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5th – 8th GRADE

  • 1A– Who am I?! Genetics 101 (Leahy)

  • 1B - Horse Book and Movie Club (Bishop)

  • 2A – Play with your Food (Huguenin)

  • 2B – Beyond the Literal (Chen-Main)

  • 3A - Stories on Stage (Smith)

  • 3B - Loops and Looms! (Majka)

3rd/4th GRADE

  • 1A Fun with Legos (Carr)

  • 1B Play with your Food (Huguenin)

  • 2A Watercolor Wonders (Duffy)

  • 2B Hidden in Plain Sight (Cupidon)

  • 3A Fast to Faster (Strickland)

  • 3B Wacky Weather (Collins)


  • 1A Exploring Geography (Rastello)

  • 1B That Song is Stuck in my Head (Weber)

  • 2A Science Exploration (Robinson)

  • 2B Through a Child's Eyes (Silva, Mahr)

  • 3A Awesome Anatomy (Wright)

  • 3B Nature Crafts (Rangel)



  • 1 Intro to Art (Dennis)

  • 2 Sensory, Fine Motor, and Handwriting (Esbrandt)

  • 3 Snack and Play Time


  • 1 Fantastic Fall (Peterson)

  • 2 Snack and Play Time

  • 3 Life Skills (Djekinnou)

Who am I?! Genetics 101

 Instructor: Mrs. Leahy


Class Description:

We will explore the basics of microbiology and genetics in a hands-on class with projects and experiments. We'll learn about cell structure, the basics of DNA, dominant and recessive genes, solve crime mysteries, and design a genetics-monster…all while understanding how God knit each one of us into unique individuals.



Week 1 – Characteristics of living things. Domains of life/cell-classes. Learning cell organelles.

Week 2 – Complete a 3-D model of an animal cell with clay.

Week 3 – Understand what and where DNA is found while creating a model with pipe-cleaners and beads. Each student will then extract their own DNA from cheek cells. 

Week 4 - Solve a class crime scene puzzle with forensic DNA analysis. Discuss inherent vs acquired traits.

Week 5 – Introduce Gregor Mendel and his studies on pea plants and heredity relating to: dominant and recessive genes, alleles, genotypes and phenotypes, and punnett squares. 

Week 6 – Complete a 'genetic monsters' project, touching on probability as a mathematical concept of genetics.

Week 7 – Understand DNA replication and the differences between mitosis vs meiosis with jelly beans.

Week 8 – Design your own unique hybrid-animal. Finish the class with an “Escape room” -style review.

Horse Book & Movie Club

 Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class Description:

Calling all horse enthusiasts! Are you interested in reading novels about horses and watching the movie adaptation? If so, this class is for you! 

We will decide on the final reading & movie list as a class (3-4 books/movies). Options include but are not limited to Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, Secretariat, and Snowman, The True Story of a Champion. Each week we will share our favorite passages from the reading and explore the different aspects of character development, plot, and the actual historical basis for the book. We will also examine how the book was developed into a movie and discuss the horse(s) featured in the film. Saddle up and get ready for our horse book and movie club adventures!


Play with your Food!

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin

Class Description:

Do you like to eat? I sure do! Come and learn how to present snacks, desserts, and even veggies for your friends and family in a fun way. We will learn knife tips and tricks for cutting everything from vegetable flowers to big watermelon baskets.

No need to bring a snack to this class. We’ll eat every week!


Week 1 – Food safety and creative lunches

Week 2 – Knife tips and tricks

Week 3 – Snacks!

Week 4 – Fun fruits

Week 5 – Amazing veggies

Week 6 – Delicious desserts

Week 7 – Autumn food

Week 8 – Food art for a crowd



Beyond the Literal

Instructor: Ms. Chen-Main

Class Description:

Writers often use words to mean something beyond their normal everyday meaning. In this class, we will look at examples of the creative ways writers, poets, speakers, songwriters, and even Bible passages use figurative language to get a message or point across.

After we learn to spot figurative language, we’ll practice using different types in our own writing.

Come become a stronger reader and writer!


