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Fall 2018 CLASSES

Grades 5th and Up

1A  Exploring Shakespeare

1B  Basic Outdoor Survival Skills

2A  Don't Be Fooled! Sharpen Your Thinking

2B  Fearfully & Wonderfully Made You!

3A  Well, That's Brainy

3B  The Art of Calligraphy

Grades 3rd-4th

1A  Singing Latin

1B  Exploring Ancient Greece 

2A  Speak Up and be Heard

2B  It's Scientific!

3A  South American Geography

3B  Fit 2 be Tied



Grades 1st-2nd

11A  Horsing Around

1B  Music 101

2A  Captivating Continents

2B  Intro to Spanish Immersion

3A  Shark Attack!

3B  Landmarks & Monuments of the US


1  Amazing Australian Animals

2  Free Play

3  Sing for Joy

Pre K​​indergarten

1  Circle Time

2  Free Play

3  Colors, Shapes, Patterns

6th - 8th  GRADE CLASSES

Exploring Shakespeare

 Instructor: Mrs. Hoffman


Class Description:

We will be reading Shakespeare, acting out scenes from his plays, watching video clips, and playing lots of games.


Special Notes:

Class will include occasional/optional homework




Week 1- Shakespeare's Life and Times

Week 2- Shakespeare's language

Week 3- Shakespeare's comedies

Week 4- Shakespeare's histories

Week 5- Shakespeare's tragedies

Week 6- Shakespeare's sonnets

Week 7- Famous characters and their lines

Week 8- Art and music inspired by Shakespeare




Basic Outdoor Survival Skills

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop

Class Description:

This class is for you if you have a desire for adventure & want to be prepared for challenges you may encounter in the great outdoors. Students will be introduced to basic outdoor skills and survival concepts. We’ll journey through learning and practicing these skills through a variety of hands-on group exercises.


Week 1 – Gear & supplies, survival kit

Week 2 – Building emergency shelter

Week 3 -  Building a fire/fire safety

Week 4 – Is this water safe to drink? Purifying water/water safety

Week 5 – Finding food (identifying edible plants, etc)

Week 6 – Basic Navigation and Map reading

Week 7 – Outdoor Safety & First-Aid

Week 8 – Group exercises (Gilligan’s Island, ropes, lashings, & knots)



Don’t Be Fooled!  Sharpen Your Thinking

Instructor: Mrs. Uehling

Class Description:

Why was successful treatment of Polio rejected by the medical establishment for 30 years?  How do people come to different conclusions using the same data?  Does playing an instrument really make you smarter?  We will explore these topics and more while we sharpen our thinking.


Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – The difference between cause and correlation

Week 2 – Don’t be fooled by statistics

Week 3 – Bias is everywhere

Week 4 – Your mind can be fooled (Counter-intuitive thinking)

Week 5 – Keeping an open mind

Week 6 – Maintaining healthy skepticism

Week 7 – Mistakes and frustration are part of learning and life

Week 8 – Ethical decision making



Fearfully and Wonderfully Made You:

Let’s See What Your Body Can Do !

Instructor: Mrs. Crawford

Class Description:

Come and explore with me just how fearfully and wonderfully made you are.

We will have a thorough review of bodily systems and functionality, too.

Hope to see you there as we explore. New knowledge and fun await at the door !

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include weekly quizzes.

  • Other –  Class projects


Week 1 – Nervous System: Jesus is the Head of the Church: As the Brain is the Head of the Body

Week 2 – Circulatory System: Life Is In The Blood

Week 3 – Immune System: Fight Back

Week 4 – Skeletal/Muscular System: Let’s Get Moving

Week 5 – Gastrointestinal System: Fueling the Body

Week 6 – Integumentary System: What’s In Your Skin

Week 7 – Project Presentation (Models ?)

Week 8 – Review of Systems Exam



Well, That’s Brainy

Instructor: Mrs. /Mr. Lokos

Class Description

Our brains are fascinating things! Come learn all about brains, how they work, and some of the incredible things they do! Learning will be hands-on with experiments, model making, games, and more.

Special Notes

  • Class will include no homework

  • Additional cost for class is $2


Week 1 – Nervous system

Week 2 – Structure of the brain

Week 3 – Dissection of a sheep brain

Week 4 – Neuroscience

Week 5 – How people study the brain (MRI, CT scans, PET scans…)

Week 6 – Senses

Week 7 – Creativity

Week 8 – Cognition

The Art of Calligraphy

Instructor: Mrs. Baile

Class Description

Learn this beautiful form of writing known as calligraphy. The class will use the Italic alphabet in step-by-step projects showing a range of techniques. Practicing the basic techniques each week will be required.

Special Notes

  • Class will include weekly homework



  • Week 1- Basic Techniques

  • Week 2- Signature and Flourishing

  • Week 3- Spacing and Name Cards

  • Week 4- Layout and Addressing Envelopes

  • Week 5- Layout and Invitations

  • Week 6- Text Area and Poems

  • Week 7- Text Area and Bible Verses

  • Week 8- Final Project


Singing Latin

Instructor: Mrs. Dennis

Class Description:

Come sing Latin with friends. This class will introduce you to some simple everyday Latin words. We will create a lap book and calendar in Latin. Songs and Games included.


