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Paper Craft
Orange Clouds

Wacky Weather

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

In this class students will be learning about various aspects of weather and how it impacts our lives.  We will use picture books, data collection, hands-on experiments, and art activities to learn together.  We will also be going outside and using our observation skills to apply what we’re learning.  By the end of the semester students will have a better understanding and appreciation of our God created weather systems and patterns.

Special Notes:

  • Students will have some data collection to do at home which will be communicated via email to parents ahead of time.


Week 1 – Wacky Weather Introduction class: We will create our big class weather graph to measure temperature and other weather aspects weekly. We will also begin memorizing our class bible verse for the semester.

Week 2 – Temperature: We will learn all about different temperatures found in seasons; how to measure temperature, how temperature affects us daily and how it is different in other parts of the World.  

Week 3 – Clouds: We will learn about and identify different types of clouds.  We will try to create these clouds using hands-on crafts. 

Week 4 – Clouds cont’d: We will do science experiments to help us learn about how clouds are formed and record our observations. 

Week 5 – Water Cycle: We will learn about rain and the water cycle.  This class will focus on the many reasons why rain is important.  We will learn about measuring rainfall and collecting data. 

Week 6 – Water Cycle: We will review the water cycle, do a rainy day craft together and complete a water cycle “map” 

Week 7 –Rainbow day: We will learn about the biblical significance of the rainbow and how it is formed.  We will do a science experiment to make rainbow colors and complete a rainbow art project. 

Week 8 – WACKY WEATHER final class celebration: We will finish practicing our class bible verse, complete our own weather mini-books, and work on weather playdough mats.


Get Your Hands Ready for School

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt

Class Description:

Getting little hands ready for school is so important for academic success! Such preparation should not only involve paper and pencil, but should also include a variety of materials and should be a lot of fun. We will have an exciting semester of playing and creating to get little hands ready for school success!


Week 1 – Get your Hands ready with Gross Motor Play
Week 2 – Get your Hands ready with Play Doh/Clay
Week 3 – Get your Hands ready with Water
Week 4 – Get your Hands ready with Paint
Week 5 – Get your Hands ready with Pasta
Week 6 – Get your Hands ready with Legos
Week 7 – Get your Hands ready with Scissors
Week 8 – Get your Hands ready with Puzzles

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a gluten free snack provided by LEAP. 


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