Bee on a Daisy

Bugs Buzzing in Spring

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

Since Spring is buzzing with life, in this class we will be learning about some of the season’s most interesting bugs/insects together.  Each class will have a combination of a themed storytime, learning about life cycles and fun bug facts; bug arts/crafts and sensory activities inside and outside (weather permitting).  Some bugs we will be learning about are caterpillars/butterflies, lady bugs, ants, and bees.  Students will have a chance to learn new and exciting things about the bugs buzzing around them this Spring and have fun creating crafts together as a class.

Special Notes:

Class will include some parental involvement - Mainly in the form of suggestions through email of things you can do at home to reinforce learning. 


Week 1 – Intro to “buzzing bugs” - Students will be introduced to the class structure and the bugs they will be meeting this semester.  We will discuss where the bugs have been this winter, have a storytime, and “build a bug” using different shapes. 

Week 2 – “Crawling Caterpillars” - Students will learn about caterpillars through storytime, observation, and crafts. 

Week 3 – “Beautiful Butterflies” - Students will learn all about the butterfly life cycle through storytime, observation, and crafts.  

Week 4 – “Lovely Ladybugs” - Students will be able to identify ladybug body parts, habitats and life cycle.  We will have storytime and crafts. 

Week 5 – “Amazing Ants” - Students will look for Ants outside and discuss their observations in class.  We will have storytime and a follow up art project.  

Week 6 – “Buzzing Bees” - Students will have storytime, learn about the importance of bees for our food supply and their lifecycle; 

Week 7 – “Creeping Creations” - Students will use a variety of sensory items to build their own favorite bugs!

Week 8 – In our last class we will spend some time reviewing all that we’ve learned about bugs, discuss similarities between insects we studied, have a bug scavenger hunt outside (weather permitting), and a bug celebration together in class.



Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and snack. 


Little Builders

Instructor: Mrs. Cho

Class Description:

Every week, we will explore different aspects of construction through reading books, group discussion, singing songs, playing games, making crafts, using tools, and building various structures. Students will be able to work on building their sensory, fine motor, gross motor, visual motor and perceptual, social, literary, math and critical thinking skills through
interactive and hands-on crafts and projects. Activities will be open-ended and student-led to encourage each child’s imagination and creativity. We will have so much fun learning and playing together!


Week 1 Theme: Construction; Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton
Week 2 Theme – Tools; The Toolbox by Anne & Harlow Rockwell
Week 3 Theme– ABC; Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming
Week 4 Theme– Houses; Building a House by Byron Barton and/or The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale
Week 5 Theme– Tunnels; Dig a Tunnel by Ryan Ann Hunter
Week 6 Theme – Bridges; Cross a Bridge by Ryan Ann Hunter

Week 7 Theme– Roads; Roadwork by Sally Burton
Week 8 Theme – Construction Party with Hard Hats