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Spring 2016 CLASSES

Grades 5th and Up

1A A Poet and Didn't Know It!

1B Election Mania 2016!

2A Westward Ho with Lewis and Clark!

2B 3-Dimensional Art

3A Smart Money, Smart Kids

3B Celebrate Korea - it's food, culture, and language!


Grades 3rd-4th

1A The Great Depression

1B Drawing and Sketching

2A Computer Science Unplugged!

2B How to Make Deaf People “Hear” You!

3A To Infinity & Beyond: A Voyage into Outer Space

3B Joyful Movement


Grades 1st-2nd

1A MESS Science

1B Missionary Heroes

2A Tumbling

2B Wonderful Weather

3A Explore Asia and the Poles

3B Ultimate Kid Concoctions

Kindergarten:  Life Cycle Science, Kids' Kindness, Free Play

Pre-K : Reading and Rhythm, Free Play, Circle Time


Grades 5th and Up

A Poet and Didn't Know It!

Instructor: Mrs. Hoffman

Class Description

Students will use games and different media as a springboard for creative writing.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework if students want to finish or polish a piece of work.


  • Week 1: Games turned into poetry

  • Week 2: Freewriting turned into a poem

  • Week 3: "What If" writing

  • Week 4: Writing based on a painting

  • Week 5: Writing inspired by music

  • Week 6: Story cubes

  • Week 7: Poem into a story/story into a poem

  • Week 8: Word games and wrap up



Election Mania 2016!!!

Instructor: Mr. Rivera

Class Description

A fun and interesting intro to presidential elections. We will examine the importance of the ballot in our republic, the history of voting rights, the Electoral College, political parties, candidates, primary election process, campaign financing & advertising, debates, and major political issues.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework - watching primary elections results

  • Class will include some parental involvement - discussing political issues with your children


  • Week 1: The importance of voting under our system of government; Electoral College; Bush vs. Gore

  • Week 2: History of voting rights in the U.S.; Primary vs. General Elections

  • Week 3: Political parties; candidates; major issues

  • Week 4: Campaign financing & advertising; media; debates

  • Week 5: Primary tabulations; “Red State” vs. “Blue State” phenomenon

  • Week 6: Electoral College mapping; Scenarios/Projections

  • Week 7: Candidate profiles

  • Week 8: Mock “debates” for closing program



Westward Ho with Lewis and Clark!

Instructor: Mrs. Bullard

Class Description

We will see the western United States for the first time through the eyes of Lewis and Clark. Our class will learn about their adventures through their journal entries and discuss how they handled problems they faced along the way. We will keep nature journals like Lewis and Clark did, and use maps to gain understanding about their journey.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework


  • Week 1: Preparing for the trip

  • Week 2: Choosing the Corps of Discovery

  • Week 3: Starting Out

  • Week 4: Wintering with the Mandans

  • Week 5: Learning the Lay of the Land

  • Week 6: Discovering Plants and Animals

  • Week 7: Reaching the Pacific Ocean

  • Week 8: Going Home



3 Dimensional Art

Instructor: Mrs. Duffy

Class Description

Are you ready to take your artwork into another dimension? In this class we will be using both traditional art materials like paint and pastels, and everyday items like cardboard, tin foil, and tissue paper to create really unique 3-D works of art. Along the way we will also learn about a few famous artists and their sculptures.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework


  • Week 1: Creating a relief sculpture city skyline, Artwork: relief sculpture of cathedrals

  • Week 2: Finish building and painting city skyline relief sculpture

  • Week 3: Creating a wire sculpture mobile, Artwork of Alexander Calder

  • Week 4: Finishing adding color to wire sculpture mobiles.

