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  • 1- Farms and Farm Equipment (Carr)

  • 2- Snack and Play Time

  • 3- Fine Motor Skills (Esbrant)


  • 1A- Simple Machines (Davidson)

  • 1B- FIT & FUN exercise class (Strickland)

  • 2A- US Geography (Davis)

  • 2B- Nature Art (Rucker)

  • 3A- Joyful Noise (Neely) 

  • 3B- ASL Sign Language (Waldron)



  • 1- Pumpkin Science and STEM (Peterson)

  • 2- My Perfect Body (Thomas)

  • 3- Free play and Snack


  • 1A- Maryland, My Maryland (Green)

  • 1B- Botany (Shu)

  • 2A- Spectacular Space (Bishop)

  • 2B- Travel the World (Salebe)

  • 3A- Pioneer Crafts (Wright)

  • 3B- When I Grow Up (Buitrago)


  • 1A- Yearbook Design (Leahy)

  • 1B- Watercolor + Markers = Favorite Words + Nature (Hawes)

  • 2A- Hunger in America (Huguenin)

  • 2B- Science Fair (Smith)

  • 3A- Barista Business  (Yeh)

  • 3B- Discovering the Decades (Duffy)

Farms and Farm Equipment

Instructor: Mrs. Carr


Class Description:

Our preschoolers will have a fun learning about farms, tractors and other machinery used to produce the food we eat. They will learn about farm animals and their babies, crops, planting, harvest and the seasons of the year on the farm. We will learn through good stories and books, with songs/action songs, activities and games.​


Week 1 – What is a farm?
Week 2 – What do farms grow?
Week 3 – Farm animals
Week 4 – Big farm machines
Week 5 – The seasons on a farm
Week 6 – The seasons on a farm- Fall
Week 7 – Pumpkins and more fall!
Week 8 – Where do cranberries come from?

Free Play​

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a gluten free snack provided by LEAP.

Get Your Hands Ready for School

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt


Class Description:

Getting little hands and fingers ready for school is so important for academic success! That preparation should not just involve paper and pencil, but should include lots of different materials and be lots of fun. We will have an exciting semester of playing and creating to get little hands ready for school success!


Special Notes:
Class may include an extra supply fee of $5 or $10.​


Week 1 – Get your Hands ready with Gross Motor Play
Week 2 – Get your Hands ready with Play Doh/Clay
Week 3 – Get your Hands ready with Water
Week 4 – Get your Hands ready with Paint
Week 5 – Get your Hands ready with Pasta
Week 6 – Get your Hands ready with Legos
Week 7 – Get your Hands ready with Scissors
Week 8 – Get your Hands ready with Puzzles


Pumpkin Science and STEM

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:​

In this class students will learn all about pumpkins through various science and STEM activities.  Each class will begin with a pumpkin themed storytime that will lead into a science experiment or STEM challenge.   There will be a variety of fun and tactile activities that we will do as we enjoy the Fall season together. ​


Week 1 –  Introduction to Pumpkins- Themed storytime and a look at various types of pumpkins

Week 2 – Pumpkin Life-cycle 

Week 3 – Pumpkin Diagrams 

Week 4 – Pumpkin STEM towers (building structures with pumpkin candy and toothpicks) 

Week 5 – Pumpkin Investigation - Measuring height, weight, and circumference

Week 6 – Density Experiments - Sink of Float 

Week 7 – 5 Little Pumpkins STEM building challenge 

Week 8 –  Pumpkin Dissection and Craft



My Perfect Body

Instructor: Mrs. Thomas

Class Description:

Learn about your body and how you were created in God’s image.


Week 1 Created in God's Image - My Perfect Body Intro
Week 2 Faster Than a Speeding Bullet! My Perfect Feet & Legs - how my legs and feet work together to make me move.
Week 3 My Magnificent Hands - learn about how magnificent our hands are! From creating beautiful artwork, to creating machines that save lives. Our hands rock!
Week 4 My Big Brain - learn about the different parts of the brain and how they help us everyday.
Week 5 My Beautiful Eyes - God gave us eyes to see and enjoy the beautiful world he created.
Week 6 Bones - do you know what the smallest bone in the body is? How about the biggest?
Students will learn fun facts about their bones and how they work together.
Week 7 Did You Hear That? - how exactly do our ears work?
Week 8 My Perfect Body Finale! - each child will have their body traced on butcher paper &
have the opportunity to create a life size image of themselves.

