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All About Sheep

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

You might have encountered sheep at a farm, read about them in books and in the Bible and sung about them in nursery rhymes. But what do you know about sheep? What are their uses? We’ll learn what they look like, what and how they eat, and what they do through books, activities and crafts. Note: Please let me know if your child is allergic to wool or to dairy. We will be handling wool and I may try to get some sheep’s milk cheese.


Week 1 – What is a sheep?

Week 2 – What is a ruminant?

Week 3 – Sheep breeds

Week 4 – The life of a sheep

Week 5 – Have you any wool?     

Week 6 – Wool- sheep to cloth

Week 7 – Fertilizer, cheese and other uses

Week 8 – Wrap- up



Kid's Dance Party

Instructor: Mrs. Vernier

Class Description:

Do you like music? Do you like to dance? Then join the Kid’s Dance Party!

We will listen to and learn about a wide variety of music, from Classical to Calypso! Kids will learn to identify different musical instruments, and we will make some simple instruments in class to use while we dance along. We’ll even learn some fun dance moves from the good old days like the Twist! Come and join the fun!



Week 1 – Name That Tune!

Week 2 – Classical music.

Week 3 – Folk and World Music.

Week 4 – Traditional American music by region.

Week 5 – Surfin’ Safari.

Week 6 – Circle Dances.

Week 7 –Classic Oldies.

Week 8 – Worship Music through the Ages.

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and snack.