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Spring 2018 CLASSES

Grades 6th and Up (open to mature 5th grade)

1A  Economics and You

1B  Look Twice! Optical Illusions

2A  State Your Case

2B  African-American History 

3A  Young Scholars of the U.S. Constitution

3B  What’s Your Jam? 

Grades 3rd-5th

1A  Lessons That Make “Cents"

1B  Fun with French

2A  Inventors and Inventions

2B  Reader’s Theater

3A  Anne of Green Gables Book Club

3B  Scavenger Hunting Using Map Skills


Grades 1st-2nd

1A Potato Chip Science

1B Ancient Egypt

2A Incredible Edible Science

2B Amazing Africa

3A Pioneer Life

3B PE games


1  Community Helpers

2  Let’s Visit China!

3  Free play


1  Splendid Spring!

2  Free Play

3  Life on the Farm


6th - 8th Grade

Economics and You

Instructor: Mrs. Carr

Class Description:

What is economics? Why does it matter to you? We'll talk about topics including economic principles and laws, the financial system, inflation, and comparative economic systems. On the applied side we will do a consumer simulation exercise in which you’ll research a job, find an apartment, and budget for expenses.


Special Notes:

  • Class will include weekly homework


Week 1 – Introduction to Economics, goods and services.

Week 2 – Laws of supply and demand, graphing. Present your job/career for the simulation.

Week 3 – Types of goods, work, specialization of labor, value. Budgeting and car shopping for simulation

Week 4 – Money and banking. Budgeting and apartments for simulation.

Week 5 – Inflation and the business cycle. Moving/set-up expenses for simulation.

Week 6 – Saving and investing. Daily living expenses for simulation.

Week 7 –Topics in economics: tragedy of the commons, broken window theory, etc. Bank and credit card statements/reconciliation for simulation

Week 8 –Comparative economic systems. Tax time for simulation.


Look Twice! Optical Illusions

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy

Class Description:

Have you ever seen artwork that made you look twice? Do you ever wonder how artists create drawings that seems to jump off the page? In this class we will learn some easy techniques for creating our own optical illusions. We will use a wide range of drawing materials (pencils, sharpies, pastels, colored pencils, etc.) to design these fun creations. We will also take a look at famous artists who were masters at creating illusions in their work.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework


Week 1 – 3-D Checkerboard Creations – using one point perspective to create a checkerboard illusion.  

Week 2 – Finishing 3-D Checkerboard Creations

Week 3 – Hand Drawings– creating artwork using repeating lines to make something jump off the page.

Week 4 – Finishing Hand Drawings

Week 5 – The Amazing Cube! – Using basic square shapes to create a mind bending result.

Week 6 –The Impossible Triangle! – using light and dark to make shapes that seem to never end.

Week 7 – Skyscrapers: using one point and two point perspective to create an amazing cityscape

Week 8 –Finishing Skyscrapers





State Your Case

Instructor: Mrs. Drury

Class Description:   

Mock Trial.  Present your case to the court and learn all of the ins and outs of arguing a legal case in court along the way.  Learn how to prepare a legal case and to present it before a jury of your peers.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include some homework


Week 1 – The Trial: How do you get there?

Week 2 – Steps in a Trial

Week 3 – How to Select a Jury

Week 4 – A Talk Show: Whats’ the Case About?

Week 5 – Theory of the Case and Opening Statements       

Week 6 – Opening Statements, Witness Examinations, and Closing Arguments

Week 7 – The Rules of Evidence and Procedure

Week 8 – The Mock Trial



African-American History

Instructor: Mrs. Cheryl Booth

Class Description:

We will dive into themes of African-American history, its social and economic meaning; the struggle for freedom and social and political equality; contributions of African-Americans to cultural life in the United States and the world.  We will have the opportunity to attend field trips outside of our LEAP class time to historical sites, museums and events throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas to gain local perspective on African-American history.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional optional homework and parental involvement will be encouraged.

  • Class will include optional field trips experiences outside of LEAP time


Week 1 – Reviewing a Timeline of African American History 1490 to present

Week 2 – Investigating Inventions

Week 3 – Studying Scientist

Week 4 – Evaluating Politics and Government

Week 5 – Interesting Engineers and Explorers

Week 6 – Contributing to the Arts

Week 7 – Amazing Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers and other professionals

Week 8 – Reviewing a Timeline of African American History - with what we know now


Young Scholars of the U.S. Constitution 

Instructor: Mr. Paul Rivera

Class Description: 

Too many Americans are clueless and uninformed about the most important document in our country’s history: the U.S. Constitution.  In this course, we will examine the history of how this document came to be, the genius of its structure and balance of powers, its defects, the Bill of Rights, constitutional amendments and their process, and the role of the judicial branch.  By the end of the class, the students are sure to be young scholars of the U.S. Constitution!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement



Week 1 –  Historical Background of The Revolution and The Declaration of Independence.