Free Play​

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a gluten free snack provided by LEAP.

Maryland, My Maryland

Instructor: Mrs. Green

Class Description: 

Students will learn about Maryland! We'll discuss its history, geography, counties, fun facts, famous landmarks and people, etc.

Special Notes:

Class will include some homework: This might just be reading or listening to audiobooks or a reading of books
about Maryland


Week 1 – Maryland history
Week 2 – Geography (the counties and the topography) and weather
Week 3 – MD fun facts (state bird, sport, etc) and its flag
Week 4 – Famous places/events in MD
Week 5 – Famous people of MD
Week 6 –Native groups of MD
Week 7 – food of MD
Week 8 – cumulative project for end of semester





Instructor: Mrs. Shu

Class Description:

This class will delve into the intricacies of botany. We will learn about flowers, trees, and leaves through hands-on activities and experiments.

Special Notes:

  • Students most likely will not have homework, unless it's to finish a project. I will send out an email each week with a description of the project that goes with the book.



Week 1 – Introduction
Week 2 – Life Cycle of Plants
Week 3 – Plant Cells
Week 4 – Leaves and Trees
Week 5 – Plant Detective
Week 6 –Flowers
Week 7 – Photosynthesis
Week 8 – Leaf Chromatography

Spectacular Space

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class description:

Space! Each week we will learn about one of the 8 planets and another topic related to space. Then we will add that
planet to our model solar system (necklace) and do an activity related to what we learned. Space, crafts, facts…Oh My!

Special Notes:

  • Some classes may involve painting


Week 1 – Mercury and the Sun. We will be making sundials.
Week 2 – Venus and stars. We will be making constellation tubes.
Week 3 – Earth and gravity. We will do a related activity.
Week 4 – Mars and asteroids/meteors/comets. We will do a related activity.
Week 5 – Jupiter and moons. We will learn the phases of the moon.
Week 6 – Saturn and space travel. We will make a space mask and explore using a glove box.
Week 7 – Uranus and orbiting. We will do an activity to demonstrate how planets orbit.


Travel Around the World

Instructor: Mrs. Salebe


Class Description:

Let’s go! This class is focusing on Travel Around the World and combines a form of transportation with a part of the world, kids will be learning Geography , Art, Literature and  will work on Vocabulary. The class will be full of fun facts and we will be reading picture books to help us understand other cultures, using oil pastels tempera and watercolor techniques that will allow us to capture on paper everything we have learned

Special Notes:

There is a class fee of $10


Week 1 – Icebreaker Ships Traveling to Antarctica: we will be reading the picture book “Sophie Scott Goes South” by Alison Lester, children will use oil pastels and watercolor

Week 2 – Donkeys in Peru: We will look at pictures of donkeys and read the picture book “Up and Down the Andes: a Peruvian Festival Tale” by Laurie Krebs and Aurelia Fronty.

Week 3 –  Subways in New York City: We start by reading the picture book Coppernickel Goes Mondrian by Wouter van Reek.

Week 4 – Classic Cars in Cuba: We will read the picture book “All the Way to Havana by Margarita Engle and Mike Curato

Week 5 – Jingle Bus in India: this project is inspired by buses in India that are painted in bright colors with flowers and detailed patterns

Week 6 – Seaplanes in Alaska: we will be learning about these airplanes that have floats so they can land on the sea

Week 7 – Sailboats on the Nile River in Egypt: the boats are inspired by the picture book “We’re Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey Through Egypt” by Laurie Krebs and Anne Wilson.

Week 8 –  This is the way I go to school, after reading the picture book “Adventures to School” by By Miranda Paul and Baptiste Paul , kids will make a picture of how they imagine  kids going to school using the techniques learned in the semester.

Pioneer Crafts

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

What did pioneer children do for fun? What did they wear and eat? Who were the pioneers, anyway?! In this class, we will learn about American pioneers through super fun crafts! We’ll even learn how butter and homemade ice cream are made. Join us as we explore and learn about the way the pioneers lived, completing some crafts along the way!


Special Notes:

We will be making homemade butter and serving it with bread, as well as making vanilla ice cream on the last day. Please let me know if your child has any allergy restrictions.


