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1A 1st-2nd


Children Singing in a Choir
Student Learning Mathematics

Central American Adventure

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description: 

Bienvenidos! (Welcome!) In this class students will be taking a trip to Central America to learn about the many diverse countries, climates, and cultures found there.  Class activities will include the study of each country’s geography, flag, currency, typical foods, traditions, fun facts and more. Some resources used for learning will include books, videos, music, arts/crafts, games, and typical dishes. 


Week 1 – Central American Overview: Review of continents and introduce Central America.  Work on a map and learn commonalities among the 7 countries we will be studying. 

Week 2 – Guatemala

Week 3 – El Salvador

Week 4 – Honduras

Week 5 – Nicaragua

Week 6 – Costa Rica

Week 7 – Panama

Week 8 – Central American Review and Celebration




Folklore, Tall Tales, and Myths Around the World

Instructor: Mr/Mrs. Green

Class Description:

Students will learn the characteristics that make up folklore, tall tales, and myths. Each week they will read a story from a specific country or group of people. Students will discuss the book and make a project/craft to go with the book.

Special notes:

  • Students most likely will not have homework, unless it's to finish a project. I will send out an email each week with a description of the project that goes with the book.



Week 1 – Characteristics of Myths, Tall Tales, and Folklore. A comparison between two Cinderella stories 

Week 2 – Martina the Beautiful Cockroach (Cuba)

Week 3 – Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato (Ireland)

Week 4 – Paul Bunyan (American)

Week 5 – Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (West African)

Week 6 – Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird (Crow Indigenous People)

Week 7 – The Green Frogs (Korea)

Week 8 –  The Tomten (Sweden)

Clay Creations

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello


Class description:

Students will learn the basics of working with air dry clay and practice making different styles of pots. They will be able to paint their designs and take home their creations at the end of the semester. We will be using Crayola Air-Dry clay which is a natural earth clay that dries hard without baking.

Special notes:

  • Please come ready to get a little messy! Students should bring a smock or clothing that can get clay and paint on it. Consider leaving this item in their backpack so they will have it handy each week.

  • Materials fee: $5.00


  • Week 1 – Preparing our clay. Students will learn how to condition their clay, tools we can use, and how water helps clay. Our first project will be a pinch pot.

  • Week 2 – Students will paint their pinch pot and learn how to roll out and cut clay to make bowls

  • Week 3 – Students will work on hand rolling techniques and learn how to attach pieces of clay together to make coil pots.

  • Week 4 – Practice incorporating decorative materials into clay to make a pencil holder

  • Week 5 – This week we will paint and decorate the projects created thus far while taking time to plan a project for next week.

  • Week 6 – Student design day! Everyone will have the opportunity to work with the clay to create the project idea brainstormed last week.

  • Week 7 – Student choice - creating a succulent planter or a tea light candle holder

  • Week 8 – Glazing day. Students will be able to glaze their projects or finalize painting.


Dinosaurs of Eden

Instructor: Mrs. Collins


Class Description:

Together let’s “dig in” to the world of dinosaurs! Did you know dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden?! On the Ark with Noah?! Using fun books and videos we will uncover many mysteries about these dino-riffic creatures! Classes will include hands-on activities!

Special notes:


All text read in class will be from a young earth perspective. Creationism will be spoken as fact, using Christian curriculums and the Bible as reference. Evolution will only been mentioned as a theory and in context to the opposite of what we believe. 


  • Week 1 – Creation and the Fall!

  • Week 2 – The Great Flood! 

  • Week 3 – Life after the Flood!

  • Week 4 – Fossils!

  • Week 5 – Hip bones, what’s my name? 

  • Week 6 – Sauropods 

  • Week 7 – Theropods 

  • Week 8 – Ornithischians 

Joyful Noise

Instructor: Mrs. Neely

Class Description:

We will creatively worship God together through learning about his creation in the devotional book, How Great is Our God, keeping gratitude journals and singing and dancing to songs that praise His Name!


Special notes:

  • There will be a $10 material fee per student to purchase the gratitude journals


Week 1 – A Joyful Noise, introduce gratitude journals and song 1
Week 2 – This One Is Just Right, gratitude journal 2, song 1
Week 3 – Say a Little Prayer, gratitude journal 3, song 1
Week 4 – You're on the Move", gratitude journal 4, song 1
Week 5 – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, gratitude journal 5, song 2
Week 6 - That's Amazing;, gratitude journal 6, song 2
Week 7 – Created to Shine, gratitude journal 7, song 2
Week 8 – Be the Spark, gratitude journal 8, song 2, Worship Dance Party!


Playing with Numbers

Instructor: Mrs. Salebe

Class Description:

This math class for 1st and 2nd graders can be a great and fun way to help students learn and retain math concepts,
throughout the 8 weeks the students will be able to earn “Math Bucks” that could be cash on the final class:


Special notes:

  • Optional homework (to earn extra “Math Bucks")

  • There will be a $5 material fee per student.


  • Week 1: Counting and Numbers: We will use interactive counting games to reinforce number recognition and counting skills.

  • Week 2: Adding and Subtracting: We will play games to practice basic addition and subtraction facts.

  • Week 3: Geometry and Measurement: Student will recognize geometry shapes and work on their measurement skills.

  • Week 4: Money: Students will play to practice counting money.

  • Week 5: Fractions: Students will practice fraction identification and manipulation.

  • Week 6: Time: Students will play to practice telling time.

  • Week 7: Multiplication and Division: Students will play to practice multiplication and division facts.

  • Week 8: Review: In this class class we will review and reinforce all of the math concepts taught throughout the 8 weeks and will have a market open to use all the “Math Bucks" the kids earned during the 8 classes.

Image by Fausto García-Menéndez
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