Week 2 – Overview of the Constitution; Federalism; Separation of Powers

Week 3 – Article I – The Legislative Branch

Week 4 – Article II – The Executive Branch

Week 5 – Article III – The Judicial Branch

Week 6 – The Bill of Rights

Week 7 – Amending the Constitution

Week 8 – The Role of the Judicial Branch in Constitutional Interpretation


What’s Your Jam?

Instructor: Mrs. Lutz

Class Description: 

What type of music makes you happy? What type of music puts you to sleep? We’ll explore different genres of music and decide which one is our favorite...which one is our JAM.

Special Notes:

Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Intro. - Pop & Hip Hop (we’ll exercise caution with content & lyrics)

Week 2 – RnB & Country

Week 3 – Jazz & Blues

Week 4 – Reggae & Progressive

Week 5 – Rock & Alternative

Week 6 – Metal & Punk ( we’ll exercise caution with content & lyrics)

Week 7 – Classical & Ambient

Week 8 – Techno & Psychedelic

3rd - 5th Grade

Lessons that Make “Cents”

Instructor: Mrs. Ahn


Class Description:

Coins are history in your pocket!   We will explore each American coin and dive into their origin, significance and value.  You may have learned to count with pennies, understood the value of saving through the weight of a piggy bank or remembered a coin toss at a football game, coins connect us to many of our favorite memories.  What’s in your piggy bank? 


Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – All coins lead to Rome

Week 2 – Lucky penny

Week 3 – Westwards journey nickel series

Week 4 – Common cents

Week 5 – 50 state quarters

Week 6 – Presidential $1 coin

Week 7 – Art in your pocket

Week 8 – Create and design your own coin out of clay


Fun with French

Instructor: Mrs. Cupidon

Class Description:

Speak French words and phrases right from the start! Learn French through songs, games and plenty of fun. Discover French around the world!

Special Notes:

There is no homework in this class per-say, just practice exercises to help students retain what was learned.


Week 1 – Students will be able to introduce themselves in French (Say hello, answer when someone asks their name and age, and how they are doing as well as numbers 1-10) French speaking country: France.

Week 2 –Students will be able to say, in French, whether they like something or not. French speaking country: Ivory Coast.


Week 3 – Students will be able to ask where something is, how to say “goodbye” and “thank you”, and some words about school. French speaking country: Tunisia.

Week 4 – Students will be able to say the names for “mom,” “dad,” “sister,” and “brother”. They will be able to introduce their family and say how many brothers and sisters they have. They will also be able to introduce someone else’s family. French speaking Country: Madagascar.


Week 5 – Students will be able to say, “please” and ask, “What’s that?” and give the answer. They will be able to answer the question, “where is?” Also, they will be able to say rooms and furniture in the home.  French speaking country: Haiti.


Week 6 –Students will be able to say what they like and what they don’t like doing. They will be able to count to 20. French speaking country: Belgium.


Week 7 –Students will be able to say 10 colors. They will be able to say “big” and “small”. They will understand when someone is asking the student what they want. French speaking country: Switzerland.


Week 8 –Culminating review fun and games – all in French!  French speaking country: Burundi.



Inventors and Inventions

Instructor: Mrs. Widenhofer

Class Description:

We will learn about inventors and their inventions as well as complete a science activity or project related to that invention. We will also try our hand at creating unique inventions of our own!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Intro to Inventions

Week 2 – Ancient Inventor

Week 3 – Ben Franklin

Week 4 – Samuel Morse

Week 5 – Alexander Graham Bell

Week 6 –Wright Brothers

Week 7 –George Washington Carver

Week 8 –Be your own inventor!



Reader’s Theater

Instructor: Mrs. Huguenin


Class description: 

Hey kids! Do you love to be on stage and perform or would you rather be the one laughing in the audience? Either way, this class is for you. Shy kids will blossom, extroverts will be challenged in new ways, and all students will develop a strong sense of teamwork. Come and learn how to read aloud fluently, with expression, while getting into character. You will enhance your reading skills and confidence this semester. Oh! and don’t worry. There will be no full memorization. Scripts are used openly for all performances. 


Special Note:

If your child is a reluctant reader, do not worry. No one will be called upon to read aloud until they are comfortable with their lines. As a matter of fact, readers’ theater is ideal for kids who don’t like to read. 



