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  • 1A– Let’s Build a Boat (Strickland)

  • 1B - Debate (Davis)

  • 2A – Poetry Tea Time (Duffy)

  • 2B – No Bones About It (Bishop)

  • 3A - Conversational ASL  (Waldron)

  • 3B - Fiber Arts (Miller)


  • 1A- Central American Adventure (Peterson)

  • 1B- Folklore Around the World (Green)

  • 2A- Clay Creations (Rastello)

  • 2B- Dinosaurs of Eden (Collins)

  • 3A- Joyful Noise (Neely)

  • 3B- Playing with Numbers (Salebe)


  • 1A- Nature Study: Ornithology (Yeh)

  • 1B- All About Australia (Davidson)

  • 2A- Math Art (Shu)

  • 2B- Missionaries Around the World (Huguenin)

  • 3A- Animal Rescue (Smith)

  • 3B- Woodworking (Rucker)



  • 1- America the Beautiful (Hawes)

  • 2- Around the World With Picture Books (Carr)

  • 3- Free play and Snack


  • 1- Exploring texture through God’s Creation (Buitrago)

  • 2- Snack and Play Time

  • 3- Hop and Bop (Weber)

Let's Build a Boat

 Instructor: Dr. Strickland


Class Description:

This class will build an understanding of the mechanics and physics behind floating objects and introduce students to the world of watercraft design.  There will be a hands-on construction project where students will build their own boat to be tested with the class. 

Special Notes:


  • Class will include some out of class work specifically for the boat construction.

  • Students will also be invited to a field trip to the US Navy ship testing and research center - NSWC Carderock, David Taylor Model Basin in Bethesda, MD.



Week 1 – Physics of Floating Objects: Understand density,  displacement, and centers of gravity.

Week 2 – Types of boats, craft, and ships

Week 3 – Parts of a Ship (talk like a Pirate Day). Students will diagram to understand the basic parts of a vessel.

Week 4 – What makes a boat go? Discuss the various mechanisms for vessel propulsion.

Week 5 – What is a shipyard? Where and How are Ships Built

Week 6 – Let’s Build a Boat

Week 7 – Construction Day

Week 8 – Boat Testing. Students will participate and assess the performance of their vessel.





Instructor: Mrs. Davis

Class Description:

In this class, students will be introduced to logical fallacies, research methods, and public speaking skills. We will have multiple opportunities to develop our skills and will prepare and participate in two full-length debates.


Week 1: Debate Basics

Week 2: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Week 3: Research Skills 

Week 4: Public Speaking, Logical Fallacies, and Practice Debates

Week 5: Class Debate Preparation

Week 6: Class Debate

Week 7: Class Debate Preparation

Week 8: Class Debate


Poetry Tea Time 

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy


Class Description:

This class will be a time to enjoy poetry, art, and snacks. Each week we will read aloud a poem from a new author. Then we will discuss what images the poetry brings to our imaginations, and how best to create an illustration to go with that poem. Art materials will include illustration mediums such as watercolor, pens, and pencils. Students will create a small notebook of poems and watercolor illustrations side by side to keep. 

Special Notes:

  • Optional: A sign-up genius link shared for students to bring a snack to share with the poetry class, something to enjoy while we listen and create.


Week 1 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Week 2 – Robert Frost

Week 3 – Emily Dickinson

Week 4 – Shel Silverstein

Week 5 – A.A. Milne

Week 6 – Jack Prelutsky

Week 7 – James Russell Lowell

Week 8 – Ralph Waldo Emerson


No Bones About it - Skeletons are Cool

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop

Class Description:

Can you imagine life without a skeleton? Have you ever met a jellyfish? Yikes! We will learn the intricacies of the
human skeleton- the structure that God created to allow us to stand, move, and grow. By developing a lap book, we will learn about bone functions, names, diseases, and more.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – Skeletal System Basics
Week 2 – Axial Skeleton - The skull
Week 3 – Axial Skeleton - The spine
Week 4 – Appendicular Skeleton - Arms
Week 5 – Appendicular Skeleton - Legs