Week 1 – Conversational words

Week 2 – Family and People

Week 3 – Classroom and Household Items

Week 4 – Animals

Week 5 – Body

Week 6 – Calendar

Week 7 – Water

Week 8 – Garden




Exploring Ancient Greece

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

Join us as we learn about ancient Greece and make a lap book of our study!


Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework



Week 1 – Geography of Greece, introduction

Week 2 – Daily Life

Week 3 – Government and Military

Week 4 – Religion and Mythology

Week 5 – Art and Architecture

Week 6 –Work and School

Week 7 –Sports and Entertainment

Week 8 –Summary, finishing books




Speak Up and be Heard!

Instructor: Mrs. Chen

Class Description:

Do you want to learn to make people sit up and listen when you speak?  Do you want people to pay attention when you give a presentation?  This class will teach you how!  You will learn basic public speaking techniques by presenting your own brief speech each week on topics like your favorite TV show or something you like to do with your family.  Skills like projection, eye contact, gestures, and getting your audience involved will be taught.  We will focus on HOW you say things, NOT what you say!  Come and learn how to be a terrific presenter!


Special Notes:

  • Class will include weekly homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement


Week 1 - Being comfortable in front of others - posture

Week 2 – Make sure people hear you - projection

Week 3 – Make sure people know you are talking to them – eye contact

Week 4 – Make sure people understand you – articulation and pacing

Week 5 – Make sure people enjoy listening to you – inflection and tone

Week 6 – Make sure people know what is important - gestures

Week 7 – Make sure people are involved with your talk – audience engagement

Week 8 – Final presentation day – longer speeches



It’s Scientific!

Instructor: Mrs. Cupidon

Class Description

It’s scientific. Really, it is! How we discover the way in which the world works around us: it’s scientific! In fact, there is a whole method that scientists have identified as the scientific method. In this class, we will learn the steps of the scientific method. Through experiments, students will learn the sequence, importance and fun of each step.



Week 1 – Quick overview of the scientific method. Learning to ask good questions. Experiment: Skittles and M&M’s.

Week 2 – Stating your hypothesis: does it matter if you are correct or incorrect and why. Experiment: Rusty Pennies.

Week 3 –Research. The importance of research in proceeding with your experiments. Experiment: Paper planes and aerodynamics.

Week 4 – Testing your hypothesis. Learning about variables and groups. Experiment: Excellent Explosions (with sandwich bags).

Week 5 – Collecting and interpreting your data. Experiment: Juice and Density.

Week 6 – Stating your conclusion. Is it conclusive? If not, what do you do? Experiment: Liquid and Magnets?

Week 7 – Scientific Method from beginning to end. Experiment: The Best Bubble Solution.

Week 8 –Scientific Method Jeopardy!!!



South American Geography

Instructor: Mrs. Sabet

Class Description:

Have you ever been south of our U. S. border? Each week we will “visit” two countries in the South America continent and delve into their geographical features, history, culture and people. We will also have fun learning about the variety of biomes, animals, and music that can be found there.


Week 1- The continent – overview; Argentina

Week 2- Bolivia and Brazil

Week 3- Chile and Colombia

Week 4- Ecuador and Falkland Islands

Week 5- French Guiana and Guyana

Week 6- Paraguay and Peru

Week 7- Suriname and Uruguay

Week 8- Venezuela … and Review



Fit 2 be Tied

Instructor: Mrs. Estrada


Class Description: 

Each week we will explore a different form of fitness while having fun.  Our objective is to expand our outlook to a whole new level.  Learning how to reach goals by working hard is a good thing.  


Special Notes:

·         Class will include no homework



 Week 1 – Weighted Balls & Egg Weights

 Week 2 – Extra Large Rubber Bands for Resistance Training

 Week 3 – Yoga Ball Mania

 Week 4 – Karate Kicks & Jabs

 Week 5 – Self-Defense Basics when running trails

 Week 6 – Rucking with weighted back packs

 Week 7 – Cardio Fitness - Raising Heart Levels

 Week 8 – Obstacle Training - Incorporating every form of fitness we've learned throughout the weeks

1st and 2nd GRADE CLASSES

Horsing Around

Instructor: Mrs. Smith

Class Description: 

As Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” In this class we will learn about one of God’s most admired animal creations- the horse!  Through reading and hands-on activities we will explore all that we can about horses from care and keeping to anatomy and jobs.  

Class will include no homework, but reading library books about horses outside of class is highly recommended.  We will also be reading excerpts from Black Beauty. 


Week 1 – Anatomy of the Horse

Week 2 – Colors and Breeds 

Week 3 – Grooming and Tack

Week 4 – Nutrition and Conditioning

Week 5 – Feet and Health Care

Week 6 – Riding Disciplines and Equine Jobs

Week 7 – Therapeutic Horsemanship

Week 8 – Horse Handling




Music 101

Instructor: Mrs. Tiren

Class Description:

We will learn some musical terminology and vocabulary using movement, games, and crafts. We will also learn about composers and some of their most famous pieces. We’ll take one week to learn about instruments and they will even get to touch/try out some.