Week 1 – Recognize and create similes, metaphors, and personification

Week 2 – Recognize and create hyperbole, imagery, and puns

Week 3 – Recognize and learn idioms from around the world

Week 4 – Identify figurative language in prose, practice using figurative language

Week 5 – Identify figurative language in in poetry, practice using figurative language in poetry

Week 6 – Identify and discuss figurative language in the Bible, begin creating a poster for final

class display

Week 7 – Identify and discuss figurative language in song lyrics (both old and new songs),

continue work on final class display

Week 8 – Identify and discuss figurative language in pop culture (brand slogans and famous

quotes), finish final class display


Stories on Stage

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description

Stories, expression and confidence are all beautiful gifts given to us by God. In this introduction to drama class we will explore the basic elements of drama as a means to build confidence and joy in expression.  We will learn important literary and dramatic devices as we laugh and play together using stories, movie clips, and games that will inspire confidence and expression in storytelling.



Week 1 – Elements of drama

Week 2 – Elements of script, story arc

Week 3 – Direct characterization

Week 4 – Indirect characterization

Week 5 – Setting

Week 6 – Monologue

Week 7 – Improvisation

Week 8 – Improvisation


Loops and Looms!

Instructor: Mrs. Majka

Class Description

Want to learn the basics of crochet and loom knitting? Join this class to discover the essentials! After taking this class, you’ll have a solid foundation that will set you up for future creative projects. Use these skills to begin a new hobby, make gifts, or start your own business!


Week 1 – Crochet Basics: Tools, types of yarn, slip knot

Week 2 – Crochet: Chain and single crochet stitches

Week 3 – Crochet: Double crochet

Week 4 – Loom Basics: Tools, types of yarn, making hats

Week 5 – Review: During this class, students will select a project to work on for the remainder

of the course; scrunchies, baby blankets, ear warmers, potholders, etc. We’ll review relevant

stitches and skills needed for their projects.

Week 6 – Changing colors

Week 7 – Work on projects, and explore accessories (dependent on which projects are

selected; flowers, buttons/yarn sewing, blanket borders, etc.)

Week 8 – Finish projects and (potentially) show our new skills to a guest speaker!

Fun with Lego

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

LEGO is an abbreviated form of the Danish words for “play well” and there are so many ways we can play well with them. We're going to use our creativity and have fun as we work independently and together, present to classmates, and learn how to structure a story. We’ll also do some hands-on LEGO reinforcement of math and geometry concepts and learn about LEGO history and art, with fun challenges along the way. Let’s get ready to learn through building!


Week 1 – LEGO Class Introduction

Week 2 – LEGO History

Week 3 – LEGO Art

Week 4 – Introduction to class presentations

Week 5 – Building stories (story structure)

Week 6 – LEGO math

Week 7 – Show and Tell/Presentation review

Week 8 –Final Building Challenge



Watercolor Wonders

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy

Class Description:

Calling all artists! In this class students will use watercolors every week to create something new. We will combine watercolor paints with different materials like glue, salt, and oil pastels to create fun effects. Be ready to get a little messy and have fun creating!


Week 1: Color Wheel

Week 2: Jellyfish

Week 3: Watercolor resist

Week 4: Splash Painting

Week 5: Desert Cacti

Week 6: Ice Cream Party Paintings

Week 7: Nature’s Silhouette

Week 8: Crazy Hair Day



HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT (The African American influence on our history and culture)

Instructor: Mrs. Cupidon

Class Description

The goal of this class is to honor a people who are intricately woven in the history of this nation: the African Americans. We will start with learning a brief history and culture prior slavery. We will briefly explore the courageous humans who fought for their God given identity. Finally, we will study the influence of key African Americans and how they have affected our culture and different aspects of our society. They were and some still are heroes "hidden in plain sight!".


Week 1 –Africa: a land of great Kingdoms

Week 2 – Fighting off the chains: A brief history of how this people group has had to fight for freedom and equality throughout history.

Week 3 – Hidden, but help create laws to change government.

Week 4 – Hidden, but influenced inventions in technology.

Week 5 – Hidden, but  influenced our cuisine.

Week 6 –Hidden, but influenced art.

Week 7 –Hidden, but influenced dance.

Week 8 –Hidden, but influenced sports.


Fast to Faster

Instructor: Mrs. Strickland​

Class Description:

Participants will run, jump, twist, and turn themselves from fast to faster as we focus on increasing agility (or our ability to move quickly and easily).  Increased speed and agility will aid an athlete in any sport, as well as potentially help students to think, respond, and understand quicker. Each week will include different speed, strength, and agility drills in a fun, encouraging, and God honoring environment. 