Week 6 – Joints
Week 7 – Fractures/Repair
Week 8 – Skeletal Diseases



Conversational ASL

Instructor: Mrs. Waldron

Class Description

Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, except hear. - I King Jordan


Have you ever been fascinated with people signing to each other at a restaurant? Have you wished you knew some of this quiet language that looks so beautiful?  Learn some basic conversational ASL so that you can feel confident to say hi to that Deaf person and even maybe get to know them a bit. Learn Dos and Don'ts when interacting with people who are Deaf.

Special Notes:

  • ​This class will require watching short videos in ASL during the week. Students will be learning signs from the videos that they watch during the week then conversing in ASL with their peers during class. Each week we will build more vocabulary as they ask each other questions. 


Week 1 – Introductions - Hello, My name is, nice to meet you

Week 2 – Introductory Questions

Week 3 – Deaf people/culture Do's and Don'ts

Week 4 – Question words/birthdate

Week 5 – ASL Chants (Feelings, Seasons, Colors)

Week 6 – ASL Chants (Nature, Senses)

Week 7 – Family members

Week 8 –  Review and game

Fiber Arts

Instructor: Mrs. Miller

Class Description

Learn the basics of needle felting in both 2D (think painting with wool), and 3D (animals, small objects). We will also cover a selection of wet felting techniques, finger knitting, and how to use a Lucet fork (knitting fork) for making braided cord/rope.


We will be using wool and other fibers on these fun handicraft projects. Students will also learn about the process of creating the raw materials (wool roving, yarn, etc) and what these materials can be used to create.


Each student will have their own felting pad to use during the course and take home on the last day to use for more projects. There will be lots of opportunities to be creative in this class! Students are welcome to take home projects to work between classes.

Special Notes:

  • ​There will be an additional $5 material fee for each student


Week 1 – Intro to wool fibers (processing and production), intro to materials/projects we will complete in the class. Begin practicing basics of needle felting.
Week 2 – Intro to needle felting in 2d-painting with felt
Week 3 – Continue 2D needle felting projects
Week 4 – Intro to needle felting 3D techniques, begin 3D project
Week 5 - Continue 3D project
Week 6 – Wet felting
Week 7 – Intro to types of yarn and finger knitting
Week 8 – Lucet cord braiding

Nature Study: Ornithology

Instructor: Mrs. Yeh

Class Description:

This class will introduce the students to the joy of studying God’s creation by sharpening their skills of observation and recording those observations. Nature study is the practical study of the plants, animals, and natural phenomena going on all around us.


We will spend the first 3 weeks learning and practicing the basics of nature study and observational drawing. In the second half of the class, we will focus specifically on birds and how to use nature study as a tool to grow in knowledge, appreciation, and love of these fascinating flyers.


Special Notes:

  • Class will include some homework

  • A $5 fee for a nature study notebook for each student.



Week 1 – Intro to Nature Study
Week 2 – The Nature Study Notebook/Sketchbook, Observational Drawing
Week 3 – More Observational Drawing Techniques, Birdseed Ornaments
Week 4 – Intro to Birds
Week 5 – Backyard Birds
Week 6 – Raptors
Week 7 – Bird calls
Week 8 – Birdwatching Outside




Adventure Down Under (Australia)

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson​

Class Description:

Students will learn about the geography, wildlife, art, music, people and culture of Australia. 

Special Notes:

  • There may be some assigned homework for this class.

  • Class will include some writing, coloring, and painting.

  • Each student will need to bring TWO empty paper towel rolls by Week 5.  These will be used to make their own didgeridoos in class for Week 6. 

  • The last week of class will involve tasting certain Australian foods.  Please communicate if your child has any allergies.