  • Week 5: Creating multicolor "glass" sculpture, Artwork of Dale Chihuly

  • Week 6: Finishing building and assembling "glass" sculpture

  • Week 7: Creating figures with wire, tin foil, and clay, Artwork of Alberto Giacometti

  • Week 8: Finish figure sculptures by painting the dried clay.s



Smart Money, Smart Kids

Instructor: Mrs. Estrada

Class Description

We will discuss real-life scenarios and apply them to our daily lives. Activities include role playing, creating master plans, and looking at money in a whole new way. In this class we will learn how to strive to ultimately be the good stewards God created us to be all along.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include weekly homework/activities.

  • Class will include some parental involvement.


  • Week 1: A clear overview of what money “CAN” do for you and what money “CAN’T” do for you.

  • Week 2: Your Time, Talent & Treasure and what God’s word says about it.

  • Week 3: The importance of writing lists, long & short term goals.

  • Week 4: Creating a Budget to maximize every dollar

  • Week 5: Thrifty Shopping & Cost Comparisons

  • Week 6: Discovering our Gifts & Talents and how to bless others with them.

  • Week 7: Having a J*O*B versus Starting a Business of your own. Benefits & Challenges

  • Week 8: Savings & Investing and How it applies to your future



Celebrate Korea-its food, culture, and language!

Instructor: Mrs. Trinkl

Class Description

This class will help the students to understand Korean culture and language with fun games, history and hands on activities. It will enhance the students’ ability to understand and embrace the other cultures around us.

Special Notes:

  • · Class will include no homework.


  • Week 1: Where is Korea and who are Koreans?

  • Week 2: Why do Koreans respect elders

  • Week 3: Let’s try Han-Bok (a traditional outfit) on!

  • Week 4: Do you like to eat dried seaweed

  • Week 5: How do I say “Hello” in Korean

  • Week 6: Let’s write my name in Korean

  • Week 7: Korean holidays (food, games and greetings)

  • Week 8: Let’s make sushi



Grades 3rd-4th

The Great Depression: A Close Look at a Fascinating Time

Instructor: Mrs. Lokos

Class Description

We’ll do many hands-on activities to help us examine life in 1930’s America. Exploring everything from Wall Street and buying on margin to jungle fires and Hoovervilles, students will get a taste of this interesting decade. We may even hear a first-hand account of one man’s experiences in New York during the Depression.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


  • Week 1: The Roaring Twenties

  • Week 2: The Stock Market

  • Week 3: Black Tuesday

  • Week 4: Hoover/Bank Runs

  • Week 5: Urban Life

  • Week 6: Rural Life

  • Week 7: FDR and the New Deal

  • Week 8: Recovery and the onset of WWII



Drawing and Sketching

Instructor: Mrs. Lamy

Class Description

Discover how to turn the basic forms into simple objects.

Apply the knowledge of the basic elements of drawing: Surface, size, surface lines, overlapping, shading, density, foreshortening.

Awaken hidden talents in drawing through practice


Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework.

  • Class will include some parental involvement.




  • Week 1: Lines -shapes and forms: Warm up exercises, How to transform simple forms into six common objects, Drawing exercises

  • Week 2: Baby animals; We will practice how to draw: Kitten, Puppy, Emperor Penguin chick, Elephant calf

  • Week 3: More baby animals: Fawn, Bear cub, Lion cub, Lamb

  • Week 4: In the Ocean: Dolphin, Humpback whale, Pelican, Seal

  • Week 5: In the Ocean: Polar bear, Treasure chest, Turtle, Seahorse

  • Week 6: In the garden: Mouse, Rabbit, Squirrel, Robin

  • Week 7: In the garden: Spider, Gecko, Dragonfly, Grasshopper

  • Week 8: Horses: Exercises



Computer Science Unplugged!

Instructor: Mrs. Uehling

Class Description

Unplug your computer and get ready to explore what computer science is really about. Through fun games and activities we will discover some of the building blocks of how computers work. Come prepared to use your communication, problem solving, creativity, and thinking skills.

Special Notes:​

  • Class will include occasional (optional) homework to reinforce information learned in class.

