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  • 1A– National Parks (Holmes) 

  • 1B - Cheerful Confections (Collins)

  • 2A – Girls' Club (Huguenin)

  • 2B – History of Medicine (Wright)

  • 3A - Engineering (Esbrandt)

  • 3B - Animal Rescue (Smith)


  • 1A- Intro to Science (Green)

  • 1B- Spanish Stories and Songs (Rastello)

  • 2A- Let there be light: Science of Color (Hawes)

  • 2B- Story Investigators & Creators (Cupidon)

  • 3A- Architecture: Famous Landmarks (Salebe)

  • 3B- From Here to There (Strickland)


  • 1A- Singin' Squad (Weber)

  • 1B- Bacteria, and Viruses, and Fungi -Oh my! (Robinson)

  • 2A- Don't be Shocked - Introduction to Electricity (Leahy)

  • 2B- Discovering Great Artists (Mahr)

  • 3A- Desserts Around the World (Davidson)

  • 3B- All the World's a Stage (Davis)



  • 1- Fun with Science Experiments (Thomas)

  • 2- Circle Time, Stories, & Crafts (Miller)

  • 3- Free play and Snack


  • 1- Fine Motor Fall (Peterson)

  • 2- Snack and Play Time

  • 3- Around the World with Picture Books (Carr)

National Parks

 Instructor: Mrs. Holmes


Class Description:

“There is nothing so American as our National Parks.” Theodore Roosevelt


Why are the national parks important to our country? Students will be introduced to the national parks, the historic figures who helped establish them, as well as to the rangers who now maintain them. In addition, our class will explore the geology and wildlife of several of the more famous parks using trivia, games, and experiments. The class will conclude with the students creating their own national park adventure!



Week 1- Introduction to National Parks

Week 2- History of the Parks

Week 3- Explosive Volcano

Week 4- Ecosystems

Week 5- Critter Connections

Week 6- Hey Ranger! 

Week 7- National Park Road Trip Part 1

Week 8- National Park Road Trip Part 2




Cheerful Confections! 

Instructor: Mrs. Collins


Class Description:

Join us for sugary sweetness and tasty treats with our Cheerful Confections class! Our class will be completely nut and peanut free. I will do my best to accommodate other dietary restrictions, but please know that may require an extra cost for special ingredients. 

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework, however students will need to take a cake home week 6 I’ve made, put it in the freezer, and bring it back for week 7. I will email a reminder then! 

  • Additional cost for class is $10 per student 


Week 1 – Tips 

Week 2 – Roses

Week 3 – Fondant

Week 4 – Modeling chocolate 

Week 5 – Royal icing 

Week 6 – Decorate your own cake part one 

Week 7 – Decorate your own cake part two 

Week 8 – Cupcake showcase for LEAP’s end-of-semester program! 


Girls' Club

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin

Class Description:

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an
example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.” Those are the words
of the apostle Paul to his son in the faith, Timothy. How can we, as females, practically live out
this verse? How can we take care of our bodies, our minds, and our relationships in order to
glorify God? Come and discuss these topics together, hear from Christian professionals, and
enjoy hands-on fun in this class.


Week 1: God’s masterpiece: YOU!
Week 2: Skin care
Week 3: Hair care
Week 4: Body image & food
Week 5: Exercise
Week 6: The power of beauty
Week 7: Fashion
Week 8 The source of beauty



History of Medicine

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered how the field of medicine has changed over time? Join us as we discover how the treatment of disease has changed from ancient to modern times! We’ll look at how ancient people first began to understand the human body, to the advancements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will pick a specific aspect of medicine to study the history of and report back to the class.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – Ancient Egypt and Greece
Week 2 –Medieval plagues and medicine
Week 3 –Beginnings of epidemiology, discovery of cells
Week 4 – Students decide on topic to research
Week 5 –Polio and epidemics of the 20th century
Week 6 –Blood transfusions, organ transplants, etc
Week 7 –student reports
Week 8 –student reports, conclusion



What is Engineering?

Instructor: Mr. and Mrs. Esbrandt

Class Description

Learn about the different types of engineering while building a robot!

Special Notes:

  • Class may include optional homework


Week 1- What is Engineering?
Week 2- Mechanical Engineering + Robot
Week 3- Mechanical Engineering + Robot
Week 4- Electrical Engineering + Robot
Week 5- Electrical Engineering + Robot
Week 6- Software Engineering + Robot
Week 7- Software Engineering + Robot
Week 8- Finish Robot

Animal Rescue

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description

Have you ever wondered how you can help animals who have been neglected, hurt or abandoned?  Have you wanted to learn more about how to help keep animals safe?  In this class we will discuss the unique needs of animals as their caretakers and how organizations are helping save the lives of animals every day.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement.  Parents should be aware that basic discussion of spaying and neutering will come up occasionally in class.

