a taste of the golden nectar itself!

Special notes:

  • no homework, may require supplies from home


Week 1 – Bee-autiful Beginnings Dive into the importance of bees in Lesson 1 as we explore their role in pollination. Engage our Bee Buddies with a hands-on activity, planting seeds and observing the process of pollination in action.

Week 2 - Bee Anatomy Bonanza Discover the inner workings of our fuzzy friends in Lesson 2. Bee Buddies will participate in a bee anatomy drawing and labeling activity using paper and colors, bringing the buzz to life.

Week 3 - Hiving Fun with Team Bees Get ready for a lesson in teamwork within the hive! In Lesson 3, Bee Buddies will engage in a group activity to simulate hive dynamics, assigning roles and responsibilities to understand the importance of every bee in the colony.

Week 4- Life Cycle Safari Embark on a life cycle safari in Lesson 4 as we follow bees from egg to adult. Bee Buddies will create a pop-up book showcasing the different stages of a bee's life cycle, adding a creative touch to their learning.

Week 5-6- Construction Zone - The Beehive Chronicles In these lessons, Bee Buddies will construct their own mini beehives using craft materials. Lesson 5 focuses on the basic structure, while Lesson 6 delves into the tools with a hands-on exploration of beekeeping equipment replicas.

Week 7- The Bounty of the Hive Dive into Lesson 8 with a honey tasting session, where Bee Buddies will sample different types of honey. They'll also engage in a beeswax modeling activity, creating small sculptures using beeswax.

Week 8- Bee Heroes in Action In this lesson, Bee Buddies will become advocates for bees by creating posters showcasing ways to protect and support bee populations. This hands-on activity encourages creativity and critical thinking.


Art Adventures

Instructor: Mrs. Scott


Class Description:

Over the next eight weeks, get ready to dive into a world of artistic exploration. Through watercolors, acrylics, crayons, and more, we'll splash colors, blend techniques, and ignite our imaginations. Each class is an opportunity to transform a blank canvas into a vibrant world of your creation. Join us in this exciting class where creativity knows no limits and every stroke brings your imagination to life!


​Week 1 – Exploring the Color Wheel: Creating a color wheel using watercolors
Week 2 – Monet Tribute
Week 3 – Pointillism Qtip painting
Week 4 – Skyline Silhouette: Practice creating value with Watercolors
Week 5 – Giant Heart Artwork: using pencils and crayons: practice design and color application
Week 6 – Self portrait: Introduction to drawing techniques with crayons and pencils
Week 7 – Complete self portrait with paint
Week 8 – Watercolor Flowers: Creating personalized watercolor flower compositions inspired by O'Keeffe's style

Human Body Odyssey

Instructor: Mrs. Yeh

Class Description:

We will explore human anatomy through fun visualizations, videos, experiments, and games. My main source for
material will be Apologia’s Anatomy & Physiology textbook. Each week will cover one system.

Special notes:

  • Class will include some optional homework to reinforce concepts learned in class.


Week 1 – The Cell
Week 2 – Skeletal System
Week 3 – Muscular System
Week 4 – Digestive System
Week 5 – Respiratory System
Week 6 – Circulatory System (Blood)
Week 7 – Cardiovascular System
Week 8 – Review



Show Me The Money!

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop

Class Description:

Let’s learn about US Currency from a Penny to a Dollar Bill. We’ll learn what they look like, how/where they’re made, their value, and how to use them through games and SHOPPING! Truly a class that’s “worth it's weight in gold”!


Special notes:

  • Class will include basic addition skills and some writing.


Week 1 – The History of Money
Week 2 – US Penny
Week 3 – US Nickel
Week 4 – US Dime
Week 5 – US Quarter
Week 6 – US $1 Bill
Week 7 – Math Games
Week 8 – Basic Economics (aka shopping at our “store”)

Art Class
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