Week 1: Ice breakers   

Week 2: Preparing the scripts

Week 3: Group reading

Week 4: Characterization

Week 5: Staging

Week 6: Props

Week 7: Dress rehearsal #1

Week 8: Dress rehearsal #2


Anne of Green Gables Book Club

Instructor: Mrs. Wikner


Class Description:

Anne of Green Gables was an orphan who was given a family. We will spend time reading about Anne, her sense of humor, her outlook on life, and the moment she was fully accepted as a daughter in her new home. On the last class day we will have a Raspberry Cordial Tea party.


Special Notes:

· Class will include occasional homework



Week 1 – Intro to Anne: The setting of the story and a bit about the author. Week 2 – Anne’s new family.
Week 3 – Anne’s temper and apology.
Week 4 – Bosom Friends: Anne and Diana
Week 5 – The slate: Anne and Gilbert
Week 6 – Green hair: an orphan becomes a daughter
Week 7 – The way Anne loves: Anne and Matthew
Week 8 – Raspberry Cordial Tea Party


Scavenger Hunting Using Map Skills

Instructor: Mrs. Rangel

Class Description :

In our class we will learn map basics and bring them to life with games, crafts, and activities. We will have a scavenger hunt every other week to out your newly learned map sells to the test and make our learning interactive and fun! Complete your final scavenger hunt successfully to earn a small reward.

Class will include no homework.


Week 1-What is a map? Cardinal points (N, S, E, W)

Week 2-Scavenger hunt (Using newly learned map skills)

Week 3-Reading symbols, keys, and legends

Week 4-Scavenger hunt (Using newly learned map skills)

Week 5-Using scales, coordinate points/grids

Week 6-Scavenger hunt (Using newly learned map skills)

Week 7-Latitude and longitude

Week 8-Scavenger hunt (Using newly learned map skills)

1st and 2nd Grade

Potato Chip Science

Instructor: Mrs. Shinta Vaughan

Class Description:

To explore several branches of Science (Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) using potatoes, potato chips, chip bags, chip lids, and some other recycled materials. Each week we discuss the concept of each Scientific branch, learn about a scientist on that field, and explore our topic with an experiment or a project.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement (on 1 project) - optional


Week 1 – Spuddy Buddy: How to Grow a Potato Pal. To learn about vegetative propagation.

Week 2 – Walkie-Talkie: Communication That Isn’t Wireless. To learn about telephony, the process, construction, and operation of telephones.

Week 3 – An Optical Toy That Will Make You Flip Your Lid. To learn about optical illusions.

Week 4 – CSI Detective Kit: Fingerprinting. To learn about fingerprint analysis to solve a crime.

Week 5 – Chip-Ship Challenge. To learn about buoyancy.

Week 6 – Chipmobile: An Engine Powered by a Renewable Energy Source – Your Breath. We will demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Week 7 – Propulsion Pipe: Our Mini Extermi-tate is Highly POPular! To learn about Boyle’s law

Week 8 – Potato Bender: An Absorbing Test That’s a Snap to Perform. To learn about osmosis.


Ancient Egypt

Instructor: Mrs. Wright

Class Description:

Join us as we study ancient Egypt, building a lap book and doing ancient Egyptian craft projects.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Begin lap book, government and leaders

Week 2 – Daily life

Week 3 – Pyramids/Architecture

Week 4 – Language

Week 5 – Religion and Mummies

Week 6 –Arts and Recreation

Week 7 –Craft

Week 8 –Finish up lap book

Incredible Edible Science

Instructor: Mrs. Christine Brinson

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered what a water molecule looks like? Have you ever wondered what makes popcorn pop or why a bouncy ball and a rock land at the same time when dropped? You can find out in the Incredible Edible Science class!

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework


Week 1 – Atoms and molecules: We will make a model of a water molecule and watch colors move in milk with soap.

Week 2 – Solids, liquids, and gases: We will make root beer floats.

Week 3 – Chemical reactions: We will study how cooking changes ingredients to cake and brownies, and we will sample gluten free brownies.

Week 4 – Biology: We will study plant and animal classification and classify and eat trail mix.

Week 5 – Tongue: We will study the taste buds and perform taste tests of various liquids.

Week 6 – Physics: We will study buoyancy and gravity, and we will watch carrots in salt water and different items drop from the force of gravity.

Week 7 – Density of solids and liquids: We will study the density of various liquids and solids in oil, water, and honey. We will also see what happens to a carrot in salt water. We’ll enjoy carrot sticks.