  • Additional cost for class is $TBD 



Week 1 – What is animal rescue?  Define purpose, objectives, and concerns involving animal health and rescue.

Week 2 – Canine health and safety

Week 3 – Canine rescue 

Week 4 – Feline health and safety

Week 5 – Feline rescue 

Week 6 – Equine health and safety

Week 7 – Equine rescue 

Week 8- Other types of animal sanctuaries and human health connections

Singin' Squad

Instructor: Mrs. Weber

Class Description:

Singing is such a special gift from God! We can all do it together, it is beautiful, and it's just so fun! We will mostly be singing all kinds of music, but also we shall learn other aspects to singing as well as we can.


Each week we will loop the following activities:


- Talk about what Scripture says about music

- Warm up fun!

-  Singing games

-  Listen to singing

-  Sing simple songs

-  Learn some not-so-simple songs

-  Vocal training/technique information/singing harmony/reading music 

-  Sing your favorites, hymns, worship songs, folk/classical songs, popular movie songs, and more!




Bacteria and Viruses and Fungi, Oh My!

Instructor: Mrs. Robinson​

Class Description:

This class is all about the smallest critters on Earth that live in our microscopic world - GERMS! Students will learn about Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold, Protozoa, and Algae. We will learn how God designed our immune system to help
protect us from harmful germs, as well as a brief history of medicine and the discoveries that have been made along the way. We will even grow bacteria and mold!



Week 1 – What are germs? How do germs spread?
Week 2 – Our Immune System and Learning about cells and our microscopic world.
Week 3 – All About Bacteria
Week 4 – Finish Bacteria and All About Viruses
Week 5 – Finish Viruses and Understanding the differences between bacteria and viruses.
Week 6 – History of Medicine
Week 7 – Fungi, Mold, Protozoa, Algae
Week 8 – Wrap Up



Don't be shocked! Introduction to Electricity

Instructor: Mrs. Leahy

Class Description:

This course will use the TOPS curriculum of teaching electricity through hands-on experiments, in a safe way! We'll be learning- what is electricity and how it's made. We'll make simple and then more complex circuits using standard household items (batteries, mini lightbulbs, aluminum foil), and we'll make some fun projects, too. The class will teach series vs. parallel, insulators, switches, and resistance as it relates to conducting electricity.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $8 charge for the class, as each child will need their own kit (which I'll be supplying) to include copper wire, batteries, light bulbs, steel wool, etc. They will take home their kits and projects at the end of the semester.


Week 1 – Overview of atoms. Create our first simple circuit.

Week 2 - Parallel vs series vs opposition series circuits. 

Week 3 - Insulators and conductors.

Week 4 - Create your own circuit board game.

Week 5 - Electrical resistance and a 'flashy' experiment.

Week 6 - Switches.

Week 7 - Learn a new language - electrical drawings.

Week 8 - Final project - Electrical maze.


Discovering Great Artists 

Instructor: Mrs. Mahr

Class Description:

Each class will focus on an exploration of a famous artist. We will read a brief history or story
about the artist, look at some of their masterpieces and then create a project that matches their
unique style.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of art supplies.


Week 1 – Michelangelo
Week 2 – Vincent Van Goh
Week 3 – Mary Cassatt
Week 4 – Claude Monet
Week 5 – John James Audubon
Week 6 – Wassily Kandinsky
Week 7 – Paul Klee
Week 8 – Winslow Homer

Desserts Around the World

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description:

What better way of exploring other people’s culture than through food!  In this class we will be making different kinds of desserts that you would traditionally find in the countries we will focus on.  Student’s will also familiarize themselves with common kitchen tools and techniques.  Not all desserts we make will be to everyone’s liking, and that’s okay! I only ask that your child be open to trying new things. Some of the classes will involve some cooking/baking, and other classes will just be for assembling desserts.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of food

  • Please provide your child with an apron for this class. 