  • NO computers needed.


  • Week 1: Binary Numbers (representing information)

  • Week 2: Color by Numbers (representing information)

  • Week 3: Card Flip Magic (error detection)

  • Week 4: Bar Codes (error detection)

  • Week 5: Beat the Clock (sorting)

  • Week 6: The Orange Game (deadlock)

  • Week 7: Sharing Secrets (data security)

  • Week 8: Chocolate Factory (user interface design)


How to Make Deaf People “Hear” You!

Instructor: Mrs. Parker

Class Description

This class is designed to teach children the alphabet in American Sign Language as well as some conversational phrases they can use when speaking to a deaf person. A little of the Deaf culture will be included to help students to understand these special people a little better.

Special Notes:​

  • Class will include occasional homework

  • Class will include some parental involvement​


  • Week 1: Who are deaf people and what makes them special? ASL alphabet. (Video)

  • Week 2: Different types of sign language. ASL alphabet. (Video)

  • Week 3: Simple everyday phrases. Sign game. ASL alphabet.

  • Week 4: Begin to learn The Lord’s Prayer. More phrases. ASL alphabet.

  • Week 5: The Lord’s Prayer. Review phrases. ASL alphabet. Counting.

  • Week 6: The Lord’s Prayer. Review phrases. ASL alphabet. Counting.

  • Week 7: The Lord’s Prayer (with music). New phrases. ASL alphabet. Counting.

  • Week 8: The Lord’s Prayer (with music). Review phrases. ASL alphabet. Counting.


To Infinity and Beyond: A Voyage into Outer Space

Instructor: Mrs. Geary

Class Description

Do you like to star gaze and become amazed in how God's glory is displayed in the heavens above? On our voyage into outer space we will discover certain facts about the planets in our solar system, how the Sun, Earth and Moon are connected and cause amazing phenomena here on Earth and touch on comets, asteroids, stars and galaxies. Come prepared for exciting adventures on our walk through space. Space suits may be required! :-)

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework


  • Week 1: Our Solar System

  • Week 2: Sun, Earth, Moon System

  • Week 3: Mercury and Venus

  • Week 4: Earth and Mars

  • Week 5: Asteroid Belt and Comets

  • Week 6: Jupiter and Saturn

  • Week 7: Uranus, Neptune and Dwarf Planets

  • Week 8: Stars and Galaxies


Joyful Movement

Instructor: Mrs. Ochoa

Class Description

This is a sport class where your children will develop coordination to manipulate one or two apparatuses (ball, hoops, ribbon, pompoms, rope, etc…) as they combine gymnastic and dance moves to improve their flexibility and rhythm.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional homework to practice the choreography.

  • Class will include some parental involvement.


  • Week 1: Introduction of our classmates; we’ll listen to the song we’ll use for our performance; informative lesson about what our goals are in this class and we will learn a stretching and warm up workout.

  • Week 2: Stretching and warm up workout, start choreography practice and as a class we’ll choose the apparatus and clothing attire to be used.

  • Week 3: Stretching and warm up workout, choreography continuation.

  • Week 4: Stretching and warm up workout, choreography continuation.

  • Week 5: Stretching and warm up workout, choreography continuation.

  • Week 6: Stretching and warm up workout, choreography continuation.

  • Week 7: Stretching and warm up workout, choreography practice.

  • Week 8: Final performance practice!


1st and 2nd Grades

M.E.S.S. Lab (Math, Engineering, Science Stuff)

Instructor: Mrs. Cooper

Class Description

Welcome to the MESS Lab (Math, Engineering, Science & Stuff) Here, students get to work like real scientists, developing questions and creating experiments, engaging in complex reasoning and learning science just through tinkering. It’s all hands-on science. Safety glasses are required.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework

  • Safety glasses are required for this class.