Week 1 – Geography, Australian Flag, learn Australian slang

Week 2 – Wildlife 

Week 3 – “Children Like Me” in Australia

Week 4 –  Aboriginal Australians

Week 5 – Aboriginal art

Week 6 – The Didgeridoo 

Week 7 – Boomerangs 

Week 8 –  What do Australians like to eat?



Math Art

Instructor: Mrs. Shu

Class Description:

Math is not all about numbers and concepts. Artists use math in their masterpieces, and architects use it in their designs. This class teaches how art incorporates various aspects of math, using art projects to demonstrate this.

Special Notes:

  • There will be an extra $5 charge for the class for the cost of art supplies.


Week 1 – Victor Vasarely – Op Art
Week 2 – Celebrating Lunar New Year with Math
Week 3 – Heart Tessellations
Week 4 – Golden Spiral
Week 5 – Kirigami Paper Cutting
Week 6 – Landscapes with Pi
Week 7 - Parabolic Curves
Week 8 – Mobius strip


Missionaries Around the World, Then and Now 

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin


Class Description:

The goal of this class is to study the lives of those whom God called to fulfill the Great Commission, including YOU! We will start off learning about the process of Bible translation and the people groups who do not currently have access to God’s Word. Then we will study missionaries and the cultures they served. We will also look deeper into the character traits that best defined each one and what we can learn from that. For week 8, we will develop an outreach plan that each child can implement within his/her own neighborhood!


Come and be encouraged by heroes of the faith who have gone before you and then be challenged to follow in their footsteps!


Week 1 – Bible translation and unreached people groups (with a remote guest speaker from Faith Comes by Hearing)
Week 2 – Hudson Taylor in China (character trait: endurance)
Week 3 – Corrie ten Boom in the Netherlands (character trait: forgiveness)
Week 4 – David Livingstone in Zimbabwe (character trait: perseverance)
Week 5 – Amy Carmichael in India (character trait: compassion)
Week 6 – Adoniram Judson in Myanmar (character trait: contentment)
Week 7 – Jeb Wishart in Pennsylvania (character trait: faithfulness)
Week 8 – You in Maryland! (character trait: obedience)

Animal Rescue

Instructor: Mrs. Smith​

Class Description

Have you ever wondered how you can help animals who have been neglected, hurt or abandoned?  Have you wanted to learn more about how to help keep animals safe?  In this class we will discuss the unique needs of animals as their caretakers and how organizations are helping save the lives of animals every day.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement.  Parents should be aware that basic discussion of spaying and neutering will come up occasionally in class.

  • Additional cost for class is $TBD 



Week 1 – What is animal rescue?  Define purpose, objectives, and concerns involving animal health and rescue.

Week 2 – Canine health and safety

Week 3 – Canine rescue 

Week 4 – Feline health and safety

Week 5 – Feline rescue 

Week 6 – Equine health and safety

Week 7 – Equine rescue 

Week 8- Other types of animal sanctuaries and human health connections



Instructor: Mrs. Rucker


Class Description: 

Enjoy working with tools and wood, or just want to learn? Then this is the class for you. We will be drilling, hammering, etc to create fun projects. 

Special Notes:

  • There will be a $15 fee for this class for supplies. 


Week 1 –  Intro to tools and how to use them

Week 2 – Make balsa wood airplanes

Week 3 – Drilling and using nuts and bolts

Week 4 – Make Wooden Porcupines

Week 5 – Make String Art frames

Week 6 – Make catapults

Week 7 – Start working on bird houses

Week 8 –  Finish building bird houses

Central American Adventure

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description: 

Bienvenidos! (Welcome!) In this class students will be taking a trip to Central America to learn about the many diverse countries, climates, and cultures found there.  Class activities will include the study of each country’s geography, flag, currency, typical foods, traditions, fun facts and more. Some resources used for learning will include books, videos, music, arts/crafts, games, and typical dishes. 


Week 1 – Central American Overview: Review of continents and introduce Central America.  Work on a map and learn commonalities among the 7 countries we will be studying. 