Week 1 – Introduction to Pioneers

Week 2 – Native Americans- Wigwams

Week 3 – Oregon Trail and edible covered wagons 

Week 4 – Building Log Cabins

Week 5 – Pioneer cooking and baking. Homemade butter in a jar

Week 6 – What did Pioneer children do for fun? Homemade games 

Week 7 – How did Pioneers make clothes? Dying clothes using natural dyes, Pioneer clothing

Week 8 – Homemade Ice Cream.

When I grow up

Instructor: Mrs. Buitrago

Class Description:

You are never too young to wonder and dream about what you will be when you grow up. In this class “when i grow up”, I will introduce the children to the concept of careers and diverse options available to them.Through engaging discussions, hands on activities and inspiring stories will help them understand what careers are and how they can pursue their passions and talents through different occupations.The class will include live interviews with professionals, as well as take home activities for children to explore their God-given talent.


Special Notes:

Students will be asked to prepare 1-2 questions for guests that will stop by and talk about their career / Check emails for homework assignments.


Week 1 –Entrepreneur: What is an entrepreneur? We will learn about leadership,earning and saving money. For this class we will have a very special guest. 1-2 questions and worksheet assignment. (Save-Share-Spend importance)

Week 2 – Firefighting: Lets interview a real fire fighter and check out their big red fire truck! Students will prepare 1-2 questions for this interview and learn fire safety. 

Week 3 – Zoology: Bring your favorite furry friend to class (stuffed animal) as we learn how zoologists research, study, and care for animals.

Week 4 – Radio personality: Do you love listening to the radio? Well, in this class we will interview our favorite local radio station! That's right, let's meet the team of WGTS!Learn about some of the behind the scenes events, music that's played and so much more! 1-2 questions and homework assignment to turn in. (Assignment will be emailed)

Week 5 –  Policing: Montgomery County police officers will join us in class and teach the students about their jobs in the community and safety. Worksheet assignment and some homework.

Week 6 –  Farming: learn how farming impacts our everyday life and students will plant their own microgreen plant to take home.

Week 7 –Home Design & Construction: Learn about what it means to design and build homes, and interview a professional designer and remodeler.

Week 8 –  Acting (theater) Movement cards and emotion cards game with a short skit. Students will say phrases using a different tone of voice that describe their emotion. (happy,tired,bored,silly etc) Welcome to dress up for this class!

Simple Machines

Instructor: Mrs. Davidson

Class Description:

Simple Machines are used every single day of our lives whether we realize it or not. In this class, students will learn and identify different types of simple machines, understand basic concepts of physics, and will apply what they learn to demonstrate how each simple machine works.


Special Notes:

Class may include some homework. During Weeks 7 and 8, students will work with a partner to
create their own combination of simple machines, which they will present in class to
demonstrate a simple task.


Week 1 – Incline Plane
Week 2 – Wedges & Screws
Week 3 – Levers
Week 4 – Pulley
Week 5 – Wheel & Axel
Week 6 – Gears
Week 7 – Rube Goldberg Chain Reactions & Simple Machine Project
Week 8 –  Finalize & present Simple Machine Project




FIT & FUN Exercise Class

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland​

Class Description:

In this outdoor P.E. class, students will learn the basic types of exercise and improve on skills they already have. Each week a new fitness focus will be offered so we can have fun and get fit together. Student’s speed, strength, and endurance will be tested in the beginning of the class and students will be recognized for their improvements at the end.

Special Notes:

Students need athletic shoes (sneakers) and a water bottle for this class. Proper attire is also recommended. Any music used during class will be God honoring.


Week 1 – Fitness Assessments
Week 2 – Twists & Turns (Fitness Assessment make-ups, if needed)
Week 3 – Basketball Skills (no prior skills required, all skill levels welcome)
Week 4 – Wacky Obstacle Course
Week 5 – Speed Week to include relay races
Week 6 – Game Day (such as kick ball)
Week 7 – Yoga - building strength together
Week 8 – Final Assessments & Fitness Awards​

US Geography

Instructor: Mrs. Davis​

Class Description:

We will explore the geography, landmarks, and monuments of the United States.  There will be a little bit of history and map work.  This class will include mapping, crafts, songs, and regional food.