  • Week 1: Super Absorbing Powder: Make an Ice Pack

  • Week 2: Soda Geyser

  • Week 3: Polymers- Balloon Skewers

  • Week 4: More Polymers- Slime!

  • Week 5: Fizzy Bubbly Science: Create Australian Candy

  • Week 6: Program A Friend: The challenge in this activity is much like the challenge of controlling a rover on Mars.

  • Week 7: Walking Water: Primary Colored glasses of water will “walk” to mix into cool colors.

  • Week 8: Wrap Up



Missionary Heroes

Instructor: Mrs. Brinson

Class Description

The students will learn about and explore the stories of eight different missionary heroes through books, class activities and simple crafts.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


  • Week 1: Adoniram Judson

  • Week 2: George Muller

  • Week 3: David Livingstone

  • Week 4: Hudson Taylor

  • Week 5: Gladys Aylward

  • Week 6: Eric Liddell

  • Week 7: Betty Greene

  • Week 8: Nate Saint



Instructor: Mrs. Widenhofer

Class Description

Basic tumbling techniques will be taught in an environment emphasizing both fun and safety. Children will learn through direct instruction, demonstration, and game play. Spotting will be utilized when necessary for guidance of technique, confidence or safety. Stretching and strengthening activities will also be a part of each class.

Special Notes:

  • ​Class will include no homework

  • Please dress in clothing that is comfortable enough to stretch and move in. And please consider the need for girls to have shorts under skirts and shirts that can be tucked in (for both modesty and safety).


  • Week 1: Intro to tumbling body positions (tuck, pike, straddle, stretch)

  • Week 2: Forward roll

  • Week 3: Handstand

  • Week 4: Cartwheel

  • Week 5: Backward roll

  • Week 6: Variations on all skills (straddle roll, one arm cartwheel, etc.)

  • Week 7: Practice of all learned skills

  • Week 8: Preparation for presentation


Wonderful Weather

Instructor: Mrs. Gordon

Class Description

Do you...savor snowflakes?...rejoice in rainbows?.. marvel at thunderstorms? We will explore through hands-on activities the mighty wonders of God's glorious creation. Your students will complete a weather workbook as we work through each week's activity. They will also learn to identify clouds by keeping a daily "Cloud Watcher Journal."

Special Notes:

  • Class will include occasional, optional homework – keeping a daily “Cloud Watcher Journal”


  • Week 1: Cloud Watcher - Observe and learn about the different types of clouds God has created.

  • Week 2: Slightly Slanted - Investigate how the Earth's tilt affects the weather.

  • Week 3: God's Great Water Cycle - Create a miniature water cycle with a soda bottle.

  • Week 4: Which way does the wind blow? Build your own weather vane.

  • Week 5: Black Heat - Experiment to learn about heat absorption.

  • Week 6: Highs and Lows - Use air pressure to crush a can.

  • Week 7: Create a cloud - Make a cloud chamber

  • Week 8: Make a mist - Create mist using simple household items.


Explore Asia and the poles

Instructor: Mrs. Cantillo

Class Description

Geography: A journey through God's World in Asia and the poles. Students will learn the continents, oceans, people, cultures, animals, try new foods, crafts and more, all through hands-on activities as we explore six different countries in Asia and the poles.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework.


  • Week 1: China

  • Week 2: South Korea

  • Week 3: Japan

  • Week 4: India

  • Week 5: Israel

  • Week 6: Thailand

  • Week 7: Antarctica

  • Week 8: The Artic


Ultimate Kid Concoctions

Instructor: Mrs. Doyle

Class Description

Join me as we explore and create quality projects and gifts by using nothing more than household ingredients. These easy-to-do recipes combine math, science, recycling, arts and crafts was well as life skills such as measuring with FUN! We will be using the best-selling book, The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions by John E. & Danita Thomas designed to educate through creative play.

Special Notes:

  • Please dress for mess, just in case!