Week 2 – Guatemala

Week 3 – El Salvador

Week 4 – Honduras

Week 5 – Nicaragua

Week 6 – Costa Rica

Week 7 – Panama

Week 8 – Central American Review and Celebration




Folklore, Tall Tales, and Myths Around the World

Instructor: Mr/Mrs. Green

Class Description:

Students will learn the characteristics that make up folklore, tall tales, and myths. Each week they will read a story from a specific country or group of people. Students will discuss the book and make a project/craft to go with the book.

Special notes:

  • Students most likely will not have homework, unless it's to finish a project. I will send out an email each week with a description of the project that goes with the book.



Week 1 – Characteristics of Myths, Tall Tales, and Folklore. A comparison between two Cinderella stories 

Week 2 – Martina the Beautiful Cockroach (Cuba)

Week 3 – Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato (Ireland)

Week 4 – Paul Bunyan (American)

Week 5 – Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (West African)

Week 6 – Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird (Crow Indigenous People)

Week 7 – The Green Frogs (Korea)

Week 8 –  The Tomten (Sweden)

Clay Creations

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello


Class description:

Students will learn the basics of working with air dry clay and practice making different styles of pots. They will be able to paint their designs and take home their creations at the end of the semester. We will be using Crayola Air-Dry clay which is a natural earth clay that dries hard without baking.

Special notes:

  • Please come ready to get a little messy! Students should bring a smock or clothing that can get clay and paint on it. Consider leaving this item in their backpack so they will have it handy each week.

  • Materials fee: $5.00


  • Week 1 – Preparing our clay. Students will learn how to condition their clay, tools we can use, and how water helps clay. Our first project will be a pinch pot.

  • Week 2 – Students will paint their pinch pot and learn how to roll out and cut clay to make bowls

  • Week 3 – Students will work on hand rolling techniques and learn how to attach pieces of clay together to make coil pots.

  • Week 4 – Practice incorporating decorative materials into clay to make a pencil holder

  • Week 5 – This week we will paint and decorate the projects created thus far while taking time to plan a project for next week.

  • Week 6 – Student design day! Everyone will have the opportunity to work with the clay to create the project idea brainstormed last week.

  • Week 7 – Student choice - creating a succulent planter or a tea light candle holder

  • Week 8 – Glazing day. Students will be able to glaze their projects or finalize painting.


Dinosaurs of Eden

Instructor: Mrs. Collins


Class Description:

Together let’s “dig in” to the world of dinosaurs! Did you know dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden?! On the Ark with Noah?! Using fun books and videos we will uncover many mysteries about these dino-riffic creatures! Classes will include hands-on activities!

Special notes:


All text read in class will be from a young earth perspective. Creationism will be spoken as fact, using Christian curriculums and the Bible as reference. Evolution will only been mentioned as a theory and in context to the opposite of what we believe. 


  • Week 1 – Creation and the Fall!

  • Week 2 – The Great Flood! 

  • Week 3 – Life after the Flood!

  • Week 4 – Fossils!

  • Week 5 – Hip bones, what’s my name? 

  • Week 6 – Sauropods 

  • Week 7 – Theropods 

  • Week 8 – Ornithischians 

Joyful Noise

Instructor: Mrs. Neely

Class Description:

We will creatively worship God together through learning about his creation in the devotional book, How Great is Our God, keeping gratitude journals and singing and dancing to songs that praise His Name!


Special notes:

  • There will be a $10 material fee per student to purchase the gratitude journals


Week 1 – A Joyful Noise, introduce gratitude journals and song 1
Week 2 – This One Is Just Right, gratitude journal 2, song 1
Week 3 – Say a Little Prayer, gratitude journal 3, song 1
Week 4 – You're on the Move", gratitude journal 4, song 1
Week 5 – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, gratitude journal 5, song 2
Week 6 - That's Amazing;, gratitude journal 6, song 2
Week 7 – Created to Shine, gratitude journal 7, song 2
Week 8 – Be the Spark, gratitude journal 8, song 2, Worship Dance Party!