  • All desserts are allergy-friendly – dairy-free, gluten-free, no peanuts or tree nuts


Week 1 – Kitchen Safety & Chocolate Haupia Pie (Hawaii)

Week 2 – Pavlova (Australia)

Week 3 – Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand)

Week 4 – Puff Puff (Nigeria)

Week 5 – Alfajores (Argentina)

Week 6 – Brigadeiros (Brazil)

Week 7 – Turon (Philippines)

Week 8 – Orange Cookies (Turkey)


All the World's a Stage

Instructor: Emily Davis, Christy Davis


Class Description: 

In All the World’s a Stage, we will explore aspects of acting and drama, including characterization, accents, improvisation, and miming. We will also briefly cover basics of tech, production, and auditioning. The class will culminate with a short presentation of a skit or scenes by the students. Much of the learning will be accomplished through acting

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement



Week 1 – Introduction – Theater basics, vocabulary, warm-ups, and games.

Week 2 – Characterization and accents

Week 3 – Improv

Week 4 – Miming and physical acting

Week 5 – How auditions work

Week 6 – Skit practice

Week 7 – Skit practice

Week 8 – Skit presentation

Introduction to Science

Instructor: Mrs. Green

Class Description: 

Students will learn/review the scientific method as well as different areas of science. Each week students will complete 1-2 science experiments and discuss the process and outcome.​


Week 1 – Discuss the scientific method, areas of science, and a science experiment.
Week 2 – Walking on water, hydrofoil boats
Week 3 – Magnet science
Week 4 – Fruit balloons, lava lamp
Week 5 – Non-Newtonian fluids (oobleck)
Week 6 – Science and art
Week 7 – Electricity (static and lemon light)
Week 8 – Food science




Spanish Songs and Stories

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello

Class Description:

Students will learn basic Spanish words and phrases through classic childhood songs of Latin America as well as children’s literature. We will look at some of the countries where the songs originate. Students will have the opportunity to make
crafts related to the vocabulary themes they are learning.

Special notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement



Week 1 – Theme: shapes and numbers; reading Las tortillas son redondas by Roseanne G.
Thong and singing Un elefante se columpiaba; with a country emphasis on Mexico
Week 2 – Theme: family; reading Abuela by Arthur Dorros and singing Los pollitos; with a

country emphasis on Chile

Week 3 – Review numbers and shapes by singing A la una, compro tuna and building a shape

house. Review family by decorating a wooden peg family

Week 4 – Theme: animals; reading La vaca que decia oink by Bernard Most and singing La

vaca lechera; with a country emphasis on Spain

Week 5 – Theme: my body; reading ¿Quién necesita pantalones? By Michal Black and singing

Cabeza, hombros, piernas, y pies with a country emphasis on Puerto Rico

Week 6 – Review animals by making a favorite animal or pet in clay and singing Cu-cu cantaba

la rana. Review body parts by playing Simon says

Week 7 – Theme: phrases and feelings; reading Los Sentimientos by Stephanie Reid and
playing feelings charades. Students will begin to build their stories to share next
week and rehearse Los Pollitos

Week 8 – Put it all together: students will present a story to the class using the craft projects

they created and Spanish words they have learned.

Let there be light: The Science of Color

Instructor: Mrs. Hawes


Class description:

Students will learn about light and color, and how they are connected. Starting in Genesis where light began, we will learn about the history of discovering new things about light, and how the prism plays an important role in understanding how every color is within light. The students will explore color theory, and how colors all work together. We will also talk about how color can affect our emotions.


Week 1 – History of Color

Week 2 – The Prism

Week 3 – Color Theory

Week 4 – Primary and Secondary Colors

Week 5 – The Rainbow

Week 6 – Feelings

Week 7 – Cool vs. Warm

Week 8 – Monochrome and Value


Story Investigators & Creators

Instructor: Mrs. Cupidon


Class Description:

Story elements are what we will be  investigating in this class. This will help us create our own story. Each class as we  learn about story elements, we will be creating our own story. 



  • Week 1 – Difference between fiction and non fiction.

  • Week 2 – Story sequencing. 

  • Week 3 – Paint the picture: what's the setting?

  • Week 4 – Characters and characteristics. Who are the main characters and what are they like?

  • Week 5 – If there is a problem, what is the solution?

  • Week 6 -- Putting our book together.

  • Week 7 – Putting our book together.

  • Week 8 – Everyone shares over "snack full" celebration

Architecture: Famous Landmarks

Instructor: Mrs. Salebe

Class Description:

This 8-week course will focus on an exploration of famous landmarks around the world, but it will be so much more than your standard history and geography class. Incorporating engaging, hands-on activities like legos and origami, and touching on other important content areas like STEM and Bible, your kids will take a memorable trip around the world, right from the comfort of their LEAP desks!