  • Week 1: Sponge Flyers- The flying starburst shaped ball is fun to play with indoors or out. Surprise Soaps- Ball shaped soaps that reveal secret treasures as kids wash.

  • Week 2: Marble Paint- You’ll have fun as we create amazing works of art with marbles.

  • Week 3: Candy Clay- Not only can you sculpt with this awesome clay, you can eat it!

  • Week 4: Egg Head Garden- This wild and crazy garden concoction is sure to plant a smile on your face. Coffee Doug- This concoction dries to an antique stone-like finish, great for creating beads and small sculptures.

  • Week 5: Salty Paint- This concoction lets you turn regular table salt into beautiful, sparkling works of art.

  • Week 6: Bean Mosaics- Create festive and colorful mosaic pictures using dried beans and a little imagination.

  • Week 7: Spaghetti Art- Turn cold leftover spaghetti into the hottest works of 3-D art you’ve ever seen.

  • Week 8: Bird Cookies- Our feathered friends chirp over these tasty cookie treats that are for the birds.


Kindergarten - Older 4's - 5's

Life Cycle Science

Instructor: Mrs. Ford

Class Description

In this class we will discuss life cycles of different fish, plants, bugs and amphibians. During each class we will read a book that pertains to the specific life cycle we will be discussing. We will also do a craft to have a hands on visual of the life cycle of the day.

Special Notes:

  • Class will include no homework


  • Week 1: Flowers

  • Week 2: Trees

  • Week 3: Butterflies

  • Week 4: Spiders

  • Week 5: Frogs

  • Week 6: Turtles

  • Week 7: Gold Fish

  • Week 8: Seahorse


Kids’ Kindness and Service

Instructor: Mrs. Leahy

Class Description

Kids can make a difference in changing the world. Our class will explore the character traits of kindness and service. We will read children’s books about kindness, explore what the bible has to say about service, and discuss why both are important in our family, community, and the world. We will aim to complete four different service projects in class.

Special Notes:


Free Play

Class Description

The children will enjoy a snack of goldfish or animal crackers and some water. They will play inside with a variety of toys or outside weather-permitting.


Pre-Kindergarten - 3's - Young 4's

Mrs. Rangel's Reading and Rhythm Class

Instructor: Mrs. Rangel

Class Description

Our objective will be to have story time with activities and to encourage movement and fun with music. The first part of each class will start with Mrs. Rangel reading stories to the class and the last half of the class will be spent having fun with dance and movement.

Special Notes:

  • Class may include occasional homework

  • Class may include some parental involvement

  • Class will include no homework


  • Week 1: The Mixed up Chameleon, Eric Carle; Brown Bear Brown Bear, Eric Carle; The Absolute Alphabet Book, Dr. Suess

  • Week 2: A Fly Went By, Mike McClintock; Miss Nelson is Missing, Harry Allard, James Marshal; Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Mo Willems

  • Week 3: Mouse Paint, Ellen S. Walsh; The Green Pocketbook, Candice F Ransom; Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss

  • Week 4: Miss Nelson is Back, Harry Allard, James Marshal; Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, Mo Willems; Chrysanthemum, Kevin Henkes

  • Week 5: Nosy Nora, Rosemary Wells; Emily's First 100 Days of School, Rosemary Wells; Socks on Fox, Dr. Seuss

  • Week 6: Today is Monday, Eric Carle; Miss Nelson has a Field Day, Harry Allard, James Marshal; Knuffle Bunny Too, Mo Willems

  • Week 7: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! Mo Willems; The Mitten, Jan Brett; The Bear Snores On, Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman

  • Week 8: Caps for Sales, Esphyr Slobodkina; The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein; To Market to Market, Anne Miranda


Circle Time

Instructor: Mrs. Amaya

Class Description

Each week, we will have a typical “Circle Time”. We will cover the weather, calendar, days of the week, months, etc. We will also have show and tell with a mystery bag for the letter of the day. Time permitting, we will have an activity or book related to the letter of the week.

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