Week 1 – Intro to moves and stretching. Beginning assessment to mark current skill levels 

Week 2 – cardio focus 

Week 3 – lower body concentration

Week 4 – obstacle course

Week 5 – hopping, jumping, skipping, and twisting

Week 6 – speed week

Week 7 – obstacle course

Week 8 – Final Assessment to measure and award improvements


Wacky Weather

Instructor: Mrs. Collins


Class Description: 

Whether you enjoy sunshine or snowmen there’s SO MUCH to learn about different types of weather and what that brings! Together we will learn about some wacky weather with hands-on experiments!


Week 1: Four seasons 

Week 2: Clouds

Week 3: Rain

Week 4: Lightening 

Week 5: Wind 

Week 6: Tornado

Week 7: Hurricanes 

Week 8: Earthquake

Exploring Geography

Instructor: Mrs. Rastello

Class Description: 

In this class students will learn about the world God created and how its different parts work together. They will engage in map making while learning about Earth’s physical and human systems, and how living things interact with physical environments.


Week 1: Introduction - What is geography and what can we use it for? Overview of how we use maps and globes

Week 2: Map making and compass practice - learning about cardinal directions and making personal maps

Week 3: Places and Regions - exploring how we divide up the earth on a map

Week 4: Places and Regions in the United States - making a tabletop map of Maryland

Week 5: Physical Systems - How we see land and water on a map, exploring the plants and animals of the Chesapeake Bay

Week 6: Human Systems - exploring cities, towns, and how people impact nature

Week 7: Environment and Society/ Tourism Map - exploring natural resources and man-made resources and starting our Maryland tourism map

Week 8: Wrap Up and Review - finishing our tourism map, summarizing what we’ve learned, discussing what we want to explore further, and taking compasses home to keep exploring!


That Song is Stuck in my Head

Instructor: Mrs. Weber

Class Description:

Music is for everybody! We can play it, we can hum it, we can listen to it and tap our toes! In this class we will adventure into what elements make up music, some different kinds of music to enjoy, and making playlists of our favorites.



Week 1 – Introduction to music, Music elements (Beat/Rhythm I), Listen, Play

Week 2 – Music elements (Beat/Rhythm II), Listen, Play

Week 3 – Music elements (Review, Tempo/Dynamics I), Listen, Play, Favorites

Week 4 – Music elements (Review, Tempo/Dynamics II), Listen, Play, Favorites

Week 5 – Music elements (Review, Scales/Chords I), Listen, Play, Favorites

Week 6 – Music elements (Review, Scales/Chords II), Listen, Play, Favorites

Week 7 – Music elements (Review, Melody/Harmony I), Listen, Play, Favorites

Week 8 – Music elements (Review, Melody/Harmony II), Listen, Play, Favorites



Science Exploration

Instructor: Mrs. Robinson


Class description:

We will be exploring earth, life, and physical science together. We will investigate seeds and plants, insects, states of matter, surface tension, convection currents, water density, and chemical reactions. Each week we will learn about our topic with a discussion, reading a picture book and/or watching a short video, and completing fun, hands-on experiments.


Week 1 – Learn about the parts of a seed, dissect a lima bean seed, set up a lima bean seed in a bag to watch it sprout at home

Week 2 – Learn about the parts of an insect and the life cycle of an insect, explore mealworms by completing simple experiments

Week 3 – Learn about the states of matter, observe different solids, liquids and gasses, make slime

Week 4 – Review the different states of matter, read Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess, make oobleck

Week 5 – Learn about surface tension, explore pins and paper clips on water, watch pepper on water with drop of soap, make an index card boat move with a drop of soap

Week 6 – Review what has been learned about surface tension, make magic milk, explore more surface tension demonstrations

Week 7 – Learn about convection currents, experiment with hot and cold water, learn about density with oil and water experiments

Week 8 – Learn about chemical reactions, explore combining acids (vinegar) and bases (baking soda) to produce gas (carbon dioxide) by making raisins dance and launching a rocket outside (if possible, if not we will make a volcano inside)

Through a Child’s Eyes: Christian Masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art

Instructor: Mrs. Mahr and Mrs. Silva


Class Description:

Children are astute observers of the world around them, and this includes observing famous paintings with remarkable insight. In this class we will use 8 paintings with Christian themes found at the National Gallery of Art to learn “how to look at” paintings, to gain art literacy, and to have some fun creating art based on what we’ve seen. If possible, there will be a trip to the museum offered (where the children can have the joy of recognizing these paintings on their own) when the class ends.