Subject Areas: history, geography, social studies, Bible


Special notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework


From Here to There

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland

Class Description:

The objective of this class is to have fun while we exercise our way around the globe and ultimately the universe, learning more about one another and what makes us so unique.  We will travel From Here to There - tying our adventure into the greatness of God, as we learn more about geography (in particular, using where our families are from, in relation to where we are currently) and math (as we measure out distances and time it will take for us to “visit” our ancestral homes).



Special notes:

Heads Up - we will ideally be outside for class. 

Athletic shoes, flexible clothing, and water bottles are needed, as we will be exercising each class.

Parents will need to provide info on where their family is from, in advance of class through questionnaires and/or email. 



Week 1: Time will be spent getting to know one another - learning where each student’s family is from and mapping it out. We will also grow an understanding of the foundations of fitness & proper form.


Week 2: Measuring distances using the locations of our family origins - how could we get there - we will act it out, using exercise to build a relationship to the distances.


Week 3: We will learn more about where our families grew up - adding in new elements to our exercise, perhaps based on what is most popular in those locations (from sports to games).


Week 4: We will learn more about where our families grew up - adding in new elements to our exercise, perhaps based on what is most popular in those locations (from sports to games).


Week 5: We will learn more about where our families grew up - adding in new elements to our exercise, perhaps based on what is most popular in those locations (from sports to games).


Week 6: We will learn more about where our families grew up- adding in new elements to our exercise, perhaps based on what is most popular in those locations (from sports to games).


Week 7: We will incorporate the concept of how far we are to space - and how long it will take us to get there, as we motor around and learn new exercise moves.


Week 8: We will revisit all we learned and re-play our favorite games.

Fun with Science Experiments

Instructor: Mrs. Thomas

Class Description:

Explore the world of science! Each week, we will be working on a different science experiment. Your child will learn about: chemical reactions, motion, Newtonian fluid, and weather.


Week 1 Motion- learn about motion with juice box race cars!

Week 2 Chemical Reactions - what happens when you mix baking soda and lemon juice?

Week 3 Weather - how do tornadoes form?

Week 4 Newtonian Fluid - what is Newtonian Fluid?

Week 5 Seed Germination - learn about seed germination and plant growth!

Week 6 Water & Oil Reactions - why can’t water and oil mix?

Week 7 Paper Mache Volcano - chemical reactions with vinegar and baking soda. 

Week 8 Buoyancy (& seed germination progress check) - Will it sink or float? 


Circle Time, Stories, and Crafts

Instructor: Mrs. Miller

Class Description:

Seasonal Fall/Winter themed story time with accompanying craft and activity. 

Fine Motor Fall

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

In this class we will be exploring the fall season with fun fine motor activities together.  Each class will revolve around a theme and include a fall storytime and fine motor focused activity.  We will be putting those little fingers to work with various types of crafts, art projects, and building activities all centered around the beautiful season of autumn.  



Week 1 – Intro to Fall themed: Pom Pom sorting activity

Week 2 -  Apple Themed: Q tip painting apple trees/Bobbing for apples with tongs

Week 3 – Apple/Pumpkin Themed: Apple tree coloring/ Pumpkin Seed “Build your name” 

Week 4  – Pumpkin Themed: Pumpkin Playdough mats

Week 5 – Changing Leaves Themed: Fall Button trees 

Week 6 – Changing Leaves Themed: Leaf cutting and class mosaic

Week 7 – Thanksgiving themed: Beaded corn craft

Week 8 – Thanksgiving themed: “Build a turkey” day.


Around the World With Picture Books

Instructor: Mrs. Carr


Class Description:

Join us as we discover what maps mean and journey through some of the countries in our big world through picture books. We will read stories, do activities, crafts, rhymes, games and songs. We will learn some interesting things about animals and plants in these countries and how some of the children live there. The following is a very tentative outline of the course and will be adjusted as needed for length of activities and attention spans.


We may be doing some sensory or hands on activities related to countries - For example, I might have dried pasta, wheat berries or cinnamon sticks in class. Please contact me if this is an issue or your child has specific needs related to this. Any possible food tasting TBD based on planning and the allergy list, and I will check with you ahead of time.



Week 1 – Me on the Map- an introduction to maps and where we live.

Week 2 – China and Taiwan (to fall soon after the Mid-Autumn Festival)

Week 3 – Kenya

Week 4 – Italy and France

Week 5 – Sri Lanka and India

Week 6 – Sri Lanka and India/England

Week 7 – Jamaica

Week 8 – Back to the US: Where have we travelled this semester? What have we learned?

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