Special Notes:

Class may include occasional homework

  • Class may need to help with a couple of simple crafts supplies (tissue box, paper towel roll, etc.)



Week 1 – Rhythm, Tempo, and Dynamics

Week 2 – Clefs & Notes

Week 3 – Melody & Harmony

Week 4 – Instruments

Week 5 – Feelings, Words, & Movements

Week 6 – Composers I: Bach & Handel

Week 7 – Composers II: Vivaldi & Mozart

Week 8 – Composers III: Beethoven & Tchaikovsky


Captivating Continents

 Instructor: Mrs. McGraw


Class description:

Each week we will engage in different cultures and have fun activities as we learn about the seven continents!


Special notes:

  • There will be no homework for this class.



Week 1- Africa

Week 2- Antarctica

Week 3- Asia

Week 4- Australia

Week 5- Europe

Week 6- South America

Week 7- North America

Week 8: The children will work on a special project while reviewing all the continents! 




Intro to Spanish Immersion

Instructor: Mrs. Montanez


Class Description:

We will dive into the basics of Spanish using the immersion method, which means that most of the class will be in Spanish. You will be surprised how quickly your children will pick up a new language. We will use lots of songs (Whistlefritz) to help.


Special Notes:

  • Class will include memorization work through songs which will be sent to you.



  • Week 1: Body Parts

  • Week 2: Seasons

  • Week 3: Appropriate clothes for each season

  • Week 4: Counting

  • Week 5: Family members

  • Week 6: Days of the Week and months

  • Week 7: Animals

  • Week 8: Review and prepare for closing program




Instructor: Mrs. /Mr. Wikner


Class Description:

We will make a shadow box of the ocean. Every week we will learn about 1 shark and make a clay shark of our own for our shadow box.



Week 1 – Brief overview of the Ocean and make a Shadow Box

Week 2 – Hammerhead Sharks

Week 3 – Mako Sharks

Week 4 – Bullhead Shark

Week 5 – Great White Shark

Week 6 – Reef Shark

Week 7 – Dogfish Shark

Week 8 – Angel Shark



Landmarks and Monuments across the United States

Instructor: Mrs. Pasho

Class Description:

We will explore the geography, landmarks, and monuments of the United States.  There will be a little bit of history and map work.  There will be crafts, songs, and occasional food of the region.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – The Mid-Atlantic Region and Washington DC

Week 2 – New England Region

Week 3 – Southeast Region

Week 4 – Midwest Region

Week 5 – Southwest Region

Week 6 – Rocky Mountain Region

Week 7 – Pacific Region

Week 8 – Alaska and Hawaii



Chesapeake Bay Birds

Instructor: Joan Chen-Main

Class Description:

Let's learn about birds that live around our neighborhood! This class is a gentle science class that includes general information about birds using local birds as examples. We will focus on observation (e.g. bird identification by color, observational drawing) and organization (e.g. arranging birds from smallest to largest).


Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – What is a Bird?: Characteristics of Birds

Week 2 – Parts of a Bird

Week 3 – Birds of All Colors: Identifying Birds 1

Week 4 – Birds of All Sizes: Identifying Birds 2

Week 5 – Eating Like a Bird

Week 6 – Feathers

Week 7 – Nests and Eggs

Week 8 – Life Cycle of a Bird


Calendar Time

Instructor: Mrs. Speicher

Class Description:

Each week we will come together as a class to learn about the days of the week, months of the year, weather, time, place value, and letters and sounds.  We will do this through singing and group discussion.  We will also have show-and-tell time and end our class with a story.  Students will need to bring items from home for show-and-tell. 


Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework



Week 1 – All About Me

Week 2 – Bring a favorite stuffed animal to class

Week 3 – Draw or bring a picture of your family

Week 4 – Wear or bring in something with your favorite color

Week 5 – Let’s look at books together

Week 6 –Bring in a picture of a pet or animal you like

Week 7 –Show us something you found in nature

Week 8 –Surprise us with something you want to show everyone


Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and snack.




Amazing Australian Animals

Instructor: Mrs. Anna Carr

Class Description:

Let’s explore Australia through some of its unique creatures. We’ll learn and read about these special animals- where and how they live and their similarities and differences. We’ll have activities, movement and music and lots of fun learning about God’s amazing creation “down under.”


Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework



Week 1 – Kangaroos

Week 2 – Wombats and Koalas

Week 3 – Platypus and Echidna

Week 4 – Reptiles

Week 5 –Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (Sea turtles)

Week 6 – Amazing Birds (Kookaburra and Emu)

Week 7 – Bilbies

Week 8 – Wrap-up and review


Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Sing for Joy

Instructor: Mrs. Castaneda


Class Description:

A singing and movement-based class teaching rhythm skills while encouraging movement, improvisation and fun with music.

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