Week 8 – Pressure: We will study how air pressure can keep water in an upside down cup and how we make a vacuum every time we drink through a straw. We will watch popcorn pop from the pressure of water evaporating into steam and exploding the kernels! Then… we’ll eat it!

Amazing Africa

Instructor: Mrs. Leahy

Class Description:

In this class, we will explore the geography and rich culture of this amazing and vastly diverse continent. We will complete social studies, history, art, and music projects during the semester, with various book reading and hands-on activities.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2 – Physical geography via tactile map activity

Week 3 – Art (African masks)

Week 4 – Folktales and Myths (Students will create their own)

Week 5 – Animals on Safari

Week 6 – Music from around the continent

Week 7 – Exploring the different houses of Africa

Week 8 – Art (Paper beads)


Pioneer Life

Instructor: Mrs. Bishop


Class Description:


It’s time to pack up the covered wagon & head westward! This is the class for you if you've ever wondered, “why did the pioneers leave their homes to journey west?” Young explorers will learn about the hard work, fun, & adventure of the American pioneer. We will wrap up our study with a Pioneer Party! 




Week 1-Going West: Packing Your Covered Wagon for the Westward Journey


Week 2-Frontier Survival & Pioneer Family Life


Week 3-Building a New Home+ Make your own log cabin


Week 4-Pioneer Food + Make Homemade Butter


Week 5-Prairie Animals-Wild & Domestic


Week 6-School in the Pioneer Days


Week 7-Pioneer Music & Crafts + Class (paper) Quilt Making


Week 8-Pioneer Party! Learn About & Play Pioneer-Era Games



P.E. Games

Instructor: Mrs. Speicher

Class Description:

In this class, students will play games that will teach hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  I want each student to have fun participating no matter their skill level.  Friendly competition will be a part of each class and our final class will have prizes for winners of the track meet.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Hula Hoop

Week 2 – Tag and partner games

Week 3 – Balloon Volleyball

Week 4 – Kick Ball

Week 5 – Four-Square

Week 6 –Obstacle Course

Week 7 –Fitness Circuit

Week 8 –Track and Field 


Community Helpers

Instructor: Mrs. Rouse


Class Description:


Special Notes:

   •     Class will include no homework



Week 1 – What is a community?

Week 2 – Firefighters / Paramedics

Week 3 – Police Officers

Week 4 – Doctors / Dentists

Week 5 – Construction Workers

Week 6 – Librarians

Week 7 – Mail Carriers

Week 8 – Farmers




Let’s Visit China!

Instructor: Mrs.  Joan Chen-Main

Class Description:

China may be on the other side of the world, but Chinese children have the same needs as our students here in America. Everybody eats, everybody drinks, everybody uses language, and everybody wears some kind of clothing or adornment. Every country has a flag and animals that have come to symbolize the area, and every culture has artistic expressions, songs, and celebrations. Come learn a little about Chinese life and culture! 

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


Week 1 – Introduction: locating China and exploring our artifact trunk

Week 2 – Chinese New Year: how we celebrate and the Chinese zodiac

Week 3 – Chinese Dining: about Dim Sum and chopsticks practice

Week 4 – Chinese Tea: tea smelling, tea steeping, and tea tasting

Week 5 – Chinese Writing: characters and calligraphy

Week 6 – Chinese Language: counting from 1 to 10 and/or colors in Mandarin

Week 7 – Chinese Art: brush painting project (part 1) and ribbon dancing

Week 8 – Giant Pandas and Brush painting project (part 2)

Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play.


Splendid Spring!

Instructor: Mrs. Collins


Class Description: 

Students will explore all things springtime with exciting hands-on activities!

*Please email Laurel Collins, if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions*




Week 1 – Snow

Week 2 – Bears

Week 3 – Flowers 

Week 4 – Birds 

Week 5 – Butterflies

Week 6 – Rain

Week 7 – Ladybugs

Week 8 - Rabbits


Free Play

Class Description:

Students will enjoy a time of free play and a snack.


Life on the Farm

Instructor: Mrs. McGraw


Class description:

Each week the children will learn about a different farm animal and/or farm equipment while creating an awesome craft to take home that corresponds with the lesson.


There will be no homework for this class.





Week 1: The children will learn about and create a Cow!


Week 2: The children will learn about and create a Pig!


Week 3: The children will learn about and create a Horse!


Week 4: The children will learn about and create a Chicken!


Week 5: The children will learn about and create a Sheep!


Week 6: The children will learn about and create a Tractor!


Week 7: The children will learn about and create a Rooster!


Week 8: The children will learn about and create a Goat!

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