Special Notes:

Class will optional project work at home.



Week 1 – The Mid-Atlantic Region and Washington DC

Week 2 – New England Region

Week 3 – Southeast Region

Week 4 – Midwest Region

Week 5 – Southwest Region

Week 6 – Rocky Mountain Region

Week 7 – Pacific Region, Alaska, and Hawaii

Week 8 – Project Presentations 


Nature Art 

Instructor: Mrs. Rucker

Class Description:

In this class we will have fun making art from nature. We’ll go outside, some classes, to collect our supplies. We may even create outside if it’s a gorgeous day. Look forward to seeing all the fun creations the kids come up with!​

Special Notes:

There might be some homework that would mainly consist of collecting nature things they would like to use in class, or bringing tools to work with, i.e. a hammer. Always welcome to bring anything you want from home to put in your art or to share, i.e. flowers, pinecones, acorns, etc. There might be a small fee for the class.


Week 1: Hammered Nature Art – Will need mallet or hammer. We’ll go outside to look for flowers and leaves. You may also bring some from home if you would like.
Week 2: Nature bugs – Make creative bugs out of what we find outdoors.
Week 3: 3D Nature Project – Go outside and get materials to make 3D nature art. Can be animals, bugs, etc. Make whatever creative thing you think of out of what you collect.
Week 4: Build Boats – Go outside and collect sticks to lash together to make boats.
Week 5: Pressed Flower Lanterns – Make paper mâché lanterns out of pressed flowers and
leaves. Will collect flowers and leaves probably in week 1. Feel free to bring any from home.
Week 6: Make Garland – Go outside and collect leaves to paint and make garland with.
Week 7: Paint Pumpkins – May also include gourds or other festive nature items.
Week 8: Make Ornaments – Go outside (weather permitting) and collect twigs and such to make

Make a Joyful Noise: Worship, Journals, Music & Movement

Instructor: Mrs. Neely​

Class Description

We will creatively worship God through devotional times together using the books,Teaching Kids Authentic Worship, How Great is Our God and The One Year Devos For Animal Lovers: Cool Things Animals Show Us About our Creator. We will keep worship journals (Doodle Devotions For Kids) and engage in LOTS of singing and dancing to songs that praise
His Name!

Special Notes:

There will be an $8 material fee for the Doodle Devotions For Kids per student.


Week 1 – "Creation: A Joyful Noise", introduce journals and song 1
Week 2 – "A Fiery Ordeal", journal 2, song 1
Week 3 – "Jesus Teaches Us To Pray", journal 3, song 2
Week 4 – "The Good Shepherd", journal 4, song 2
Week 5 – "The Moment That Changed Everthing", journal 5, song 3
Week 6 – "Singing in Prison", journal 6, song 3
Week 7 – "God's Armor", journal 7, song 3
Week 8 – "The Promise Fulfilled", journal 8, Worship Dance Party!


Introduction to ASL

Instructor: Mrs. Waldron


Class Description: 

We will be learning some ASL through ASL videos and Storytelling as done by Deaf people themselves. So this will be a video heavy course where students will be watching the signs used in context. They will need to review some videos at home each day to reinforce the signs. During class we will review the signs that are learned through games and silent interactions with each other.

Special Notes:

Class will include weekly videos to watch at home before coming to class. The idea is that the students will learn the signs before coming to class. During class, we will practice using the signs in sentences. Please have the students sign with the videos so that they will become comfortable with the signs.


Week 1 – Days of the week/time signs/numbers
Week 2 – Days of the week/time signs/numbers
Week 3 – Same/Different; Colors
Week 4 – Emotions
Week 5 – Emotions
Week 6 –  Family members
Week 7 –  Family members
Week 8 – Review and practice performance


 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

This class will be offered for both the fall and spring semesters. It will be a student led project, culminating in the final product of the 2023-2024 year book. We will learn about simple photography techniques, good design elements, art, writing, and project design. Students will work in small groups using Canva to design the final product.

Special Notes:

If your student has access to a phone and/or laptop each week, that would be helpful! 