  • Week 1: Duccio di Buoninsegna’s The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew

  • Week 2: Durer’s Christ Among the Doctors

  • Week 3: Cosimo’s The Visitation of St Nicholas and St Anthony Abbot

  • Week 4: Bassano: The Miraculous Draft of Fish

  • Week 5: Campin: Madonna and Child with Saints

  • Week 6: Vermeer: Woman Holding a Balance

  • Week 7: Ribera: The Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew

  • Week 8: Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi: The Adoration of the Magi

Awesome Anatomy

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

Would you like to learn more about how your body works? Marvel at God’s intricate and creative design as we learn about our bodies: what’s inside them and how they work!


Week 1 – Skeletal System

Week 2 – Muscular System

Week 3 – Digestive and Renal Systems

Week 4 – Health and Nutrition

Week 5 – Respiratory System

Week 6 –Cardiovascular System

Week 7 –Nervous System

Week 8 –Integumentary(skin) and Immune Systems

Nature Crafts

Instructor: Mrs. Rangel

Class Description:

Let's see how we can take elements from nature and use them to create art. Our class will use elements from God's beautiful nature to create crafts. When possible we will take walks in nature to collect items used for our art/ crafts projects.


Week 1 – Pinecone Snowy Owls - a snowy owl made out of a pine cone

Week 2 – Birds Nest – collecting items for a nest to create a nest craft

Week 3 – Bean Mosaic- making an art form out of seeds and beans

Week 4 – Finish Bean Mosaic and Leaf Rubbing

Week 5 – Craft with leaves

Week 6 – Pumpkin painting

Week 7 – Hand print and rocks craft

Week 8 – Decorate our table display

Intro to Art

Instructor: Mrs. Dennis

Class Description:

Your student will be introduced to the basic elements of Art. They will experience the different elements with hands-on projects. The Art work will be displayed at the end of the semester celebration.

It will be easiest for me to keep the art work until the end of the semester.


Week 1 – Line

Week 2 – Shape

Week 3 – Color

Week 4 – Value

Week 5 – Texture

Week 6 – Form 

Week 7 – Space

Week 8 – Wrap up

Sensory, Fine Motor and Handwriting Fun!

Instructor: Mrs. Esbrandt

Class Description:

Enjoy participating in a variety of sensory and fine motor exercises at the beginning of class. Then learn how to form letters correctly, while having fun, using Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) curriculum: workbook and activities. Stefanie is a former pediatric Occupational Therapist and has attended many HWT trainings and frequently used HWT curriculum in her practice. 



Week 1: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Frog Jump Capitals

Week 2: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Starting Corner Capitals

Week 3: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Center Starters

Week 4: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Lower Case Letters Group 1

Week 5: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Lower Case Letters Group 2

Week 6: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Lower Case Letters Group 3

Week 7: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Lower Case Letters Group 4 

Week 8: Sensory and Fine Motor Activities + Numbers

Fantastic Fall!

Instructor: Mrs. Peterson

Class Description:

In “Fantastic Fall” we will learn all about this wonderful Autumn season using books, hands-on activities, art projects, and science experiments.  We will explore the themes of harvest, colorful leaves, and animals in the fall. Each class will begin with a fall oriented story time followed by hands-on activities and we will venture outside (weather permitting) to study and observe the changes happening all around us.  



Week 1 – Intro to the Fall Season (storytime and coloring) 

Week 2 –Fall Harvest-Apples! (storytime and apple craft) 

Week 3 –Fall Harvest-Apples! (storytime and apple recipe/experiment) 

Week 4 –Leaves and Trees (storytime and observations)

Week 5 – Leaves and Trees (storytime and Art project) 

Week 6 – Fall Harvest- Pumpkins! (storytime and pumpkin craft) 

Week 7 – Fall Harvest- Pumpkins! (storytime and pumpkin playdoh time) 

Week 8 – Animals preparing for winter- (storytime and animal habitat building)


Practical Life Play

Instructor: Mrs. Djekinnou


Class Description:

Practical life play is all about independence, freedom (within limits) and fun! We will have a

short circle time followed by practical life activities such as pouring, scooping, zipping, etc. We

will also have show and tells to share our most treasured items from home!



Week 1 – Circle time & folding

Week 2 –Show and tell (favorite stuffed animal) & folding/scooping

Week 3 –Circle time & scooping/zipping

Week 4 –Show and tell (favorite color) & zipping/pouring

Week 5 – Circle time & pouring/containers

Week 6 – Show and tell (letter of name) & containers/sponge transfer

Week 7 – Circle time & sponge transfer/ arranging

Week 8 – Show and tell (favorite thing to do) & arranging

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