Playing with Numbers

Instructor: Mrs. Salebe

Class Description:

This math class for 1st and 2nd graders can be a great and fun way to help students learn and retain math concepts,
throughout the 8 weeks the students will be able to earn “Math Bucks” that could be cash on the final class:


Special notes:

  • Optional homework (to earn extra “Math Bucks")

  • There will be a $5 material fee per student.


  • Week 1: Counting and Numbers: We will use interactive counting games to reinforce number recognition and counting skills.

  • Week 2: Adding and Subtracting: We will play games to practice basic addition and subtraction facts.

  • Week 3: Geometry and Measurement: Student will recognize geometry shapes and work on their measurement skills.

  • Week 4: Money: Students will play to practice counting money.

  • Week 5: Fractions: Students will practice fraction identification and manipulation.

  • Week 6: Time: Students will play to practice telling time.

  • Week 7: Multiplication and Division: Students will play to practice multiplication and division facts.

  • Week 8: Review: In this class class we will review and reinforce all of the math concepts taught throughout the 8 weeks and will have a market open to use all the “Math Bucks" the kids earned during the 8 classes.

America the Beautiful

Instructor: Mrs. Hawes

Class Description:

Our class will be learning an overview about the United States of America. Some of the things we’ll do in class include learning about the capitol, how we became a country, and study our flag. As a class, we are going to learn the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as listen to other famous songs such as America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner. We will read books, listen to songs, and do America inspired crafts.


Week 1 – Overview of facts about the U.S.A.

Week 2 – How we became a country.

Week 3 – Our founding fathers, specifically George Washington.

Week 4 – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

Week 5 – Washington, D.C.

Week 6 – Washington, D.C.

Week 7 – Learn about the flag.

Week 8 – Review

Around the World With Picture Books

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

Join us as we discover maps and journey through some of the countries in our big world through picture books. We will read stories, do activities, crafts, rhymes, games and songs. We will learn some interesting things about animals and plants in these countries and how some of the children live there. The following is a very tentative outline of the course and will be adjusted as needed for length of activities and attention spans.


Week 1 – Me on the Map- an introduction to maps and where we live.
Week 2 – China and Taiwan (Chinese New Year)
Week 3 – Kenya
Week 4 – Italy and France
Week 5 – Sri Lanka and India
Week 6 – Sri Lanka and India/England
Week 7 –Jamaica
Week 8 – Back to the US: Where have we travelled this semester? What have we learned?

Exploring Texture through God's Creation

Instructor: Mrs. Buitrago

Class Description:

In this class we will be making arts and crafts inspired by the story of God's creation as told in Genesis. Each week we will go through one day of God's creation, learning a unique texture by building a craft on paper plates that they will take home. Your little ones will learn the names and examples of various textures, while also reminding them of God’s goodness and faithfulness in his creation.


Special Notes:

  • Bring an extra shirt as backup



Week 1 – Day 1: Night & Day: Ripped up paper & tissue paper
Week 2 – Day 2: Atmosphere/Sky :Fuzzy sticks, glue & cotton balls/paint
Week 3 – Day 3: Land,Plants & Trees: markers,wood glue,cereal,outdoor sticks
Week 4 – Day 4: Sun,Moon & Stars: pom poms
Week 5 – Day 5: Birds & Fish: fethers,eyes,shells
Week 6 – Day 6: People: yarn,eyes,markers,buttons
Week 7 – Day 7: Rest: trace out the word “rest” with texture
Week 8 – Day 8: All in one: Fit as many creation on plate​

Hop and Bop!

Instructor: Mrs. Weber


Class Description:

Each week we will try many ways of moving in small and big ways while singing, playing and listening to fun and beautiful music. We will intertwine this with preschool concepts so we’ll be using many of our senses!

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