Watercolor + Markers = Favorite Words + Nature

Instructor: Mrs. Hawes

Class Description:

We will be using watercolor, paintbrushes, and special tipped markers to create artwork made up of elements of nature and our favorite words or quotes. Each class the students will get to learn and practice their typography skills. The students will get to choose what words/sayings they want to write, and then add drawings or images to their words. For instance, writing “be still and know that He is God” in calligraphy style, then adding waves to create artwork. I will bring examples, and we will watch instructional videos.

Special Notes:

An extra supply fee may be requested if class size gets large


Week 1 – Writing your name

Week 2 – Summer inspired word and figures

Week 3 – Favorite word and favorite color

Week 4 – Favorite food

Week 5 – Fall inspired word and figures

Week 6 – Favorite verse + leaves

Week 7 – Favorite quote + favorite element of nature

Week 8 –  “Thanksgiving” inspired art

Hunger in America 

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin


Class Description:

We are aware of hunger in third world countries, but what about right here in America? About 50 million people in America do not have enough food. Join us as we study the problem and then try to figure out what we can do about it, all from a Biblical perspective.​

Special Notes:

There will be homework for week 1 only, that may require parental assistance.



Week 1 – Getting a taste of hunger

Week 2 – Faces of hunger

Week 3 – Hidden hunger

Week 4 – More than enough

Week 5 – Solutions are in sight

Week 6 – Guest speaker

Week 7 – Project

Week 8 – Project

Science Fair

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description:

Each student will have the opportunity to create and conduct their own science fair project. Each week in class we will learn how to complete each element the scientific method to complete an excellent project.   

Special Notes:

Class will include a fair amount of homework and some parental involvement. Each week, we will learn in class how to complete the next step of the project, but for the most part, students will need to work on their actual project at home.


Costs to complete the project are also covered at home. Please come to the first class with a list of three potential ideas for your project!   

It would be very helpful if students could bring a digital device to class each week (laptop, iPad, Chromebook, etc.) but it is not required. A lined notebook is required.​



Week 1 –  The scientific method and testable questions

Week 2 – Researching background information

Week 3 – Generating hypotheses and identifying variables

Week 4 – Writing procedures and materials lists

Week 5 – Creating data tables and recording observations

Week 6 – Analyzing data through graphs or charts to determine results

Week 7 – Writing conclusions and discussing abstracts 

Week 8 – Assembling a tri-fold board (students will need to bring all materials to assemble to class) 

Barista Business

Instructor: Mrs. Yeh​

Class Description

In this class the students will learn the basics of starting a business. They will then apply those basics to preparing a business plan specifically tailored to a coffee shop. Along with learning the business side of a coffee shop they will also learn the Italian art of espresso, ie. being a barista, as well as coffee and tea basics.

Special Notes:

This class will require a fee of $5 for materials payable by cash or Venmo:, last 4 of phone #: 2575



Week 1 – Business Terms / Espresso Basics
Week 2 – Business Plan Basics / Espresso Cont’d
Week 3 – Begin Business Plan / Latte Basics
Week 4 – Business Plan, Cont’d / Brewed Coffee
Week 5 – Intro to Marketing / Tea
Week 6 – The Pitch
Week 7 – The Pitch, Cont’d
Week 8 – Present Pitch/serve coffee samples

Discovering the Decades

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy​

Class Description

Each week we will discover a new decade in American history. We will learn about the key points in history, presidents, historical figures, inventions, music, food, and fashion of the times. We will pull it all together in a big 20th century timeline for each student to take home. Each week we will enjoy a new recipe or snack from the decade we are covering. 

Special Notes:

Students will be encouraged to dress-up with an outfit or accessory inspired by their favorite decade for the week 8 closing program.


Week 1 – 1910’s - WW1, Titanic, Ford cars, sherbet. 

Week 2 – 1920’s - The roaring 20s, Women’s suffrage, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mouse, and Jell-O. 

Week 3 – 1930’s - The Great Depression, Amelia Earhart, Lay’s chips. 

Week 4 – 1940’s - WW2, frisbee, M&M’s. 

Week 5 – 1950’s - The Golden Age, the Korean War, hula hoops,marshmallow Peeps. 

Week 6 – 1960’s - The Vietnam War, the space race, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Pop-Tarts. 

Week 7 – 1970’s - Star Wars, Carter, Nixon, snack cakes, 

Week 8 – 1980’s  - Reagan, Rubik’s cube,  Pac-man, Pop Rocks.

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